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Three steps to doing aerobics

Three steps to doing aerobics

Aerobic exercise is a kind of rhythmic exercise. It strengthens the cardiopulmonary function and exercises large muscle groups through continuous exercise.

Aerobic exercises are mainly divided into two categories: high impact and low impact.

High-impact aerobics is a traditional type of aerobics. It often involves jumping on one or two feet. It consumes a lot of energy and is good for cardio exercises.

However, some people and beginners who rarely exercise and are overweight may not accept it because of excessive exercise and excessive stimulation of the heart and lungs.

Low-impact movements are milder, but because of continuous exercise for 15-30 minutes, maintaining the intensity of the exercise can provide enough stimulation to exercise the cardio.

  However, remind you to pay attention to the following three major things to practice aerobics: 1.

At the beginning of the step-by-step process, you should take steps to allow your body and lower limbs sufficient time to adjust.

Don’t do it too long at the beginning, 10 minutes is better.

  Before walking around, it is important to do warm-up and proper contraction exercises, especially moderate compression of the lower limbs.

When it is cold, warm up for a long time and wear more clothes.

Measure your pulse rate per minute before and after walking and record it for reference.

After long-term exercise, cardiopulmonary endurance will increase, heart rate will decrease, and heartbeat will return to normal faster after exercise.

  Beginners are recommended two or three times a week, every other day is appropriate.

Then you can increase the number of times until you feel the right amount. Never force it.


Hygiene and health After aerobics, you should change your sweaty clothes in time to avoid getting cold, especially after exercising in the air-conditioned room.

  Those who often do aerobic exercises should pay attention to their feet and often fall toenails.

It is fatal to sweat in hot weather. It is easy for bacteria to breed in the toe seam, so you should keep your feet dry.


Appropriate clothing for aerobics should be fitted with sweat-fitting aerobics, and do not wear ordinary leather shoes barefoot.

Fitness shoes should have thicker pads to reduce the shock caused by the impact of the foot on the ground.

The shoe body should not be too soft, and a half-height barrel can be used to protect foot replacement.

Yoga Physiological Serenity

Yoga Physiological Serenity

A tiring day, so tired!

I want to relax in another way, and “liberate” a new one.

May wish to pay attention to the “static” fitness method-yoga, which is different from the dynamic exercise, long distance running, and playing.

Come with a gentle piece of music, or you can lighten a furnace of aromatherapy and calm your mind . Wear body clothes, accompanied by gentle music, lean your limbs, slowly inhale, gently exhale, sometimes like spiritMonkey picking, sometimes like a pine crane spreading its wings, sometimes like a boa constrictor, sometimes like a kitten squatting . This is a scene that reporters saw at a yoga practice hall in the city a few days ago.

  After many years of emerging health sports such as aerobics and aerobics, some ancient fitness methods have recently become popular and become the new darling of the fitness and beauty market.

The most typical example is years of yoga.

  Experience: Practicing yoga both inside and outside “Practice yoga, the surrounding environment is very important.

Instructor Li Hua of a yoga studio in Quanzhou City told reporters, “On the scale of tranquility, you can settle your heart, gradually relax the slope, completely relax, eliminate distractions, and practice meditation.

You don’t need to stretch your ligaments during your practice. Just extend to your most comfortable position and stop where you can. Don’t force yourself to feel uncomfortable.

“Li Hua said:” After practicing yoga, you will feel more relaxed. Come with me and feel it. You will have an unexpected discovery!

After making the necessary preparations, the reporter came to the spacious practice room, where there are already more than 10 practitioners.

Accompanied by soothing music, the yoga class began. According to Li Hua’s tips, I first learned yoga and practiced it with scrutiny.

Some postures still have certain shortcomings. With slightly toe-tightening and straightening up, I almost feel unable to support it. I sighed and reached the end.

  At the scene, some of the members who practiced had fairly standard movements. They should have been practicing for a long time, but there were also several books that were as busy as me, but they were all serious in their studies.

Li Hua also takes care of the feelings of beginners, and reminds when necessary.

  After practicing the yoga posture, I was relaxed and rested. I was lying on the mat, feeling relaxed, physically uncomfortable, almost asleep in music, and my mood became much calmer.

  It seems that yoga can be used for fitness and fitness, and it can also adjust people’s mentality. Li Hua said: “Practicing yoga is particularly beneficial for people who are depressed and obstructed, and it is also very helpful for preventing diseases.

Yoga can best train people’s perseverance, cultivate self-cultivation in quiet practice, and cultivate good temperament and mentality.

“Practitioner: People’s inner peace. After practicing, I interviewed several practitioners.”

Energetic Ms. Zhu said, “I am 37 years old. I am the secretary of a company. I have been practicing for more than a year and a half. I came to practice because of inexplicable pain in my shoulders and shoulders, and it was not cured after spending a lot of money.

I started to feel yoga mysterious, but just wanted to try it.

I did not want to just practice it once, and the next day I felt different.

She smiled, and then said, “Yu persisted for more than two months, and the symptoms began to decrease, and now she is completely fine.

In addition, I used to lose my temper at will, but now my family members say that I am gentle.

“Ms. Zhang said in an interview:” Practising yoga has a calming effect, but the most important thing is conditioning.

By finely adjusting the internal environment, the breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. can reach a normal or optimal balance.

Studying yoga has taught me to deal with people in a humble manner, which has a great impact on my life.

“Coach: Practice is not complicated. What does yoga include, and what effect does it have?

Li Hua told reporters: “Yoga can be divided into three parts, namely breathing, asana and meditation.

Asanas are mainly body movements, including bending, stretching, twisting, pushing, and squeezing. These movements can promote metabolism and blood circulation to human internal organs through massage-like effects.

Meditation is all about concentrating, eliminating all distractions, and focusing on your own breath, until you reach the state where the two things are forgotten and they are one with nature.

Li Hua told reporters that yoga is actually not complicated. Most practitioners only need to complete the prescribed movements in accordance with the coach’s instructions.

It doesn’t matter whether a beginner is always stiff or soft.

The main point of the action is to cooperate well with breathing to gradually deepen the correlation between the body and the mood. With restfulness and the whole body connected, you will be intoxicated by the joy flowing from the inside out, and get the complete relaxation of the spiritual world.

  The reporter saw in the practice hall that most of the people who come here to practice yoga are women in their thirties. Isn’t yoga suitable for other people?

In response to the reporter’s doubts, Li Hua explained with a smile: “In fact, yoga is suitable for people of any age and gender. As long as you like this sport, you can practice it.

You can practice at the gym, at home, outdoors, or even in the office, but beginners are best practiced under the guidance of a yogi.

The reason why most of the practitioners are women is that yoga movements are mainly soft and more popular with women.”Modern people’s life is getting faster and faster, and their mental stress is getting stronger. At the same time, due to lack of sufficient exercise, many people suffer from various acute and chronic diseases and have been replaced. Practicing yoga can help them regulate their bodies.

White-collar workers who have a successful career and work under pressure will naturally have a soft spot.

Those who drink milk tea often, do you know these 5 harms?

Those who drink milk tea often, do you know these 5 harms?

Now no matter where you go, you can see milk tea, instant or special, especially in winter. A cup of hot milk tea can attract a lot of people, especially the white-collar workers.I love to drink a cup of milk tea, I don’t know, although milk tea is very heart-warming, but the harm index is quite high, but what is the harm of milk tea?

Take a look at them together!

  The dangers of drinking milk tea

Can exacerbate high blood pressure.

  Due to the hydrogenation process, trans fatty acids may be present in the creamer.

And trans-finance will increase the viscosity and cohesion of human blood and easily lead to the formation of blood clots. People with high blood pressure should not drink milk tea often.

For elderly people with weak blood vessel walls, the harm is particularly serious.

Excessive sugar may also lead to the formation of diabetes, so people with these two diseases should drink less.


Causes nervousness.

  Drinking milk tea (coffee) is exciting, so many people often get sleepy and order a cup of milk tea (coffee) to refresh themselves.

In fact, it often causes nervousness.

Too much excitement will cause insomnia all night.

For those who expect severe disorders, caffeine can cause symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and tinnitus in the palms of the hands.


Easy to cause obesity.

  The main ingredient of creamer is vegetable oil.

One is called coconut oil, which contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids. Eliminating too much will speed up the production of plasma in the body.

And, milk tea is high in sugar, high in oil, and highly transformed.

If a large amount of milk tea is more than three months, the blood trace and plasma will increase, which will easily cause people to gain weight, slightly accumulate on the stomach, and form a medium and wide body shape.

Obesity is sustainable!


Increase the risk of cancer.

  Most milk teas are added with some preservatives in order to keep them fresh, and some preservatives are harmful to our bodies and may even cause cancer!

For example, a preservative called adiponic acid is a carcinogen.

In addition, creamer is a chemical substance, which contains lead, copper and other harmful substances. Long-term supplementation can increase the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, tumors, diseases and other diseases, and children’s intelligence will occur.


Affects sperm motility.

  The main ingredient of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil.

This vegetable oil is a kind of fatty acid, which will reduce the secretion of male hormones, affect the vitality of sperm, greatly reduce the quality of sperm, and have a great impact on the activity of sperm.

Therefore, men of childbearing age should drink less!

  What to pay attention to when drinking milk tea, try not to buy milk tea at the roadside stalls. Those merchants make money and buy those low-quality creamers and other ingredients to make milk tea. It is not very hygienic. Without a good production environment and production process, milk tea itself is harmful to the bodyThere will be harm, coupled with unsanitary or creamer quality is not enough, then this problem can not be underestimated.

  Exacerbating high blood pressure, women with high blood pressure can’t drink milk tea. This is mainly because there are some unfavorable ingredients in milk tea. Having trans-obesity in milk tea will increase the viscosity and cohesion of human blood and easily lead to the formation of blood clots.For elderly people with weak blood vessel walls, the harm is particularly serious.

  Drinking milk tea regularly can cause your body to gain weight.

The main ingredients of milk tea are flavors and creamers, which have been bad for the human body for a long time, and can cause severe weight gain, unless you are not easy to gain weight.

If you really like to drink milk tea, you can choose sugar-free milk tea, low-fat milk tea, or yogurt instead. It is best to make a cup yourself.

  Another secret that has to be said about milk tea is “sweetenin”-the source of the sweetness of milk tea.

Cyclamate (ie, saccharin) replaces sucrose. Most saccharin is added Glauber’s salt and magnesium chloride. These are all industrial. Can people eat it?
The normal sweetness should come from sucrose, but the sweetness in milk tea comes from cyclamate, which is saccharin.