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WuXi PharmaTech (603259): Revenue side continues to accelerate various businesses to maintain rapid growth

WuXi PharmaTech (603259): Revenue side continues to accelerate various businesses to maintain rapid growth
Investment Highlights Recently, WuXi PharmaTech released its 2019 third quarter report, which has reported that the company has achieved sales revenue of 92.7.9 billion, an annual increase of 34.06%; net profit attributable to mother 17.6.5 billion, down 8 previously.46%; net profit of non-attributed mothers is 17.1.4 billion, an increase of 36 in ten years.88%; earnings per share 1.07 yuan. Profit forecast: As a domestic CRO leader, the company will take its place in the international market. Against the background of the rapid development of China’s CRO industry, the company takes full advantage of its internal leadership, the advantages of the entire industry chain, and better service quality and efficiency. Both the CRO business and the CMO / CDMO business revenue are expected to maintain steady and rapid growth.At the same time, the company actively invests in the deployment of advanced global enterprises, and while forming synergies with its own business, the investment income promotes the increase of the company’s performance. We expect the company to maintain a rapid growth of more than 30% on the revenue side in 2019; although the profit side is affected by many factors, it is expected that the growth rate of the adjusted non-IFRS net profit attributable to the mother will be flat or exceed the revenue growth.We raise our profit forecast and expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.30 yuan, 1.64 yuan, 2.05 yuan, on October 30, 2019, the corresponding PE is 武汉夜生活网 66 times, 52 times, and 42 times, respectively, maintaining the level of “prudent increase”. Risk Warning: New Orders Get Less Than Expected; Core Clients Maintain Risk; Exchange Rate Fluctuation Risk; Investment Income Fluctuation Risk

Top Group (601689): New energy catalyzes the start of a new round of growth!

Top Group (601689): New energy catalyzes the start of a new round of growth!

The report reads Tesla’s localization as the core catalyst, and the lightweight chassis business has ushered in high growth.

Key points of investment Top’s core competitiveness?

Encourage continuous technological innovation.

Professional manager model, with 1,081 R & D personnel in 2017 (365 in 2011), and R & D expenditure in 20172.

2.7 billion, accounting for 4.

5% (0 杭州桑拿网 in 2011).

600 million, accounting for 3.


2) Continuously develop new product capabilities.

Following the strategy of the world’s first-class parts and components enterprises, it has continuously launched new products in line with industry trends.

From 1983 to 2000, the focus was on NVH (shock absorption + sound insulation). Since 2000, the focus has been on lightweight and automotive electronics.

3) Binding high-quality customer capabilities.

By 2008, the economic crisis has deepened cooperation with GM, and the output value is expected to be 1.2 billion US dollars in 2017.

Beyond the independent rise and growing with Geely Automobile, the output value is expected to be 1.8 billion US dollars in 2017.

Seize the trend of new energy vehicles and become a designated supplier of Tesla in 2016.

Lightweight chassis: New energy catalyzes high growth. It is expected that global EV + PHV sales will reach 16 million units by 2025, with a compound growth rate of 36% (2018 benchmark). Among them, Tesla’s sales scale is likely to reach the million level (22, 2018.

20,000 vehicles), the first-stage production capacity of the Shanghai Super Factory is 250,000 units, and production is expected to start in 2020.

Model 3 domestic production volume has become the core focus.

Providing aluminum proportion to reduce vehicle weight and alleviate the pressure of cruising range has become the consensus of major new energy vehicle companies.

Top’s lightweight chassis system entered Tesla’s supply system in 2016, and high growth is expected in the future.

NVH business: Deepening the domestic market, accelerating the pace of development The core focus of the shock absorption business is to expand the overseas market with GM (E2XX + GM GEM orders), and the core focus of the sound insulation business is to expand domestic customers to increase the city’s share + the entire industrial chain layout to enhance profitability.
Automotive electronics: EVP is first, and mass production of IBS can last for more than ten years, and continuous high R & D investment in the automotive electronics division.

EVP is the first batch of products with an output value of more than 100 million US dollars, mainly supporting self-owned brands.

IBS is still in the period of consumption, and mass production can be expected.

Investment suggestion: A new round of growth will start. The upgrade to the “Buy” rating is optimistic that the 佛山桑拿网 lightweight chassis business catalyzed by new energy will usher in high growth. The NVH business and automotive electronics business are steadily advancing.

The EPS is expected to be 1 in 2018-2020.



37 yuan, corresponding to 19 for PE.

84X / 18.

12X / 15.


Upgrade to “Buy” rating.

Xinbao shares (002705): Mofei boosts domestic sales growth beyond expectations and significantly improves overall gross profit margin

Xinbao shares (002705): Mofei boosts domestic sales growth beyond expectations and significantly improves overall gross profit margin

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and achieved revenue 68 in the first three quarters.

27 trillion, +9 ten years ago.

19%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

19 trillion, +44 a year.

88%, net cash flow from operating activities10.

9.5 billion, previously +715.

98%; corresponding to Q3 realized income 27.

83 trillion, ten years +11.

84%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

780,000 yuan, +26 a year.

62%, net cash flow from operating activities5.

89 trillion, ten years +147.


Revenue maintained rapid growth and domestic independent brands performed well: The company’s Q3 revenue continued to grow at a higher rate of Q2, +11 per year.


Affected by exchange rate fluctuations, we expect the company’s export business to improve.

In terms of domestic sales, 深圳桑拿网 there are more flowers, and the main independent brand Mofei has performed well. According to the Tmall data we track, Q3 Mofei and Dongling juicer sales increased by +438 respectively.

77%, + 2991.

28%, and after entering the autumn and winter, the Mofei net red pot enters the peak sales season, with double 11 sales expected. The recently launched seasonal products Mofei and Dongling’s heaters are also expected to become a new generation of net red products.

At the same time, the company actively expands channels, and this year began to expand cooperation with Pinduoduo, mainly selling the Kaiqin brand, and the product line will gradually be enriched.

Taking into account the rapid growth of the third-quarter report income end and various products sold online, we expect the company’s Q3 domestic sales revenue growth 无锡桑拿网 rate to far exceed the performance of the interim report, more than 30%.

The company’s gross profit margin has increased significantly, and sales expenses continue to be spent: 19Q3 gross profit margin and net profit margin of 25.

64% and 10.

02%, +4 each year.

17, + 1.

18 points.

To improve, we expect that exchange rate fluctuations will increase the export gross profit margin to a certain extent. Instead, the company’s own brand will grow rapidly to improve its product structure, which will increase the domestic gross profit margin.

From the perspective of expenses, the sales, management, research and development, and financial expense ratios of 19Q3 were +1 each time.

48, +0.

47, +0.

32, -0.

11pct, of which the increase in sales expenses is mainly due to the company’s sales staff’s salary increase and continuous expenditure on advertising costs, to cultivate and promote its own brand. At present, the company’s domestic sales business has entered a stage of rapid development.

The decrease in financial expenses was mainly due to exchange gains, interest income increased from the same period last year and interest expenses decreased from the same period last year.

Operating cash flow has increased significantly, and advance receipts have increased significantly: from the balance sheet perspective, monetary funds + other current assets at the end of the 19Q3 period were 24.

8.5 billion yuan, up 2 from H1.

30,000 yuan; accounts receivable + notes 12.

62 ppm, an increase of 2 over H1.

20 trillion; advance receipts1.720,000 yuan, an increase of 0 over H1.

0.6 billion, +50 in ten years.

77%, mainly due to the increase in customer settlement methods this year.

In terms of turnover, the company’s 19Q1-Q3 inventory and accounts receivable turnover days +5 for decades.

56 days, -0.

16 days, business cycle increased by 5.

40 days, extended business cycle.

From the cash flow statement, 19Q3 net cash flow from operating activities5.

89 ppm, of which Q3 cash inflows of goods sold and services provided +17 per year.


Investment suggestion: The company’s external sales benefit from improved revenue, internal sales of independent brands have performed well, and subsequent new product launches bring greater benefits to the company; actively deploy automation to improve production efficiency and further improve profitability.

The company’s third quarter report exceeded our previous expectations, and we raised the net profit for the year 19-21 to 6.

6, 7.

6, 8.

900 million (previous value was 5.


9, 8.

0 million), the current sustainable corresponding 19-19 years dynamic assessment is 19.

4x, 16.

9x, 14.

5x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: risks of fluctuations in raw material prices; new product promotion is less than expected.

CRRC (601766): 2018 performance is slightly lower than expected

CRRC (601766): 2018 performance is slightly lower than expected

2018 results were slightly lower than expected CRRC’s 2018 results: 2018 operating income of 2,190.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 3.

82%; net profit attributable to parent company 113.

1 ppm, an increase of 4 in ten years.

76%, corresponding profit 0.

39 yuan, the performance was slightly lower than expected, mainly due to a slight margin in 4Q18 and a provision of 5.

3 trillion goodwill impairment.

In the single quarter, the company’s revenue in 4Q18 was 837.

10,000 yuan, an annual increase of 19.

0%, net profit attributable to mother 37.

8 ‰, five years average.


Rail transit’s main business grew steadily while other businesses contracted.

By business, railway equipment / urban revenue increased 11.

5% / 3.

5%, new industry and modern service industry added 7.

7% / 8.


In terms of gross profit margin, the urban rail / modern service industry increases by 0 every year.

36ppt / 2.

30ppt, railway equipment / new industry replacement 0.

63ppt / 2.

56ppt, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in 2018 was 21.


The expense ratio was stable during the period, and 佛山桑拿网 the net interest rate was basically flat.

The sales / management / financial expense ratio ratio decreased by 0 in 2018.

13ppt / 0.

23ppt / 0.

01ppt; net interest rate is 5.

2%, basically the same as last year.

Net cash inflow from operating activities was 188.

700 million, 26 more each year.

600 million.

Development Trend The company’s orders on hand decreased slightly from the previous month.

As of the end of 2018, there were US $ 232.7 billion in orders in hand, maintaining a high level, but at least at an interval of 4.

4%, compared to the end of the third quarter doping 9.

In terms of sub-sectors: 153 trillion for locomotives, 401 trillion for EMUs, 30 trillion for passenger cars, 1,483 trillion for subways, 85 trillion for trucks, 175 trillion for new industries and others.
Reduced guidance, locomotive delivery in 2019 may be the same as in 2018.

Considering that the total investment in railway fixed assets in 2018 is US $ 800 billion, which is flat every year, the current China Railway Group’s bidding target for locomotives and trucks in 2019 is also flat, and it is estimated that the number of locomotives will be 800 in 2019 and that of trucks will be 5.


100,000 vehicles, but we believe that the incremental demand for railway freight brought by the “transit railway” will still be released, and locomotive and truck bidding will be more likely than expected.

Earnings forecast As the growth rate of locomotive revenue is lowered, we have revised our 2019 / 20e earnings forecast from 0.

56 yuan / 0.

67 yuan down 18.

4% / 22.

3 %% to 0.

46 yuan / 0.

52 yuan.

It is estimated and recommended that the company’s A shares correspond to 20/17 times P / E in 19/20 and H / shares 16/14 times.

Maintaining the A / H recommendation level, lowering the growth rate of locomotive and trucks, lowering the A / H target price by 15% / 9% to 10.

13 yuan / 8.

At HK $ 85, A shares correspond to a target P / E of 22/19 times in 19/20, with 11% of room, and H shares correspond to a target P / E of 17/15 times in 2019/20, with 10% of room.

Risks The bidding amount of railway equipment is less than expected.

Ten bad habits, sadness and sudden death

Ten bad habits, sadness and sudden death

On this blacklist, cycling to work in the most polluted downtown is the most dangerous.

The second place is too hard, and the third place is drinking.

Other risk factors include: negative emotions, anger, overeating, over-excited emotions, sex and cocaine.

These little things in life may seem unsurprising, but they may pull the “trigger” of vertical impact.

  First place: cycling in downtown.

  Researchers at the University of Hasselt in Belgium have found that whether you drive, cycle or walk to work, as long as you pass through a dense section of the vehicle, it will increase the risk of traffic accidents, but it is actually air pollution.

Among them, those who go to work by bicycle are the most dangerous, because these people inhale the most exhaust gas and are most “contaminated”. At the same time, they also need to step on the bicycle with a certain amount of energy, which may easily cause insufficient blood supply.

Both aspects are important causes of heart attacks.

In addition, Yao Chonghua analyzed that congested traffic can easily make people nervous, worrying, and cause blood pressure to rise.

  Therefore, it is not recommended for people with high cardiovascular risk to ride to work during peak traffic congestion periods.

Although cycling is a good sport, there are more disadvantages to walking on heavily polluted roads.

Elderly people, especially those with chronic bronchitis, are better off avoiding rush-hour travel.

  Second place: Exercising the stool.

  Unexpected movements such as defecation and bucket water, people suddenly exert force from the static, the blood pressure rises rapidly in an instant, and the pressure on the heart will increase sharply.

In addition, when blood pressure is unstable, the activity of vascular plaque will increase and it is easy to replace.

  The elderly, those who are sedentary, those with hypertension, and those with a history of hypertension should avoid sudden exertion.

If you must, do a warm-up exercise in advance.

Usually eat more vegetables to avoid dry stools, and use auxiliary medicines such as corkscrew when necessary.

  Third place: Drink a lot of alcohol or coffee.

  Many studies at home and abroad have confirmed that the right amount of alcohol and coffee can produce antioxidants and protect the heart.

But the excesses outweigh the benefits.

Because alcohol and coffee can increase your heart rate, increase your blood pressure, and trigger an increase in blood pressure.

People with long-term hypertension can damage the heart muscle and lead to heart failure over time.

  Therefore, always drink coffee or alcohol, you must be modest.

Normal adult men should not drink more than 750 ml of beer a day, converted into wine, low-grade liquor, high-grade liquor is 250 ml, 75 ml, and 50 ml; adult women should not drink more than 450 ml of beer, converted into wine, low-grade liquor150 ml, 50 ml.

People with a bad heart try to drink less coffee and coffee, so as not to cause heart discomfort.

In addition, if a competitor can quit drinking, his heart function will usually improve significantly.

  Fourth place: Depression.

  Bad mood is the enemy of the heart, and depression is the first.

Because depression is often accompanied by anxiety, the quality of sleep at night will be poor, and the heart will not rest, so blood pressure and heart rate will increase, which is very bad for heart health.

It is recommended to communicate with family and friends in case of difficulties to avoid anger, great sorrow and joy, and control emotions.

  Fifth place: overeating.

  After a person overeats, the gastrointestinal tract needs a lot of blood to digest food, and the blood flowing into the heart and brain blood vessels is greatly reduced. For people who have insufficient blood supply to the blood vessels, a full meal can easily cause myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

Therefore, do not easily indulge your appetite, because a full meal may take a life.

People who are full for a long time are prone to obesity. If they do not exercise enough, they will accumulate slightly, and lipid plaques will easily form in the blood vessels. If they occur on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, they will cause coronary heart disease and stroke.

It is very important to develop good eating habits. It is best to eat 70% to 80% of full meals or eat less frequently, and nutrition must be balanced.

  Sixth place: Excessive sexual desire.

  Moderate, enjoyable sex can make people feel better, but indulgent sexual desire causes heart failure.When you are over-excited, your heart ‘s blood vessels will suddenly break, causing a heart attack and triggering a heart attack.

For people who already have high blood pressure, they can have sex during the acute phase and after the acute recovery period, but avoid excessive excitement.

People with coronary heart disease are better off without Viagra.

  Seventh place: taking drugs.

  Cocaine users are 23 times more likely to develop heart disease than normal people.

  In addition to the above seven, there are also some bad habits that can subconsciously damage our heart. They include: Eighth place: smoking or passive smoking.

  Although few people die of sudden cardiac death from smoking a cigarette, the damage to the heart from smoking is long-term and stubborn.

Smokers are three times more likely to develop a heart attack than normal people.

Stop smoking now. Within 8 hours, carbon monoxide in the blood will be reduced to normal levels. Within 24 hours, the risk of heart attack will be reduced. After 1 year of smoking cessation, the risk of heart disease (such as myocardial infarction) will be reducedHalf; after 15 years of quitting, the risks are the same as those of non-smokers.

  Ninth place: Eating too salty and too sweet.

  Eating more salt can raise blood pressure and increase blood plasma and promote atherosclerosis.

A study in the United States has shown that children who eat a lot of sweet drinks or eat sweets have a significantly increased risk of heart disease in adulthood.

  Tenth place: sedentary.

  More and more “home men and women” and office “seated families”, while enjoying “sit” comfortably, also avoid “sit” waiting for illness, or even “sit” waiting to die.

Because sedentary will lead to changes in the metabolism of the human body, affect micro-metabolism, attenuate enzyme activity, cause misfortune in the blood and increase triglyceride content, increase blood viscosity, slow blood flow, prone to thrombosis, and increase the risk.

Three steps to doing aerobics

Three steps to doing aerobics

Aerobic exercise is a kind of rhythmic exercise. It strengthens the cardiopulmonary function and exercises large muscle groups through continuous exercise.

Aerobic exercises are mainly divided into two categories: high impact and low impact.

High-impact aerobics is a traditional type of aerobics. It often involves jumping on one or two feet. It consumes a lot of energy and is good for cardio exercises.

However, some people and beginners who rarely exercise and are overweight may not accept it because of excessive exercise and excessive stimulation of the heart and lungs.

Low-impact movements are milder, but because of continuous exercise for 15-30 minutes, maintaining the intensity of the exercise can provide enough stimulation to exercise the cardio.

  However, remind you to pay attention to the following three major things to practice aerobics: 1.

At the beginning of the step-by-step process, you should take steps to allow your body and lower limbs sufficient time to adjust.

Don’t do it too long at the beginning, 10 minutes is better.

  Before walking around, it is important to do warm-up and proper contraction exercises, especially moderate compression of the lower limbs.

When it is cold, warm up for a long time and wear more clothes.

Measure your pulse rate per minute before and after walking and record it for reference.

After long-term exercise, cardiopulmonary endurance will increase, heart rate will decrease, and heartbeat will return to normal faster after exercise.

  Beginners are recommended two or three times a week, every other day is appropriate.

Then you can increase the number of times until you feel the right amount. Never force it.


Hygiene and health After aerobics, you should change your sweaty clothes in time to avoid getting cold, especially after exercising in the air-conditioned room.

  Those who often do aerobic exercises should pay attention to their feet and often fall toenails.

It is fatal to sweat in hot weather. It is easy for bacteria to breed in the toe seam, so you should keep your feet dry.


Appropriate clothing for aerobics should be fitted with sweat-fitting aerobics, and do not wear ordinary leather shoes barefoot.

Fitness shoes should have thicker pads to reduce the shock caused by the impact of the foot on the ground.

The shoe body should not be too soft, and a half-height barrel can be used to protect foot replacement.

Yoga Physiological Serenity

Yoga Physiological Serenity

A tiring day, so tired!

I want to relax in another way, and “liberate” a new one.

May wish to pay attention to the “static” fitness method-yoga, which is different from the dynamic exercise, long distance running, and playing.

Come with a gentle piece of music, or you can lighten a furnace of aromatherapy and calm your mind . Wear body clothes, accompanied by gentle music, lean your limbs, slowly inhale, gently exhale, sometimes like spiritMonkey picking, sometimes like a pine crane spreading its wings, sometimes like a boa constrictor, sometimes like a kitten squatting . This is a scene that reporters saw at a yoga practice hall in the city a few days ago.

  After many years of emerging health sports such as aerobics and aerobics, some ancient fitness methods have recently become popular and become the new darling of the fitness and beauty market.

The most typical example is years of yoga.

  Experience: Practicing yoga both inside and outside “Practice yoga, the surrounding environment is very important.

Instructor Li Hua of a yoga studio in Quanzhou City told reporters, “On the scale of tranquility, you can settle your heart, gradually relax the slope, completely relax, eliminate distractions, and practice meditation.

You don’t need to stretch your ligaments during your practice. Just extend to your most comfortable position and stop where you can. Don’t force yourself to feel uncomfortable.

“Li Hua said:” After practicing yoga, you will feel more relaxed. Come with me and feel it. You will have an unexpected discovery!

After making the necessary preparations, the reporter came to the spacious practice room, where there are already more than 10 practitioners.

Accompanied by soothing music, the yoga class began. According to Li Hua’s tips, I first learned yoga and practiced it with scrutiny.

Some postures still have certain shortcomings. With slightly toe-tightening and straightening up, I almost feel unable to support it. I sighed and reached the end.

  At the scene, some of the members who practiced had fairly standard movements. They should have been practicing for a long time, but there were also several books that were as busy as me, but they were all serious in their studies.

Li Hua also takes care of the feelings of beginners, and reminds when necessary.

  After practicing the yoga posture, I was relaxed and rested. I was lying on the mat, feeling relaxed, physically uncomfortable, almost asleep in music, and my mood became much calmer.

  It seems that yoga can be used for fitness and fitness, and it can also adjust people’s mentality. Li Hua said: “Practicing yoga is particularly beneficial for people who are depressed and obstructed, and it is also very helpful for preventing diseases.

Yoga can best train people’s perseverance, cultivate self-cultivation in quiet practice, and cultivate good temperament and mentality.

“Practitioner: People’s inner peace. After practicing, I interviewed several practitioners.”

Energetic Ms. Zhu said, “I am 37 years old. I am the secretary of a company. I have been practicing for more than a year and a half. I came to practice because of inexplicable pain in my shoulders and shoulders, and it was not cured after spending a lot of money.

I started to feel yoga mysterious, but just wanted to try it.

I did not want to just practice it once, and the next day I felt different.

She smiled, and then said, “Yu persisted for more than two months, and the symptoms began to decrease, and now she is completely fine.

In addition, I used to lose my temper at will, but now my family members say that I am gentle.

“Ms. Zhang said in an interview:” Practising yoga has a calming effect, but the most important thing is conditioning.

By finely adjusting the internal environment, the breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. can reach a normal or optimal balance.

Studying yoga has taught me to deal with people in a humble manner, which has a great impact on my life.

“Coach: Practice is not complicated. What does yoga include, and what effect does it have?

Li Hua told reporters: “Yoga can be divided into three parts, namely breathing, asana and meditation.

Asanas are mainly body movements, including bending, stretching, twisting, pushing, and squeezing. These movements can promote metabolism and blood circulation to human internal organs through massage-like effects.

Meditation is all about concentrating, eliminating all distractions, and focusing on your own breath, until you reach the state where the two things are forgotten and they are one with nature.

Li Hua told reporters that yoga is actually not complicated. Most practitioners only need to complete the prescribed movements in accordance with the coach’s instructions.

It doesn’t matter whether a beginner is always stiff or soft.

The main point of the action is to cooperate well with breathing to gradually deepen the correlation between the body and the mood. With restfulness and the whole body connected, you will be intoxicated by the joy flowing from the inside out, and get the complete relaxation of the spiritual world.

  The reporter saw in the practice hall that most of the people who come here to practice yoga are women in their thirties. Isn’t yoga suitable for other people?

In response to the reporter’s doubts, Li Hua explained with a smile: “In fact, yoga is suitable for people of any age and gender. As long as you like this sport, you can practice it.

You can practice at the gym, at home, outdoors, or even in the office, but beginners are best practiced under the guidance of a yogi.

The reason why most of the practitioners are women is that yoga movements are mainly soft and more popular with women.”Modern people’s life is getting faster and faster, and their mental stress is getting stronger. At the same time, due to lack of sufficient exercise, many people suffer from various acute and chronic diseases and have been replaced. Practicing yoga can help them regulate their bodies.

White-collar workers who have a successful career and work under pressure will naturally have a soft spot.

Those who drink milk tea often, do you know these 5 harms?

Those who drink milk tea often, do you know these 5 harms?

Now no matter where you go, you can see milk tea, instant or special, especially in winter. A cup of hot milk tea can attract a lot of people, especially the white-collar workers.I love to drink a cup of milk tea, I don’t know, although milk tea is very heart-warming, but the harm index is quite high, but what is the harm of milk tea?

Take a look at them together!

  The dangers of drinking milk tea

Can exacerbate high blood pressure.

  Due to the hydrogenation process, trans fatty acids may be present in the creamer.

And trans-finance will increase the viscosity and cohesion of human blood and easily lead to the formation of blood clots. People with high blood pressure should not drink milk tea often.

For elderly people with weak blood vessel walls, the harm is particularly serious.

Excessive sugar may also lead to the formation of diabetes, so people with these two diseases should drink less.


Causes nervousness.

  Drinking milk tea (coffee) is exciting, so many people often get sleepy and order a cup of milk tea (coffee) to refresh themselves.

In fact, it often causes nervousness.

Too much excitement will cause insomnia all night.

For those who expect severe disorders, caffeine can cause symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and tinnitus in the palms of the hands.


Easy to cause obesity.

  The main ingredient of creamer is vegetable oil.

One is called coconut oil, which contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids. Eliminating too much will speed up the production of plasma in the body.

And, milk tea is high in sugar, high in oil, and highly transformed.

If a large amount of milk tea is more than three months, the blood trace and plasma will increase, which will easily cause people to gain weight, slightly accumulate on the stomach, and form a medium and wide body shape.

Obesity is sustainable!


Increase the risk of cancer.

  Most milk teas are added with some preservatives in order to keep them fresh, and some preservatives are harmful to our bodies and may even cause cancer!

For example, a preservative called adiponic acid is a carcinogen.

In addition, creamer is a chemical substance, which contains lead, copper and other harmful substances. Long-term supplementation can increase the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, tumors, diseases and other diseases, and children’s intelligence will occur.


Affects sperm motility.

  The main ingredient of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil.

This vegetable oil is a kind of fatty acid, which will reduce the secretion of male hormones, affect the vitality of sperm, greatly reduce the quality of sperm, and have a great impact on the activity of sperm.

Therefore, men of childbearing age should drink less!

  What to pay attention to when drinking milk tea, try not to buy milk tea at the roadside stalls. Those merchants make money and buy those low-quality creamers and other ingredients to make milk tea. It is not very hygienic. Without a good production environment and production process, milk tea itself is harmful to the bodyThere will be harm, coupled with unsanitary or creamer quality is not enough, then this problem can not be underestimated.

  Exacerbating high blood pressure, women with high blood pressure can’t drink milk tea. This is mainly because there are some unfavorable ingredients in milk tea. Having trans-obesity in milk tea will increase the viscosity and cohesion of human blood and easily lead to the formation of blood clots.For elderly people with weak blood vessel walls, the harm is particularly serious.

  Drinking milk tea regularly can cause your body to gain weight.

The main ingredients of milk tea are flavors and creamers, which have been bad for the human body for a long time, and can cause severe weight gain, unless you are not easy to gain weight.

If you really like to drink milk tea, you can choose sugar-free milk tea, low-fat milk tea, or yogurt instead. It is best to make a cup yourself.

  Another secret that has to be said about milk tea is “sweetenin”-the source of the sweetness of milk tea.

Cyclamate (ie, saccharin) replaces sucrose. Most saccharin is added Glauber’s salt and magnesium chloride. These are all industrial. Can people eat it?
The normal sweetness should come from sucrose, but the sweetness in milk tea comes from cyclamate, which is saccharin.