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Practicing yoga meditation

Practicing yoga meditation

Do you feel tired every day?

In the busy and blind modern life, we continue to accept various sensory stimuli and emotional pressures, coupled with the explosion of information. Our bodies are like glasses filled with water, and even a little stimulus will cause people to collapse. Various human diseases emerge endlessly. Every dayDo ten minutes of meditation and zero your physiology.

  What exactly is meditation and what is good for the body?

Cui Yue, a personal trainer at the Beijing Progressive Fitness Center, told reporters that meditation is a method of contemplation that focuses on certain specific objects. When a person ‘s thinking continues to move in one direction, meditation is formed. According to the practice time,In different postures of the body, meditation work is mainly divided into the following items: 1. Simple sitting meditation work steps: sitting on a mat, the left foot center is attached to the right thigh, the right foot center is attached to the left lower leg, and the body is adjustedCenter of gravity. Try to spread your legs on the floor, erect your lower back, retract your jaw slightly, and try to stretch the obesity upwards. The thumbs of your hands are connected to the index finger (lotus fingers), the palms of your hands are up, your arms and shoulders are kept relaxed, and your eyes are closed.Take a deep breath with your nose.

  Note: The main shaft should always be kept straight and cannot fall down.

  2, half lotus position meditation action steps: sit on the mat, put your left foot on the thigh of the right leg, the right leg is still tiled on the floor, other actions are the same as simple sitting requirements.

  Note: After placing the left leg on the thigh of the right leg, slowly contract the knee joint downward to relieve the tension in the knee.

  3, lotus seat meditation action steps: sit on the mat, put your left foot on the thigh of the right leg, right foot on the thigh of the left leg, the left and right calf cross X-shaped, other actions are the same as simple sittingsame.
  Note: The lotus position is an extremely tense sitting method, so be sure to fully move the legs and foot joints before practicing. It is recommended that beginners do not practice stepping methods.

  4, supine meditation exercise steps: lying flat on the mat, legs differential, it looks naturally stretched on both sides of the body, palms up, eyes closed.

  Note: Keep your head straight, your cervical spine, and your spine on the same straight line. Pay attention to stay focused and don’t let yourself fall asleep.

  1. When some people meditate, it is difficult to always keep upright before and after. It is recommended that these people pad a folded towel on the tailbone during meditation to support the waist.

  2. When beginners begin to practice, it is difficult to enter meditation in a short time. It is recommended that these people try voice meditation. The specific method is: sit down in yoga meditation position, close your eyes, and focusBreathe deeply and take a deep breath. When exhaling, first make an “O” sound, then close your lips, and make an “M” sound until the breath is fully exhaled, and then inhale again and again.

Pay attention to the sound that you want to make your ears hear, focus on the voice, and experience the echo in the brain.

  What can yoga meditation bring us?

  People who practice yoga are convinced that yoga meditation is a way to ensure that both the body and the mind benefit.

Yoga meditation can enable the practitioners to reach a temperamental state, eliminate their worries and fears, and also allow the practitioners to give up those bad habits that are extremely destructive to human health, such as drinking and smoking.

  As a fitness sport, the benefits of yoga are many. My wonderful state of yoga, and better yet, its practice is not restricted by the venue. It is especially suitable for white-collar women, so you can become beautiful and shape anytime, anywhere: white-collar yoga classicrecommend.

The secret to stewing delicious pork

The secret to stewing delicious pork

Pork is rich in nutrition and delicious, and is a good raw material for cooking.

  Tips for making home-cooked pork stew: 1. Cut the meat larger.

Pork contains fresh nitrogen-containing substances in degradable water. The more it is released when stewed pork, the stronger the broth taste, and the flavor of the meat pieces will be relatively diminished. Therefore, the meat pieces should be cut appropriately.Reduce the exudation of fresh material in the meat, so that the meat taste is more delicious than small pieces of meat.

  2. Don’t boil with high heat.

Because one is that the meat pieces are exposed to sharp high heat, the muscle fibers become hard, and the meat pieces are not easy to rot. The second is that the aromatic substances in the meat will evaporate with the water vapor during cooking, which will reduce the flavor.

  3. In the stew, add less water to make the soup taste mellow.

Sleeping with lights off is more effective in treating insomnia

Sleeping with lights off is more effective in treating insomnia

People with insomnia often go to bed early to prepare for sleep, hoping to sleep longer or increase the chance of falling asleep earlier, or replace the lost sleep, which is their usual strategy to deal with insomnia.

In fact, bedtime doesn’t increase sleep time, but worsens insomnia.

The reason is simple. The sooner you get to bed, the longer you lie in bed, and the longer you wake up before going to bed, which shortens the sleep system and worsens insomnia.

In the long run, too much bed time will reduce sleep efficiency, and the wakefulness cues from the bed will be stronger.

Therefore, the second rule of a sleep plan is to reduce the amount of time in bed and make it closer to the average sleep time per night.

Suppose your sleep log shows that you sleep an average of 5 hours a night and 8 hours in bed, then you will reduce the bed time to about 5 hours.

You can go to bed late or get up early, or you can do both.

Just add an additional hour to your average sleep time, and you can be sure how much time you can stay in bed.

If your average sleep time is 5 hours, your time in bed should be controlled within 7 hours (however, you cannot stay in bed for 5 hours).

5 hours, otherwise you will not get core sleep).

In addition, using the time you plan to get up to be in bed, you can determine the start time of going to bed.

If you decide you can stay in bed for up to 6 hours and plan to get up at 6am every morning, then no matter how tired you are, you should go to bed after midnight.

You may think that reducing your time in bed will reduce your sleep time, but the opposite is true.

Time, which increases waking time before bed, strengthens the sleep system, and in turn increases total sleep time.

In addition, your sleep efficiency will increase, and the connection between bed and sleep will be closer.

Of course, reducing bedtime is a short-term practice.

Once your sleep efficiency has increased to 85% (the average sleep efficiency of a normal sleeper is 90%), there is no need to continue to reduce bedtime.

If you have not slept less than 85% of your sleep efficiency for two consecutive weeks, and you are confident to continue to maintain this sleep efficiency, you can increase your sleep time by 15 minutes per week.

Over time, you will eventually get a satisfactory amount of sleep.

Add the following suggestions: 1.

If you are very tired and it is difficult to prolong bedtime, then exercise your bones, walk or do housework a few hours before going to bed to resist the attack of fatigue.

If you lie on the sofa and watch TV all night, it will be more difficult to extend your bed time.


You must gradually calm down an hour before going to bed.

You can do some relaxing things, read some leisure books, do some hobbies, listen to music, etc.

During this time, try to avoid stimulating activities such as making phone calls, getting started, doing business, playing computer phones or watching some unpleasant TV shows.

However, if you relax too much during this time and want to sleep before you reach the point, you can do some simple exercises to eliminate fatigue.

For example, you can walk around during TV commercials or after reading every 10 pages.


If you decide to get up early every day to reduce bedtime, it is best to arrange some activities after getting up early, such as exercising, walking the dog, drinking coffee while reading the newspaper, etc.

These methods are refreshing and make you more than likely to get up early on time.