Rubbing points to cure my rhinitis

Rubbing points to cure my rhinitis

I am 65 years old and suffered from acute rhinitis more than 20 years ago.

Due to busy work and “three shifts”, coupled with housework entanglement, the best time for treatment was delayed, and as a result, chronic rhinitis developed.

This disease caused me to runny nose, sneeze, and was very uncomfortable. It also affected my work to some extent.

  Around 1978, an old Chinese medicine doctor introduced me to a method of “kneading acupuncture points to treat rhinitis” when I saw a doctor.

After nearly one year of treatment according to this method, the chronic rhinitis that has invaded me for many years has basically been cured.

Since then, I insist on kneading the acupuncture points every day.

After insisting for many years, almost the original chronic rhinitis is no longer a recidivism, and colds and colds are rare.

  My method of “rubbing acupuncture points for rhinitis” is: 1.

Rub the upper and lower sides of the bridge of the nose with both sides of the index finger back and forth, kneading a total of 200 times, and rubbing until the bridge of the nose feels hot.


Rub the “Yingxiang” acupuncture points on both sides of the nostril with the tips of two index fingers, rubbing 200 times.

The “Yingxiang” acupoint is located in a small depression just to the side of the root of the nose.


Use the thumb and index finger of the left hand to rub the “Hegu” acupoint 200 of the right hand up and down, and then use the thumb and index finger of the right hand to rub the “Hegu” acupoint 200 of the left hand up and down.

“Hegu” acupuncture point is located in the depression where the thumb and forefinger split.

  What needs to be reminded here is that you must do it relentlessly for a long time. Once rhinitis is cured, you must continue to do it.

This can prevent the recurrence of rhinitis, but also prevent colds.

The kneading method is heavier, and it is better to tolerate it.

Improper dry sister 6 moisturizing sprays help_1

Improper “dry sister” 6 moisturizing sprays help

资生堂SHISEIDO水活焕妍舒缓喷雾  滋润程度 ★★★★  用后感想:个人不是很喜欢这款产品,使用过几次,但是喷上去时会有黏黏的感觉,皮肤也感觉有些油腻,特别推荐To “dry sisters”, it can quickly help the skin get rid of tiredness and dryness, and quickly restore bright and moisturizing to reach the moisture balance.
It has a good astringent effect on the pores. After using it for a period of time, the skin will obviously feel more delicate and whiter.
  Editor’s comment: It can replenish skin moisture at any time and quickly relieve hot and stressed skin, help skin to get rid of tiredness and dryness, quickly restore brightness and moisture to achieve moisture balance.
It is cool and gentle to use.
Suitable for dry skin.
Convenient to carry, suitable for people who often go out.
  Shuizhi’ao H2O Eight-Cup Water Series Ocean Moisturizing and Firming Spray Moisturizing ★★★ Feelings after use: I usually face the computer in the office all day, turn on the air conditioner, my face is particularly dry.
I want to buy a spray that can replenish water at any time, but after spraying some of the spray, the water on the face will evaporate, and the face will become drier and even a little painful.
But this spray does not dry out due to evaporation, which means that it contains moisturizing ingredients, which is good.
  Editor’s comment: Quickly penetrate water and nutrients to maintain skin nourishment balance.
Soothes and repairs damaged skin cells, restores tired, dry skin and restores its radiance, leaving it as young as new.
Gently spray on the makeup, it can make the makeup more close and beautiful.
Suitable for anyone of any skin type.
  Herborist Moisturizing Long-lasting Spray Moisturizing Index ★★★★ 感 After using it, I feel: I haven’t used a moisturizing spray very much. This spray is quite comfortable.
The overall feeling is relatively mild, and it can be absorbed by the skin quickly. After use, the skin feels smooth, and the nozzle design is reasonable and easy to use.
In addition, this spray is tasteless and feels pretty good.
  Editor’s comment: The unique formula containing natural extracts such as mulberry skin and natural mineral water is refreshing and soothing, and stimulates the skin’s own moisturizing and balancing function.
At the same time, the skin is replenished with moisture, and the water-locking factors penetrate quickly to form a protective film, which keeps the skin moisturized and smooth at all times.
  Yiquan URIAGE Revitalizing Spray Moisturizing Index ★★★★ 感 Feel after use: The mineral content is really high. The most important thing is its isotonicity. It doesn’t need to be dried and it is very convenient.
The nozzle is particularly good, and the water mist is very fine.
The water mist is very dense, and it really is called a mist. The spray range is more suitable.
The moisturizing effect is really good, it is the best in the spray I have used.
  Editor’s comment: The natural Yiquan isotonic hot spring water spray is rich in minerals and trace elements at 11,000 mg / l. The content of silicon, calcium, manganese, zinc, and sodium is particularly rich.
Can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin tolerance, protect skin from external stimuli.
Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
  蝶翠诗DHC补湿喷雾化妆水  滋润指数 ★★★★   用后感想:身处空调环境的办公室中,不知不觉中,肌肤变地得越来越干燥,到最后只想着怎么给它“”Add water” and “spray” naturally became the first weapon.
I have always been in love with DHC, and the spray is no exception. Just a light spray at any time and anywhere can eliminate dryness and maintain supple skin.
  Editor’s comment: A spray-type lotion with herbal extracts can be sprayed lightly on any skin when it feels tight or dry, and the fine mist immediately gives dry skin moisture, effectively tightening the skin.
It can be used as a lotion in the office to prevent dryness or before applying a mask. It is also suitable for travel and to prevent skin problems at any time.
  Clinique倩碧水嫩保湿喷雾   滋润指数 ★★★   用后感想:放在办公室用用不错,迅速补水,而且是雾状的,对于长期呆在空调房里的jms用很好哦,携带方便,当皮肤When you need it, you can replenish water anytime, anywhere to clean your skin.
And it has a soothing and soothing effect on the skin. It can be used with cotton pads and homemade masks, which can alleviate skin pressure for a day, is very moisturizing, and the effect is very good!
  Editor’s comment: It can quickly and easily inject a large amount of moisture into the skin, relieve skin thirst, restore moisture balance, and strengthen the skin with a bio-active moisturizing compound formula.
Suitable for all skin types, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and the skin feels smooth and tender after use.

Medicinal treatments for colds in the elderly

Medicinal treatments for colds in the elderly

Medical treatment of colds in the elderly Elderly people are very susceptible to colds because of their visceral dysfunction, lack of righteousness, and weak constitution.

Once a cold, there are often no typical symptoms, the onset is relatively slow, and it is easy to be ignored.

If not treated in time, dysentery may be caused by a new cold.

Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant at the beginning of a cold for the elderly who are frail and sick.

Among various therapies for colds in the elderly, dietary supplementation is easy to implement and is a better adjuvant therapy.

Here are some dietary methods.

  Pulmonary Qi Deficiency Syndrome: In addition to the common symptoms of colds, clinical features of gout (or cold), fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the main characteristics, pale tongue, thin white fur, and floating pulse.

Medicinal diet: a large Sydney, 50 Sichuan peppercorns, 50 grams of flour, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Peel the skin of the pear, poke about 50 small holes evenly on the surface, and press the Sichuan peppercorns into the holes one by one.

Add the right amount of water to the dough, knead it into a dough, roll it into a thin crust, wrap it on the surface of the pear, and cook it with hot firewood charcoal, or bake it in an oven.

Take the pear, peel off the outer skin, and cut off the Sichuan peppercorns.

Put the rock sugar in the pot, add a little water to make the sugar juice, and pour it on the pears.

This “Chuanhua Pepper Pear” is mild in medicine and can be cured for those with weak lungs, cold feeling, and cold and hot cough.

  Spleen Qi Deficiency Syndrome: In addition to the common symptoms of colds, the clinical features of chills and fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, fatigue, and abdominal distension are characterized by pale tongue, tooth marks, thin white fur, and weak pulse.

Medicinal diet: 1 catfish (about 150 grams to 200 grams), 15 grams to 20 grams of astragalus, 9 grams of fried scallion shells.

Wash the catfish and remove the gills, scales, and internal organs.

First fry astragalus and scallion shells. After 30 minutes, stir-fry the anchovies. After the fish is cooked, add a small amount of ginger and salt to taste. Take the soup and drink.

Fish, astragalus and spleen, spleen shell to reconcile mid-air, three flavors combined, has the effect of nourishing qi.

It is completely suitable for cold drinks of the elderly with spleen qi deficiency and can also be used for other chronic diseases caused by spleen and qi deficiency.

  Spleen and Lung Qi Deficiency Syndrome: In addition to common symptoms, it is clinically characterized by chills, fever, cough, and abdominal distension, pale tongue and white fur, and weak pulses.

Medicinal diet: 30 grams of fresh yam, 20 grams of lily, 10 grams of almonds (peeled), 60 grams of previous rice, 15 grams of ginger, 2 scallion stems.

The first 4 flavors of porridge, the last 2 flavors of decoction, eat with rice porridge.

It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and spleen, moistening the lungs, relieving cough, and asthma, etc. It is suitable for the elderly with spleen and lung qi deficiency.

Elderly people with small appetite can reduce it in proportion.

  Spleen-yang deficiency: In addition to the common symptoms, clinical features are chills, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, and abdominal distension. The moss is thin, white and greasy, and the pulse is slow.

Medicinal diet: one quail, 30 grams of yam, 15 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of ginger, and 3 grams of cinnamon.

First quail hair and viscera, wash, cut into pieces, cook with the last 4 flavors, season with a small amount of salt.

After 30 minutes, eat meat and drink soup.

  Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency: In addition to the common symptoms, the clinical features are chills and fever, nasal cold, runny nose, warm limbs, backache, cold knees, and fatigue.

The tongue is tender or tooth-marked, the tongue is pale, the fur is white and smooth, and the pulses are heavy and weak.

Medicinal diet: yellow dog meat 500 grams to 2000 grams, cinnamon, cumin, star anise, apple, ginger, salt each amount.

Wash the dog meat and cut into pieces, add the seasoning and cook.

Dog meat is to warm the spleen and stomach, star anise and other seasonings are warmed in advance. The combination of various flavors has the effect of nourishing kidney yang, warming the spleen and stomach, and is most feasible for elderly people with spleen-yang deficiency.

If you feel the cold again, you can add green onions in the seasoning and simmer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Butterfly Effect

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and “Butterfly Effect”

There is such a great man in the modern history of China. He used to be a western doctor. When he was suffering from liver cancer and the medicine was ineffective, he was advised to try Chinese medicine.
It was not surprising that he did not want to.
His willingness to abandon treatment is also his right. Strangely for his reasons, he said: “Of course, Chinese medicines are effective, but diagnostic knowledge is lacking.
Can’t diagnose, how to take medicine?
No need to serve.
“He is Sun Yat-sen.
  In contrast, another cultural celebrity in modern Chinese history has become more sensible in this regard.
He is Hu Shi, the character of the May 4th New Culture period.
  Hu Shi was a heavyweight who opposed Chinese medicine in the early 20th century.
In his youth, he studied in the United States for many years. He was deeply influenced by western ideology and culture and advocated a total westernization in politics.
He advocated the new culture passionately, and strongly believed that Chinese medicine was unscientific.
However, what happened later caused Hu Shi to change some of his prejudices towards Chinese medicine.
In November 1920, Hu Shi suffered from nephritis. He was treated with western medicine at Peking Union Medical College Hospital for a long time and was sentenced to death.
A friend suggested that he use Chinese medicine for treatment. Hu Shi reluctantly agreed, but instead he recovered.
As a result, Hu Shi lived for more than 40 years, which pushed Hu Shi into an awkward position.
On the one hand, he opposed Chinese medicine, but on the other hand, Chinese medicine cured his serious illness.
The language of any explanation before the facts appears pale.
Later, Hu Shi had to retreat and thought that “Chinese medicine is unscientific and very confused, but he can cure the disease.” In his eulogy, he hoped that “many medical practitioners are wearing varnished aprons and holding glass tubes in the laboratory.For chemical analysis, the Chinese medicine cooked in the pot is turned on the table with ancient medical books such as “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Thousand Gold Recipes”, and “Outside Taiwan Essentials”.What exactly is it?
Why is there such a big effect?
“Tan Hu Shi’s disease was cured by TCM, but he did not think that TCM was scientific. He still hoped to use the Western medicine test method to prove the truth of TCM treatment. Of course, he would be disappointed.
What is the reason?
Because these are two completely different treatments, different tests must be used.
In fact, if the Western reanalysis and empirical thinking mode is simply regarded as the only scientific way of thinking, and it is used to test the eastern systemic thinking and the theory of yin and yang balance, the conclusion is of course that Chinese medicine is unscientific.
It can be said that the scale used to test Chinese medicine is wrong, not that it is wrong.
There is nothing in Chinese medicine that has to be said by mice and rabbits.
Of course, no one can be omniscient and have a blind spot of knowledge.
The purpose of science is to seek truth.
Since “practice is the sole criterion for testing truth,” then medicine that cures disease should be scientific medicine.
The truth of objective existence is not based on whether people admit it, but on practice.
  I have a real case here.
A 40-year-old patient named Zhang had a tumor behind his orbit.
At that time, the attending doctor proposed local surgical treatment and chemoradiotherapy.
Although chemoradiation has reduced the mass, the condition has been repeated.
Later she considered surgery.
However, due to the special location of the tumor, it must be removed by craniotomy, and the risk is greater.
How to do?
She hurried to find us with the idea of trying.
We gave her dialectical treatment, but the direction of the treatment was not for the eyes, but for the liver.Because “the liver opens its eyes to the eye”, the liver meridian is connected to the eye system, so the physiology and pathology of the eye are closely related to the liver.

After half a year’s Chinese medicine conditioning, the patient’s mass began to gradually become smaller. Finally, it was not necessary to enhance the CT, which was difficult to find, and so far there were no symptoms of discomfort.

After experiencing this disease, he has since believed in Chinese medicine.

Many cases like this can be found in our practice.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treats people as an organic whole. In this organic whole, the prosperity, decline, and alignment of the internal organs are expressed on the surface of the body through media such as essence and blood fluid. Smart Chinese medicine can often learn from pulses, tongue coating, eyebrows, hair, skin, Minor changes in body surface such as palm lines, nail color, etc., diagnose diseases in the body. This is the magic of TCM.

This theory of traditional Chinese medicine does not arise out of thin air, it originates from the laws of nature.

American meteorologist Edward Lorenz has proposed a famous “butterfly effect” theory. Simply put, a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, a month later.

The way in which the world of Vientiane is connected is magical and subtle, they affect each other and form each other.

The same is true of the human body, hair, nails, ears . everything outside the body reflects the condition of the body.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. After years of practice, the conclusion, the theory sublimated, and formed its own unique theoretical system.

She has played a very important role in the thousands of years of medical care, prosperity, and prosperity for the Chinese nation, and has established indelible historical feats.

Only by truly understanding TCM can we know the greatness of TCM.

  It is hoped that the modern “Hu Shi” are those who will not only stick to prejudices, but also tolerate the traditional Chinese medicine when they have health problems.

0-3 month baby supplies essential LaSa

0-3 month baby supplies essential LaSa

The pissing of the newborn baby is a big deal. If you don’t pre-arrange it, you will be busy with it, and the “rain dew” will be applied.

In addition, the baby often has a diaper rash, which can cause extra pain to the baby if care is taken.

  Your baby can use a cloth diaper or a diaper, or mix it.

  Cloth diapers: cotton fabrics with good air permeability must be used, and the inner surface must be very soft.

Some parents have used old clothes to change their systems.

The baby uses 12-24 tablets per day for the first week. It is recommended to prepare at least 48 tablets.

If the weather is cold, long-term and no pre-drying conditions need to be prepared.

Some parents also prepare diapers for urgent needs.

  Need to be equipped: one or two diaper workers, placed husband or other immediate family members, non-immediate relatives are not expected to volunteer, unless the money; mask one or two; rubber gloves one to two; baby wipe a large bottle; baby clothes disinfectiona large bottle; two bowls for washing diapers; one for a large cauldron (for diapers) and one for pliers to remove the diaper from the pan; a plastic basket with lid or a trash can for storing the diaper to be washed;One container that is completely different in color and shape from the previous basket or bucket, placed for the diaper to be used; one for the dryer; and for the ropes, clips, etc. for drying, and also for regular disinfection.

  Diapers: For newborn diapers, 12-24 tablets are required every day. It is recommended to have at least one week.

In addition, the size of the product should be replaced in time according to the growth of the baby’s weight.

Disadvantages: Many people believe that the cloth diapers are more breathable; there is no cloth diaper soft, especially after the baby has diaper rash, the cloth diapers relieve the pain of the baby, it is recommended to even use a diaper to prepare several cloth diapers; the cost is higher.
  It can also be equipped with a humidity sensor that tells you if the baby’s diaper is aligned and needs to be replaced in time.

Some brands of diapers can know that the baby should change the diaper by observing the color of the outer pattern.

  Basic configuration: a box of wet wipes, no alcohol.

  A few boxes of soft paper towels.

  A piece of baby soap.

  One small plastic pot, wash your baby’s butt.

  One urinal, if you have a hobby or a grandmother.

  A tube of diaper rash cream.

One bottle of ass and ass powder (baby talcum powder).

  Change the diaper table (optional): a special small table, put the baby on top and fix it with a safety belt, it is convenient to change the diaper, which can prevent the adult from bowing when changing the diaper.

I bow ten times a day, and I can’t stand it for 3 minutes each time.

It is also possible to prepare a highly suitable small writing desk in advance, which is padded and fixed with a soft cloth of a certain thickness.

Or prepare a lot of wounds and painkillers and safflower oil.

Three steps to doing aerobics

Three steps to doing aerobics

Aerobic exercise is a kind of rhythmic exercise. It strengthens the cardiopulmonary function and exercises large muscle groups through continuous exercise.

Aerobic exercises are mainly divided into two categories: high impact and low impact.

High-impact aerobics is a traditional type of aerobics. It often involves jumping on one or two feet. It consumes a lot of energy and is good for cardio exercises.

However, some people and beginners who rarely exercise and are overweight may not accept it because of excessive exercise and excessive stimulation of the heart and lungs.

Low-impact movements are milder, but because of continuous exercise for 15-30 minutes, maintaining the intensity of the exercise can provide enough stimulation to exercise the cardio.

  However, remind you to pay attention to the following three major things to practice aerobics: 1.

At the beginning of the step-by-step process, you should take steps to allow your body and lower limbs sufficient time to adjust.

Don’t do it too long at the beginning, 10 minutes is better.

  Before walking around, it is important to do warm-up and proper contraction exercises, especially moderate compression of the lower limbs.

When it is cold, warm up for a long time and wear more clothes.

Measure your pulse rate per minute before and after walking and record it for reference.

After long-term exercise, cardiopulmonary endurance will increase, heart rate will decrease, and heartbeat will return to normal faster after exercise.

  Beginners are recommended two or three times a week, every other day is appropriate.

Then you can increase the number of times until you feel the right amount. Never force it.


Hygiene and health After aerobics, you should change your sweaty clothes in time to avoid getting cold, especially after exercising in the air-conditioned room.

  Those who often do aerobic exercises should pay attention to their feet and often fall toenails.

It is fatal to sweat in hot weather. It is easy for bacteria to breed in the toe seam, so you should keep your feet dry.


Appropriate clothing for aerobics should be fitted with sweat-fitting aerobics, and do not wear ordinary leather shoes barefoot.

Fitness shoes should have thicker pads to reduce the shock caused by the impact of the foot on the ground.

The shoe body should not be too soft, and a half-height barrel can be used to protect foot replacement.

Five Breast Recipes for Healthy Breasts

Five Breast Recipes for Healthy Breasts

Ladies should eat more foods that are good for breast health. Xiaobian recommends five beautiful breast recipes to teach you to create the most beautiful healthy breasts.

  Effect of papaya milk juice: The high protein of milk is a necessity for breast enhancement, and the effect of papaya is needless to say.

  Ingredients: papaya, high-calcium fresh milk, water Practice: 1. Wash the papaya, peel and cut into small pieces after seeding.

  2. Make papaya pieces, fresh milk and some water together into juice, if necessary, put some sugar.

  3. In order to keep fresh, it is recommended to deliver immediately.

  The effect of Jianjian tea: The taste of deer gum and turtle gum in traditional Chinese medicine is not good, but it is a good helper for breast enhancement.

  Ingredients: deer gum, turtle gum, brown sugar, water Practice: 1, boil deer gum, turtle gum and a cup of water together for about 20 minutes.

  2. Finally, add brown sugar and stir evenly.

  Effect of longan red jujube soup: red jujube is very helpful for promoting blood circulation and smoothing the breast, and it has excellent blood and nourishing effect with longan!

  Ingredients: red dates, longan, water method: 1, after the water is boiled, it becomes a small fire.

  2. Put the longan in boiling water and cook for 20 minutes, add red dates, and simmer for 20 minutes.

  Effects of walnut tofu: walnuts, cashews, sesame, etc. all have the effect of breast enhancement, and walnuts can also supplement the brain, try it.

  Ingredients: walnut kernel, tofu, broth. Practice: 1. Fry walnuts and sesame seeds with low heat and crush.

  2. Diced tofu and add broth for 15 minutes.

  3, finally, tofu, sprinkle with walnuts, sesame seeds.

  Peanut braised trotter effect: Peanut has the effect of keeping breasts unobstructed, and trotters contain a lot of gum ingredients, which can make it stronger and more flexible.

  Ingredients: trotters, peanuts, ginseng, salt, monosodium glutamate. Method: 1. Cut the cleaned trotters into pieces, cook them with boiling water for a while, and remove them after they are born.

  2. After the peanuts are washed, put them in a pot with 2 slices of ginseng and trotters, add water or broth, and simmer for 90 minutes.

  3, add a small amount of salt, MSG can be eaten after seasoning.

Practicing yoga meditation

Practicing yoga meditation

Do you feel tired every day?

In the busy and blind modern life, we continue to accept various sensory stimuli and emotional pressures, coupled with the explosion of information. Our bodies are like glasses filled with water, and even a little stimulus will cause people to collapse. Various human diseases emerge endlessly. Every dayDo ten minutes of meditation and zero your physiology.

  What exactly is meditation and what is good for the body?

Cui Yue, a personal trainer at the Beijing Progressive Fitness Center, told reporters that meditation is a method of contemplation that focuses on certain specific objects. When a person ‘s thinking continues to move in one direction, meditation is formed. According to the practice time,In different postures of the body, meditation work is mainly divided into the following items: 1. Simple sitting meditation work steps: sitting on a mat, the left foot center is attached to the right thigh, the right foot center is attached to the left lower leg, and the body is adjustedCenter of gravity. Try to spread your legs on the floor, erect your lower back, retract your jaw slightly, and try to stretch the obesity upwards. The thumbs of your hands are connected to the index finger (lotus fingers), the palms of your hands are up, your arms and shoulders are kept relaxed, and your eyes are closed.Take a deep breath with your nose.

  Note: The main shaft should always be kept straight and cannot fall down.

  2, half lotus position meditation action steps: sit on the mat, put your left foot on the thigh of the right leg, the right leg is still tiled on the floor, other actions are the same as simple sitting requirements.

  Note: After placing the left leg on the thigh of the right leg, slowly contract the knee joint downward to relieve the tension in the knee.

  3, lotus seat meditation action steps: sit on the mat, put your left foot on the thigh of the right leg, right foot on the thigh of the left leg, the left and right calf cross X-shaped, other actions are the same as simple sittingsame.
  Note: The lotus position is an extremely tense sitting method, so be sure to fully move the legs and foot joints before practicing. It is recommended that beginners do not practice stepping methods.

  4, supine meditation exercise steps: lying flat on the mat, legs differential, it looks naturally stretched on both sides of the body, palms up, eyes closed.

  Note: Keep your head straight, your cervical spine, and your spine on the same straight line. Pay attention to stay focused and don’t let yourself fall asleep.

  1. When some people meditate, it is difficult to always keep upright before and after. It is recommended that these people pad a folded towel on the tailbone during meditation to support the waist.

  2. When beginners begin to practice, it is difficult to enter meditation in a short time. It is recommended that these people try voice meditation. The specific method is: sit down in yoga meditation position, close your eyes, and focusBreathe deeply and take a deep breath. When exhaling, first make an “O” sound, then close your lips, and make an “M” sound until the breath is fully exhaled, and then inhale again and again.

Pay attention to the sound that you want to make your ears hear, focus on the voice, and experience the echo in the brain.

  What can yoga meditation bring us?

  People who practice yoga are convinced that yoga meditation is a way to ensure that both the body and the mind benefit.

Yoga meditation can enable the practitioners to reach a temperamental state, eliminate their worries and fears, and also allow the practitioners to give up those bad habits that are extremely destructive to human health, such as drinking and smoking.

  As a fitness sport, the benefits of yoga are many. My wonderful state of yoga, and better yet, its practice is not restricted by the venue. It is especially suitable for white-collar women, so you can become beautiful and shape anytime, anywhere: white-collar yoga classicrecommend.

Ten tips to get you right

Ten tips to get you right


Step by step, within your means.

This is the basic principle to be observed in fitness exercises.

The weight of the test should not exceed its own capacity.

Especially after interrupted training, when you restart training, you cannot rush to increase the exercise load (including weight, intensity, density, time), nor should you use the previous training weight. There must be a recovery phase to gradually adapt your body.


Action specification.

Irregular movements can cause unexpected injuries to joints, muscles, and ligaments.

For example, when doing a supine bird, the volume drops too low, beyond the joint’s tolerance range, and the active muscles control the weight loss, which will cause shoulder or elbow injuries or ligament strains.

For another example, when practicing barbell squats, if the chest and waist are included, it will not only affect the training quality, but also cause lumbar spine injury.

Therefore, exercise norms are an important factor in preventing sports injuries.


Decrease exercise or stop exercising when in poor condition.

There are peak periods and trough periods of the human body’s motor function. When the physical condition is not good, the amount of exercise should be reduced, or rest for a day or two for adjustment.

Do not force it, as injuries are often caused by discomfort when in poor condition.


Change your fitness style or place when you are down.

Changing the fitness mode or the fitness place when the mood is low can have a positive effect on mood regulation.

Taboo training with “whatever you want to do” and thoughtfulness in your heart.


Ask your partner or coach to protect you when you have a heavy load.

When carrying heavy loads or completing difficult and difficult movements, ask your fitness partner or coach to protect and help you to be prepared.


Focus on concentration and strengthen self-protection.

Attention can improve training quality and prevent accidental injuries.

When symptoms of physical discomfort (such as pain) occur during exercise, you should appropriately reduce the amount of exercise or stop exercising to strengthen self-protection.


Guaranteed rest.

After a workout, the body is overdrawn, and muscle cells are injured a lot. You need to rest to promote muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Rest includes adequate sleep and other recreational activities that are beneficial to your physical health.

Rest is not good, but it affects the recovery of the body, and it is easy to cause over training and sports injuries.


The scientific mix of training content is important.

Perhaps, for example, it is best to practice shoulder and back in the same lesson.

The initial benefit is that the shoulder muscles get a positive rest during the back training (the shoulder muscle group can better reduce relaxation).

  If you train your back first and then your shoulders, it will easily lead to contusion of the upper back muscles.

Another example, the thighs are best practiced the day before.

Because the lower back muscles participate in exerting force (supporting) during leg training (such as barbell squats), if the lower back has been trained the day before the leg is trained, the lower back muscles have limited ability to endure fatigue without fully recovering.When practicing legs, not only can not exert the potential of leg muscles, but also easily cause back injury.
If you practice your legs first, you can not only ensure the quality of your thighs, but also not affect your foot training.
  As another example, if aerobic training and anaerobic training are in the same class at the same time, it is best to perform anaerobic training and then aerobic training.

After aerobic training, muscle contraction and contraction ability decrease, and exercise ability declines. At this time, anaerobic strength training will feel inadequate, muscle control ability is poor, and sports injuries are prone to occur.

The priority training principle in fitness exercise is to focus on the advantages of good, first complete the training of difficult and large and thin parts, which can ensure the quality of training and prevent sports injuries.


Reasonable diet.

It is one of the important factors to promote rapid recovery of the body and eliminate muscle soreness.

Food mix should be balanced and diversified. Avoid partial food.

When sweating for a long time in summer, you should replenish a small amount of saline or sports drinks.

Attention should be paid to maintaining the acid-base balance of food, excessively high concentrations of protein and acidic substances increase, reducing alkali reserves, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

A reasonable ratio of plasma to protein is 7: 3.


Check sports equipment and wear different protective gear.

Checking the safety of the equipment is an important measure to prevent accidental injuries due to sports.

Then it is necessary to pay attention to sports clothing, wear protective gear such as waist, wrists, gloves, etc. in a timely manner.

In addition, it is also important to choose safe and effective items based on your physical condition, age, and gender.

What exactly is SPF?


What exactly is SPF?

SPF sun protection factor refers to the level of sun protection effect that sun protection products can play.

The skin becomes red after sun exposure, which is medically called “erythema”, which is the skin’s slightest reaction to sun exposure.

The minimum erythema dose is the minimum sun exposure time for erythema to appear on the skin, and the SPF sun protection factor is determined based on the minimum skin erythema dose.

At least, the minimum erythema dose of the skin will increase when using sunscreen products, then the SPF sun protection factor of the sunscreen product is: SPF = minimum erythema dose (after using sunscreen products) / minimum erythema dose (before using sunscreen products).

  In terms of oriental skin, daily whitening maintenance can replace products with SPF sun protection factor of 8 to 15; only for outdoor sports such as swimming, playing golf, or in hot summer, it is necessary to use SPF sun protection factor of more than 15product.

If you blindly pursue a high sun protection factor, it will cause a burden on the skin.

  The sun is shining in summer, how to protect the sun best?

  For female friends who love beauty, sun protection in summer is a compulsory course.

What is the science of sunscreen in summer?

For different people, are there some differences in sun protection?

In fact, sunscreen products are not better than SPF (sun protection factor). The following sunscreen products can be used as daily reference.

  In the morning and evening in summer, rain and precipitation, sun protection products with SPF coefficient lower than 8 can meet the sun protection needs; under moderate sunlight, SP products with a SPF coefficient of 8 to 15 are ideal for sun protection; outdoor workers, or in summerIn direct sunlight, the SPF factor of sunscreen products should be greater than 15; when swimming and sweating in summer, it does not prevent the selection of sunscreen products with good water resistance; absorb sunscreen products 10 minutes before going out, apply 2 mg per square centimeter, sun protectionBest; if your child has been applying sunscreen products from six months of age, by the age of 18, her chance of developing skin cancer in the future may be 78% lower than that of those who have not applied sunscreen products since childhood.

Therefore, to prevent skin aging and disease, sun protection should start from a young age.