The secret to stewing delicious pork

The secret to stewing delicious pork

Pork is rich in nutrition and delicious, and is a good raw material for cooking.

  Tips for making home-cooked pork stew: 1. Cut the meat larger.

Pork contains fresh nitrogen-containing substances in degradable water. The more it is released when stewed pork, the stronger the broth taste, and the flavor of the meat pieces will be relatively diminished. Therefore, the meat pieces should be cut appropriately.Reduce the exudation of fresh material in the meat, so that the meat taste is more delicious than small pieces of meat.

  2. Don’t boil with high heat.

Because one is that the meat pieces are exposed to sharp high heat, the muscle fibers become hard, and the meat pieces are not easy to rot. The second is that the aromatic substances in the meat will evaporate with the water vapor during cooking, which will reduce the flavor.

  3. In the stew, add less water to make the soup taste mellow.