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Sports experts teach you 10 tips to find the most suitable sneakers

Sports experts teach you 10 tips to find the most suitable sneakers

When you buy sports shoes, do you know how to choose the right sports shoes for you?

Here are 10 shoe buying tips from sports experts.

Understand foot shape.

Everyone has their own unique foot shape. Some people have normal foot shapes, while some people often bend their feet inward, and some people have one foot. Others have extremely high arches.

When choosing shoes, you must pay special attention to whether the design of the sports shoes matches your foot shape and whether it can provide proper foot support.

Learn about the sports you want in the army.

Different sneakers are suitable for different sports.

The best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon or after dusk, because then your feet will grow the most.

Try on shoes that are usually worn with the right thickness of sports socks.

Socks that are too thick or too thin can affect the fit of shoes.

Try it on with your feet, depending on the size of the retractable foot.

Try on two pairs of shoes with different shoe sizes, because the size standards of different manufacturers are not exactly the same.

The distance between the toe and the toe should not be too close, and there should be a finger-width gap between the end of the toe and your largest toe to allow the toes to be free.

Push your toes up toward the toe, and use your fingers to toe the front of the toe to see if the toe is too tight.

The heel should be close to the heel of the shoe, do not slide at will.

Put on socks, fasten your shoelaces, walk around or jog a few steps in the store to see if it’s comfortable.

Price is not the number one factor in choosing shoes.

Woman, is your vanity normal?

Woman, is your “vanity” normal?

Faced with the vanity of women in general, most men have the spirit of “beating their teeth and swallowing blood”: “Can this stump me a man?
“Men who quarrel or even divorce with women because of their vanity characteristics should be rare. Most men just treat it as a woman who is ignorant or idle, but this does not mean that women’s vanity can be inflated without reason.Go on.
  Most women’s vanity is caused by “deprivation”. For example, they once wanted but could not obtain it, and there is a deeper psychological state behind it that needs to be interpreted, that is, self-confidence, which leads to a sense of insecurity and must be grasped.Live some real things, or try to please and attract others’ attention.
  Showing off is the self-defense instinct of women. It was originally understandable. However, if you can’t strengthen your confidence from the bottom, for example, by continuously learning to enrich yourself, you can communicate with friends of the outside world. Every day is just a vulgar and frivolous life, then,If a man encounters a confidant in pink, he will soon be attracted to it. This is the real fatal sequelae.
  Therefore, a confident woman, first of all, will not be able to get through with her own purse and be a prodigal daughter; nor will she be too busy with the “wife to be rich with your husband” or “wife to be rich with your child”; not to be like a flowerThe “mass lover” illusion is created like a fool, waiting for others to star on the moon.
  On the contrary, it should be “Wang Lianggong” who is afraid of being bragging, and “thrifty” which is based on discretion, this temperament and vanity are completely different.
  Regardless of work, career, or community performance, compared to women, modern men are already in a disadvantage, and besides getting along with women, if they still feel the vanity of women’s teeth and claws, they will definitely have an impact on emotions and marriageYes, I ca n’t keep the man himself, but I believe that this is by no means what a woman who wants to grow old with a man expects.
  The vanity of women in men’s eyes is as follows: A: Never dare to refuse others, even if it is the most reluctant thing, it will be agreed because of face.
I usually regret it in the end, but I still dare not say no next time.
  B: Never ask for help, for fear of being incompetent by others.
In case of suffering, you would rather knock down your teeth and swallow it. Usually you offer to help her and you will still be cold.
  C: Never allow others to oppose herself, especially in public, her authority is greater than that of Empress Dowager Cixi.
If you refute her in front of an outsider, you are offending her, whether you are right or not.
  D: I always say that I am young, and when we are in our thirties, we will say “our girl”