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Three Trees (603737): The amount of engineering work and the rising paint faucet for home improvement

Three Trees (603737): The amount of engineering work and the rising paint faucet for home improvement

Recommended logic: The company is a leading national coatings company. The company grasps the trend of real estate centralization, improves the inflection point and the tide of old reforms at the end of completion. Through capacity expansion, cost-effective products, and high-quality services, it is advancing rapidly in the field of engineering wall paint business., 2019H1 engineering wall paint growth rate is 65.

2%, driving the company to grow rapidly; at the retail end, the company’s business foundation is solid and steady, with distinctive environmental protection and healthy product features, continuous publicity and promotion, increasingly dense offline outlets, and intimate “live now” services,The retail side is expected to grow at a compound rate of 20% in the future, and its market share will steadily increase from the current 2%.

The coatings industry is still in a golden development period.

The scale of the architectural coatings market is more than 100 billion yuan. At present, the industry is at the inflection point of completion, the trend of housing enterprises centralization, the wave of old reforms, and the large-base stock houses have gradually entered the favorable environment of the repainting era. The entire industry continues to be in a golden development period.

1) Turning point at the end of completion: due to tight credit and difficult financing, the scissors gap between newly started and completed construction has continued to expand since 2016, and has continued for more than 3 years, but the law of completion following changes in new construction will not change.The monthly completion rate is 2.

8%, from negative to positive. It is expected that the inflection point will continue to improve in the fourth quarter of 2019, and it is expected to continue for 3 years.

2) The wave of old reforms: The old reforms and reforms have started since 3 years. There are nearly 160,000 old communities in the country with a construction area of about 4 billion square meters.

The projected external wall area is about 3 billion square meters, and the amount of paint used is about 120 inches, corresponding to the release of more than 10 billion market space.

3) Large-base stock houses have entered the era of renovation: In 2018, the number of domestic stock houses has exceeded 27 billion square meters, which is 13 times the newly started area and 30 times the completed area in that year. More 四川耍耍网 second-hand housing transactions are increasing, and the refurbishment of stock housesThe refurbishment market base will be in a rapid expansion phase for a long time.

4) Centralization of real estate: In 2018, the market share of TOP30 housing enterprises reached 45.

2%, the centralization of the real estate industry has also continued to promote the centralization of downstream industries.

Expansion of production + cost-effective products + optimization services, the company’s engineering coatings are surging.

The company seized the industry’s potential to continue its expansion, and its production capacity has been increased from 6 in 2013.

The growth rate increased to 73 in 2018.

5 nominal.

Supported by production capacity, the company focuses on R & D + product testing, good quality control, and a variety of high-performance engineering exterior wall product systems and high decoration and environmental protection products with high cost-effectiveness, and its acceptance in the engineering market has gradually increased. The preferred rate is 19%, only20% after Nippon.

At the same time, because the coating effect requires construction coordination, the company integrates products and construction integration. By analyzing demand-customizing cost-effective products-formulating standardized service processes-the needs of developers based on the region and level of service size scale, customer satisfaction is high.

Revenue for the first half of 2019 was 10.

4 trillion, a growth rate of 65.

2%, continued acceleration, driving the company’s overall size to grow rapidly, and for a longer period of time to better implement high-quality services and increase brand promotion, forming a virtuous circle of strong and strong.

The encrypted coverage of outlets + prominent product features + continuous advertising and publicity + high-quality “live now” services have steadily improved the retail market.

The company adopted the strategy of surrounding the city by the countryside and gradually penetrated into the first- and second-tier cities. Currently, there are more than 15,000 offline sales outlets. Except Beijing and Shanghai, the number of stores in each city is ahead of the number of Nippon stores.

At the same time, the company’s products highlight the characteristics of “green, healthy, environmentally friendly”, net taste, and formaldehyde.

And through continuous advertising and high-quality “live immediately” services to continue to strengthen consumer influence, home improvement wall paint business achieved a steady market share increase.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers will grow at a compound growth rate of 46% in 2019-2021.


Considering the company’s increasing competitiveness and high growth rate, it can enjoy a certain estimated premium, giving the company 27 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 77.

5 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

Broadcom Integration (603068) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Q3 High Growth ETC Welcomes Explosive Explosion

Broadcom Integration (603068) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Q3 High Growth ETC Welcomes 深圳桑拿网 Explosive Explosion

Broadcom Integration is one of the leading domestic wireless communication chip manufacturers. It has benefited from the explosive growth of chip insertion driven by ETC policy in the short term, and its performance has been substantially realized in the second half of the year.To carry out research and development of Beidou positioning chip, rich in categories and high risk resistance.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

The revenue in Q3 2019 increased significantly, and the performance exceeded the consensus forecast in the wind direction, in line with our expectations.

The company’s 2019Q3 operating income4.

800 million, the former and the chain +291.

13% / + 176.

01%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

Ten percent of 09, previously +430.

51% / + 181.


Operating income for the first three quarters of 20197.

8 ‰, +113 a year.

66%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

64 ppm, +123 a year.

59%, in line with our democratic expectations, we maintain a high net profit.

Forecast of about 800 million (the wind is consistent with the expected maximum net profit of 3.

800 million).

Revenue growth and growth lead the completion of this task for the national ETC issue.

18%, driving demand for ETC chips and related Bluetooth chips.

2019Q3 gross profit margin 36.

61%, previous / mom +0 respectively.

77pct / + 1.


Net margin for the third quarter of 201922.

66%, previous / mom +5 respectively.

95 pieces / 0.

46 points.

2019Q3 sales / management / finance / R & D expense ratio increased by +0 respectively.

26pct / + 0.

40 points / + 4.

65% /-9.

91pcts, cost control is good.

Policy-driven penetration accelerated, and ETC chips catered to explosive growth.

Since 2007, the company has followed the national standards of ETC, and the layout has ushered in explosive growth opportunities for many years.

In May 2019, the General Office of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Transport issued documents requesting that by the end of 2019, the national automotive ETC installation rate reach more than 80%, and the number of ETC users exceeds 1.

8 billion.

As of October 9, 2019, the total number of ETC users nationwide reached 1.

4.3 billion, the total long-term issuance is 1.9.1 billion units.

It is predicted that the company’s ETC chip market share will be about 70%. Considering the related Bluetooth chip supporting layout, based on the average price of 10 yuan, this business’s Q4 contribution will contribute about 3.

3 trillion incremental income.

Maintain the advantages of the technology platform and diversified and stable downstream development.

The company is one of the leading domestic wireless communication chip manufacturers. About 40% of its revenue comes from Bluetooth audio chips, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc. The company actively develops new generation Bluetooth / WiFi chips to promote the growth of the wireless audio market; actively expands automotive ETC, BeidouPositioning, smart home entrance and other emerging application areas, a variety of diversified business risks, the overall stable development.

The company continues to carry out R & D and process upgrades, with R & D staff accounting for 80%. Currently, it is actively expanding R & D of 40nm and 28nm processes. It is expected to further improve profitability and drive long-term performance growth.

Risk factors: product research and development risks, increased competition in the industry, brain drain risks, customer cooperation risks, etc.

Investment suggestion: The company’s ETC chip business benefits from the favorable policies and is expected to achieve explosive growth in 2019 and 2020. Bluetooth audio, which is vigorously developed in the medium and long term, is expected to maintain a high growth rate and a steady increase in gross profit margin.

As the third quarterly report shows that the company’s revenue has grown rapidly and the gross profit margin has been limited, we slightly adjust the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/2020/2021 to 2.



75 yuan (previous forecast 2).



75 yuan), considering the medium and long-term good prospects of the main business to maintain a “buy” rating.

Hexing Packaging (002228): Volume and Price Rise, Promote Growth and Profits Continue to Repair

Hexing Packaging (002228): Volume and Price Rise, Promote Growth and Profits Continue to Repair

The scope of consolidation has changed, and the net profit attributable to mothers increased by 64 in 2018 after the statement was restated.

49% of the total packaging released the annual report. According to the requirements of accounting standards, the company changed the scope of the merger and acquisition fund at the time of initial establishment to the 2016/2017 financial statements for restatement, which resulted in mergers and acquisitions in 20182.

96 trillion non-operating income restatement adjusted to 2016.

After restatement, the company realized operating income of 121 in 2018.

660,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.

08%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

33 ppm, a 64-year increase of 64.

49%, net profit after deduction is slightly lower than our expectation.

In terms of quarters, the company’s 18Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 single-quarter revenue was 北京桑拿洗浴保健 26.




300,000 yuan, the net profit attributable to the mother in each quarter is 0.




5.1 billion.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 0 in 2018-2020.

32, 0.

41, 0.

46 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Based on the division of labor, the largest increase in net operating cash flow, driven by rising volume and price, the company’s packaging manufacturing business achieved revenue of 93.

27 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

54%, due to the upward impact of raw material prices, the gross profit margin fell slightly.

1 point to 15.

0%; the company’s supply chain business realized revenue in 201828.

40 ‰, 150% increase in ten years, the gross profit margin increased by 1.

68 points to 4.


In 2018, due to the company’s expansion of centralized 西安耍耍网 procurement scale and increase in bill settlement, customers’ repayments were better affected, and net operating cash flow turned to 5.

5.8 billion; Account receivable turnover rate in 2018 was 4.

60 increased to 4.


The price of raw materials and waste paper dropped downward, which is beneficial to the recovery of packaging business. In 2018, the company actively expanded new customers while increasing its penetration rate among existing customers, and the sales volume of packaging manufacturing business increased.

97%; In terms of price, under the background of stricter foreign waste import policies and the continuous increase in the prices of major raw materials and waste paper in the first three quarters of 18, the company eliminated costs downstream in a timely manner through price increases.
According to Wind data, since 2019, the average price of domestic waste yellow board has been ranked 14th compared to the average annual price of 2018.

4%, the decline in the price of raw materials will help the company’s packaging business gross margin to further repair.

The merger and acquisition of Hezhong Chuangya, the synergy effect can be expected, the supply chain service business is maturing. In the first half of 2018, the company completed the acquisition of 100% shares of Hezhong Chuangya (Asia). After the acquisition, the company will be in the Yangtze River Delta, the western region, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.Supply capacity has been strengthened, and regional capacity gaps in Liaoshen Shen, Hohhot and other regions have been corrected; how, the merger of Hezhong Chuangya helps to enrich the company’s customer structure and enhance the company’s comprehensive strength in the packaging field.After two years of operation, the company’s supply chain cloud platform has gradually matured. As of the end of 2018, the company’s industrial chain operation business cooperation number reached more than 1,300 customers, with a transaction value of over 2.8 billion U.S. dollars.The supply chain service business is expected to maintain a high growth rate.

The profit is expected to continue to be repaired. Maintaining the “overweight” rating of the raw material price center will help the company’s profit repair. Considering the weak downstream demand for packaging, we slightly lower our profit forecast.
Net profit attributable to mothers in 2021.

7, 4.

7, 5.

3 ppm (2019?
It will be 4 before 2020.

8, 5.

7 ‰), the corresponding EPS is 0.

32, 0.

41, 0.

46 yuan.

With reference to the average PE of 18 times in 2019 for a comparable company, taking into account the company’s leading advantage level, give the company 19 in 2019?
20 times PE estimate, corresponding to the target price of 6.


40 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk reminder: the risk of raw material price fluctuations, downstream demand is less than expected.

In the beginning of the year and month, the internal investment of more than 1.700 billion will escort the market liquidity before the Spring Festival.

In the beginning of the year and month, the internal investment of more than 1.700 billion will escort the market liquidity before the Spring Festival.

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Securities Daily host Liu Sihui: The extension of the Spring Festival, the market liquidity supply action frequently.

Today, the newspaper interviewed experts and scholars for in-depth interpretations of targeted open market operations for three consecutive days, the capital of Beijing and the balance of financing and financing both breaking through the trillion-dollar mark, and the phenomenon of bank deposits before the Spring Festival.

  Our reporter Liu Qi has gradually launched into the market in recent days.

On January 17, the budget carried out a 14-day reverse repurchase of US $ 200 billion in the form of interest rate bidding, with a winning bid rate of 2.


On January 15 and January 16, respectively, a 300-megabyte medium-term lending facility (MLF) operation was implemented with a 14-day reverse repo that overlapped $ 100 billion and a 14-day reverse repurchase of $ 300 billion.

Regarding the three consecutive days of open market operations, the transition has stated that in order to hedge the impact of peak cash injections (Jin Qilin analysts), government bond issuance and payment and other factors, to maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity of the banking system before the Spring Festival.

  And on January 6, this year, the first time the 2020 threshold was dropped-the same day the transition cut the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions to 0.

5 budgets, releasing more than 800 billion yuan of long-term funds.

That is to say, this month has gradually invested more than 1.700 billion yuan.

  ”Gradually expand the liquidity of the open market and keep the market capital in a reasonable and sufficient state, and change the wholesale financing costs of commercial banks in the open market.

On January 6th, the RRR cut was released to release more than 800 billion US dollars of long-term funds, which can save about 15 billion yuan for commercial banks.

“Oriental Jincheng chief macro analyst Wang Qing told the Securities Daily reporter.

  From the perspective of the disturbance of the capital in January, the total maturity of new government bonds, local bonds, extended bills, interbank certificates of deposit and directional instruments issued from New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival is 1.

2 trillion yuan.

The chief analyst of CITIC Securities’ solid income has clearly stated that since 2020, local bonds have continued to issue the initial characteristics. Until January 15, the scale of local government debt issuance plans announced in January reached $ 785 billion, far exceeding less than 4,200 in 2019The issuance of 100 million U.S. dollars aggravated the tightness of liquidity before the Spring Festival.

It is expected that the issuance of local government bonds will still accelerate after the Spring Festival, and it is still necessary to gradually provide liquidity support.

  With continuous launch at the beginning of the year, short-term liquidity is protected.

From the perspective of Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate (Shibor), on January 17, the short-term Shibor generally declined.

Among them, Shibor went down 8 overnight.

7 BP to 2.

522%, Shibor down 2 for 7 days.

3 BP to 2.

64%, Shibor down 2 in 14 days.

6 BP to 2.


Judging from the pledged repo market, the short-term liquidity indicator DR007 also dropped.

“Securities Daily” reporter from Oriental Fortune Choice query data shows that the expected average interest rates on January 15 and January 16 were 2 respectively.

7867%, 2.


As of January 17, as of 15:15, data from the National Interbank Funding Center showed that DR007’s average interest rate was 2.


  From the perspective of follow-up funds, on 杭州桑拿 January 23, there will be 257.5 billion US dollars of targeted medium-term lending facilities (TMLF) due.

Obviously, under the advantage of the TMLF interest rate, major banks still have continuation momentum, and based on the loans of small and micro enterprises and private enterprises in the previous quarter of relevant financial institutions and combined with their needs to determine the amount of TMLF operations in the first quarter of 2020, do not excludeTMLF will be based on the possibility of a new quantity based on the sequel.

Since 2017, the inclusive financial policy has been implemented on January 25 (before the Spring Festival) for two consecutive years. However, as there is no tax payment point before the Chinese New Year, the inclusive financial policy will be implemented before the Chinese New Year.The probability 杭州桑拿 is reasonable and it is expected to land in February.

Huaneng International (600011): Profit stabilizes and picks up; thermal power leader reappears 峥嵘

Huaneng International (600011): Profit stabilizes and picks up; thermal power leader reappears 峥嵘

The national thermal power listed in the three places, the performance stabilized and rebounded. The company is a national thermal power leader. As of the end of 2019, the company’s controllable installed power generation capacity reached 1.

07 billion kilowatts, coal power installed capacity accounted for about 83%.

The company’s revenue structure is dominated by thermal power. In 2019, due to the continued decline in coal prices and the reduction in tax rates, the thermal power sector has released conduction elasticity. We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers55.

700 million, the performance has stabilized and rebounded, and the trend of continued improvement is very obvious.

In 2019, the company’s units in Shandong, Guangdong and other places were affected by factors such as the increase in the amount of electricity sent by the UHV and the decline in regional power demand, and the generation capacity significantly shifted.

Considering that the demand for electricity in East China and South China is expected to stabilize and rebound, and the increase in UHV transmission power is limited, we believe that the unit’s power generation in the relevant areas of the company is expected to increase steadily in 2020.

  The expected drop in coal prices will have an impact on the decline in electricity prices, and the company’s profit forecast is expected to continue to improve. We expect the thermal power comprehensive electricity discount range to be zero.


Around 75 cents, the risk of a significant price reduction is relatively controllable.

Considering the continued loosening of the coal supply and demand pattern, we judge that the coal price hub will further return to the green range of 500-570 yuan / ton in 2020, and the average coal price (the Qingang 5500 kcal power end coal caliber) is expected to fall to 540 yuanThe price of coal per ton will fall by about 50 yuan per ton per year in 2019. The decline in coal prices can completely hedge the risk of falling electricity prices.

Under the assumption of a 5% electricity consumption growth rate in 2020, we estimate that the expected utilization of thermal power will increase by 56 hours, and the supply and demand layout is expected to improve slightly.

Singapore Tuas Energy may maintain a slight expansion. The company is expected to fully benefit from the improvement of the main thermal power industry and promote continued improvement 重庆耍耍网 in profitability.

  Investment income has increased steadily, asset impairment expectations have narrowed, and the coal price hub has steadily declined. The profitability of coal-fired power units has attempted to stabilize and rebound, thereby increasing the company’s long-term equity investment income and increasing the company’s performance.

  From the perspective of the company’s asset impairment structure, the internal asset impairment loss is based on the impairment of fixed assets and the nature of construction in progress. Considering that the company currently has a relatively small number of old units, new units are mainly based on new energy.The progress is relatively controllable, and we judge that the company’s asset impairment losses are expected to narrow.

  Earnings certainty rebound combined with high dividends, giving a buy rating to the current company’s expected conversion in 20194.

5%, a higher level of A shares.

Taking into account that the company’s capital expenditure is expected to increase further in the future, and profitability will still try to steadily rise, we expect the company’s high proportion of dividends is expected to continue, and the underestimation of high yields highlights the investment value.

Considering that the decline in coal prices can fully hedge the risk of falling electricity prices, the company’s thermal power utilization hours are still improving slightly, we judge that the company’s performance in 2020 will still maintain a steady growth. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother from 2019 to 2021 will be 55.

68, 64.

61 and 83.

$ 6.3 billion, covering for the first time, giving a “buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: the regional utilization hours reduce the risk, the price of electricity drops significantly, and the price of coal rises sharply.

Yoga fitness can make your life more “sexual blessing” _3

Yoga fitness can make your life more “sexually blessed”

Guide: Yoga fitness exercise can make your life more “sexual blessing” yoga, there are spiritual yoga, action yoga, etc. If couples are engaged in sexual life, with the action of yoga can not only enhance the love tide of two people, but also play a fitnessGood effect.
  Close your eyes and experience how to control your body in soothing music.
If you can do the same in sexual life, you can awaken the body’s ability to feel sex and experience more and more wonderful sexual pleasure.
World-renowned personal trainer Martin Feffer pointed out that practicing yoga can make your body flexible enough and have enough strength to better fit with the other side of sex!
  In India, the birthplace of yoga, an annual national sex survey report shows that most Indians use yoga in their sexual lives.
And some yoga exercises, such as beam angle (the feet are opposite to each other, bend the knees, use both hands to pull the heels of the feet close to the thigh roots), split-leg forward bending (the legs are separated as far as possible, the upper body leans forward, and the hands are as forward as possibleExtension) to enhance blood circulation at the hips and pelvis.
In yoga, there are also some exercises that work on the perineum. For example, after inhaling or exhaling, hold your breath and gently contract the anus and perineum.
  The yoga master pointed out that this is very similar to the only sex exercise written in textbooks in the sex science-anal levitation exercise. By repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles of the perineum and anus, the purpose of training the “sexual muscles” of the toes and tailbone is improved.Female vaginal relaxation and increasing male erection time can play a role.
  Tips: The abdominal breathing practice in yoga allows people to slowly learn a deep and slow way of breathing. This tranquility and smoothness can play a role in promoting mental concentration and let people get rid of the tension and irritability in sexual life.Realizing the orgasm of sex helps a lot.

Improper dry sister 6 moisturizing sprays help_1

Improper “dry sister” 6 moisturizing sprays help

资生堂SHISEIDO水活焕妍舒缓喷雾  滋润程度 ★★★★  用后感想:个人不是很喜欢这款产品,使用过几次,但是喷上去时会有黏黏的感觉,皮肤也感觉有些油腻,特别推荐To “dry sisters”, it can quickly help the skin get rid of tiredness and dryness, and quickly restore bright and moisturizing to reach the moisture balance.
It has a good astringent effect on the pores. After using it for a period of time, the skin will obviously feel more delicate and whiter.
  Editor’s comment: It can replenish skin moisture at any time and quickly relieve hot and stressed skin, help skin to get rid of tiredness and dryness, quickly restore brightness and moisture to achieve moisture balance.
It is cool and gentle to use.
Suitable for dry skin.
Convenient to carry, suitable for people who often go out.
  Shuizhi’ao H2O Eight-Cup Water Series Ocean Moisturizing and Firming Spray Moisturizing ★★★ Feelings after use: I usually face the computer in the office all day, turn on the air conditioner, my face is particularly dry.
I want to buy a spray that can replenish water at any time, but after spraying some of the spray, the water on the face will evaporate, and the face will become drier and even a little painful.
But this spray does not dry out due to evaporation, which means that it contains moisturizing ingredients, which is good.
  Editor’s comment: Quickly penetrate water and nutrients to maintain skin nourishment balance.
Soothes and repairs damaged skin cells, restores tired, dry skin and restores its radiance, leaving it as young as new.
Gently spray on the makeup, it can make the makeup more close and beautiful.
Suitable for anyone of any skin type.
  Herborist Moisturizing Long-lasting Spray Moisturizing Index ★★★★ 感 After using it, I feel: I haven’t used a moisturizing spray very much. This spray is quite comfortable.
The overall feeling is relatively mild, and it can be absorbed by the skin quickly. After use, the skin feels smooth, and the nozzle design is reasonable and easy to use.
In addition, this spray is tasteless and feels pretty good.
  Editor’s comment: The unique formula containing natural extracts such as mulberry skin and natural mineral water is refreshing and soothing, and stimulates the skin’s own moisturizing and balancing function.
At the same time, the skin is replenished with moisture, and the water-locking factors penetrate quickly to form a protective film, which keeps the skin moisturized and smooth at all times.
  Yiquan URIAGE Revitalizing Spray Moisturizing Index ★★★★ 感 Feel after use: The mineral content is really high. The most important thing is its isotonicity. It doesn’t need to be dried and it is very convenient.
The nozzle is particularly good, and the water mist is very fine.
The water mist is very dense, and it really is called a mist. The spray range is more suitable.
The moisturizing effect is really good, it is the best in the spray I have used.
  Editor’s comment: The natural Yiquan isotonic hot spring water spray is rich in minerals and trace elements at 11,000 mg / l. The content of silicon, calcium, manganese, zinc, and sodium is particularly rich.
Can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin tolerance, protect skin from external stimuli.
Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
  蝶翠诗DHC补湿喷雾化妆水  滋润指数 ★★★★   用后感想:身处空调环境的办公室中,不知不觉中,肌肤变地得越来越干燥,到最后只想着怎么给它“”Add water” and “spray” naturally became the first weapon.
I have always been in love with DHC, and the spray is no exception. Just a light spray at any time and anywhere can eliminate dryness and maintain supple skin.
  Editor’s comment: A spray-type lotion with herbal extracts can be sprayed lightly on any skin when it feels tight or dry, and the fine mist immediately gives dry skin moisture, effectively tightening the skin.
It can be used as a lotion in the office to prevent dryness or before applying a mask. It is also suitable for travel and to prevent skin problems at any time.
  Clinique倩碧水嫩保湿喷雾   滋润指数 ★★★   用后感想:放在办公室用用不错,迅速补水,而且是雾状的,对于长期呆在空调房里的jms用很好哦,携带方便,当皮肤When you need it, you can replenish water anytime, anywhere to clean your skin.
And it has a soothing and soothing effect on the skin. It can be used with cotton pads and homemade masks, which can alleviate skin pressure for a day, is very moisturizing, and the effect is very good!
  Editor’s comment: It can quickly and easily inject a large amount of moisture into the skin, relieve skin thirst, restore moisture balance, and strengthen the skin with a bio-active moisturizing compound formula.
Suitable for all skin types, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and the skin feels smooth and tender after use.

Watch out for adolescent social fear

Watch out for adolescent social fear

A fifteen-six-year-old high school student did not dare to face the teacher and teacher’s mask. If she encountered a classmate, she had to take turns on the stage to avoid it.

The highest on the stage, in her words: “You might as well kill me.

“A survey of the mental health of middle school students shows that the psychological problems of middle school students are currently worsening, of which girls and high school students have obvious psychological problems.

This suggests that schools should pay attention to strengthening mental health education, early detection of symptoms and intervention measures.

  The host of the survey, Dr. Tang Yilang of Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, told reporters that what led them to carry out this survey was both due to the decrease in the psychological problems of the middle school student population in related studies and because they were usually in hospitals.Hearing and seeing implanted middle school students’ mental health problems during the consultation.

  Referring to the female high school student who was afraid to step on the stage, Dr. Tang said that this kind of social fear is very common and it can develop into social phobia.

During middle school, a person’s physiology and psychology must undergo drastic changes. If they encounter psychological problems at this stage and do not solve them well, they may affect a series of socialization processes such as further education, job search, employment, marriage, etc.

  According to the reporter, a few years ago, a psychiatrist could see one or two typical patients with social phobia. Now, this disease is a common disease in mental health clinics and can be seen almost every day.
  Dr. Tang introduced that people suffering from social phobia, speaking to unfamiliar people, often have significant and persistent fears or fears when they watch sports or interact with the opposite sex, fearing that they will face a realmOr shame.
Or, once exposed to a similar environment, you always feel nervous, worried, and knowing that it is not necessary but cannot be eliminated.

Patients generally avoid the environment they fear. Unless they persist, they are also very distressed. They often experience anticipatory anxiety and physical symptoms such as sweating, red ears, and transplantation symptoms.

  Dr. Tang said that social phobia and social phobia are two different things. Many people have experienced phobia before, indicating that they initiated a survey of the status of social phobia among 1,337 middle school students in a middle school in Beijing, and 67.5% of students saidI have occasionally experienced social fear, and students who often feel this way (more than three times a week) account for 10.7%, but they are not considered to be sick, and maybe their condition will naturally improve after a while.

Only 1.4% were highly suspected of being social phobias.

  There are many factors related to social phobia and they are very complicated.

Dr. Tang said that some people are born with introverts.

Such children are often praised as obedient by adults when they are young.

And those girls who love to talk and don’t recognize birth are sometimes refused to be blamed for not being girls.

If introverted children do not pay attention to adjusting their mental state during puberty, many people will be more afraid of interacting with others and will develop into social phobia.

Some patients have poor relations with their parents.

Parents’ excessive protection or constant accusations can easily reduce the child’s self-evaluation, which can cause social fear.

In this survey, they also found some types of problems. Students did not experience the warmth of the family, but lived in the accusations of their parents all day, which is very bad for adolescent students.

In addition, the lack of physical activity has also been suggested to cause psychological problems.

  Dr. Tang and many military mental health research doctors believe that early intervention for middle school students’ psychological problems is very effective and necessary.

The problem now is that many people in the society are unwilling to admit that they or their loved ones have psychological problems, especially they are not willing to go to the psychiatric department of the hospital to see a psychological clinic.

In fact, after the development of psychological problems to a certain degree, it is mental illness, and early and correct diagnosis and treatment can effectively prevent its malignant development.

Rose medicated

Rose medicated

Erhua eustoma tea: 3 grams each of rose, rose flowers, green tea, 6 grams each of eustoma and mandrill meat, a total of fine, after brewing in boiling water for 10 minutes, it will be shortened freely, one dose per day.

This meal treats plum qi due to qi stagnation and blood stasis.

  Erhua menstrual tea: 9 grams each of rose, rose flowers, 3 grams of black tea, a total of coarse, brewed with boiling water, covered with 10 minutes, you can replace.

1 dose daily, best taken a few days before menstruation.

This meal treats dysmenorrhea caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, amenorrhea, or faint menstruation and blood clots.

   Rose porridge: Use glutinous rice to make porridge. After the porridge is cooked, add an appropriate amount of rose buds. When the porridge becomes pink, you can eat it.

Regularly eating rose porridge can be pleasing and beautiful, make the skin more delicate and firm, and even treat stomach pain caused by qi depression. It has a calming, soothing and anti-depression effect on the mood.

  Rose pharmacological study Rose contains about 0 volatile oil.

03%; mainly contains citronellol, up to 60%.

Rose is a high-grade cosmetic raw material. 1,000 grams of rose oil is worth 1520 grams of gold.

The fragrance of the rose flower after distillation is rose dew. The rose dew is sweet and delicious.