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12 ways to bring in plenty of milk

12 ways to bring in plenty of milk

Postpartum milking is a distressing problem encountered by many new mothers. Many times the lack of milk is caused by the negligence of the mother. At this time, the baby can only rely on baby milk to “maintain a livelihood.”

How can I make the postpartum mother rich in milk and enough for her baby to eat every day?

Is there any good way to start milk?

Here are twelve ways to start breastfeeding.

  1. Self-confidence is the cornerstone of success. A mother’s self-confidence in her ability to replace breast milk will be the basic guarantee for the success of breast milk replacement.

Absolutely the shape and size of women’s breasts can make enough milk to bring rich nutrition to the baby.

  2, pay attention to “food” effect novice mommy properly maintain the good habit of drinking milk daily, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

In short, eating “good” is not the so-called Dabu. The traditional aunt Gao in pig trotter, chicken soup, and catfish soup will insert the mammary gland at the same time, which is not conducive to breast milk secretion and will make mommy gain weight.Helps you to have enough milk, but also repair your vitality and nutritional balance without gaining weight. This is the confinement effect that novice mommy hopes to achieve.

  3. Both breasts should be fed. If only one breast is fed at a time, the breasts will be less stimulated and naturally lactate less.

Let your baby suck on each side of the breast.

Some babies eat a small amount of milk, and it is enough to eat milk from one breast. At this time, it is not necessary to use a breast pump to suck up the thinner milk in the front, so that the baby can eat a thicker, more nutritious milk.

  4. The more milk you suck from your mother, the more you suck your baby; the baby’s sucking power can absorb the baby’s mouth to massage the areola.

The more you feed, the more milk is secreted.

  5. The mother who sucks up the breast should make more contact with the baby’s skin. The sucking of the nipple by the child is a good stimulation of breast milk secretion.

Allow your baby to fully evacuate the breast after each breastfeeding, which is conducive to the reproduction of milk.

  6. Maintaining a good mood The adequacy of breast milk is very closely related to the psychological factors and emotions of the new mother.

Therefore, the mother must be impatient and impatient in all circumstances, and face everything in life with a calm and happy attitude.

  7, hydration breastfeeding mothers often feel thirsty while breastfeeding, this is a normal phenomenon.

Mothers should pay attention to add water when breastfeeding, or drink more soy milk, almond powder tea (this side is recommended by the International Breast Milk Association), fruit juice, original vegetable soup and so on.

A moderate amount of water is sufficient, so that the supply of milk is both redundant and nutritious.

  8. Get enough rest at night because you have to get up and breastfeed several times, and you can’t sleep well at night.

A lack of sleep is of course expected to reduce the amount of milk.

Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to taking time to rest. During the day, you can ask your husband or family to take care of the baby and take a nap.

Also learn how to breastfeed at night without affecting your sleep.

  9, massage stimulation breast massage can stimulate the breast to secrete milk, the mother with a clean towel dipped in warm water, wipe from the center of the nipple in the direction of the areola in a circular wipe, each 15 minutes each, at the same time with the following massage methods: ring massage handsMassage the entire breast in a circular direction on the top and bottom of the breast. Spiral massage with one hand to support the breast. Spiral massage with the index finger and middle finger in the spiral direction to the nipple. Shiatsu massage with both hands open and trimmed. Squeeze from the breast to the nipple.

  10, to avoid nipple injury If the mother’s nipple is injured, peeling, cleft or bleeding and cause inflammation, it will affect milk secretion.

In order to avoid nipple injury, it is recommended that mothers adopt the correct feeding position and control the unilateral sucking time, otherwise it is easy to be injured repeatedly.

  11. Original vegetable soup Original vegetable soup is a kind of soup made from various vegetables, mainly rhizomes, flowers and fruits, without any seasoning. The taste is fragrant, and you can drink it as tea. Drinking on the day after the delivery (the next day after cesarean section) has an excellent milk effect.

Make sure you don’t drink more than twice a day.

  Ingredients: soybean sprouts, broccoli, green pepper (green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper lake), purple cabbage, loofah, edamame, zucchini, celery, you can choose more than 4 kinds at a time.

  Production: Put all kinds of vegetables in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then add the soup after boiling.

  12, peanut lotus root soup ingredients: 250g lotus root, 100g peanuts, red dates 10.

  Production: 1. Wash the lotus root section and cut into small pieces; wash the peanuts and red dates (coreless).

  2. Put all the ingredients together in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it for 3 hours.

  3. Add the right amount of seasoning.

Summer nourishing dishes to help your spleen and stomach health

Summer nourishing dishes to help your spleen and stomach health

Summer is here, and the appetite of many people gradually decreases with the high temperature, and they always like to eat cold and irritating foods, and their stomachs are often eaten as a result.

Experts recommend that you nourish your stomach in summer. Try red-sweet potatoes, yellow-pumpkins, and green-cabbage. These three vegetables with the same color as the traffic lights are the best stomach-raising dishes.

  Sweet potatoes can nourish the stomach.

Sweet potato itself nourishes the stomach, and its potential supplementary fiber can digest food and increase appetite.

But sweet potatoes can promote gastric acid secretion, so usually too much stomach acid, often feel acid reflux, heartburn people should not eat.

Usually eat sweet potato porridge, steamed sweet potatoes are good choices.

It is best not to eat the roasted sweet potatoes on the roadside stalls, which are easy to paste and hygienic conditions cannot be guaranteed.

  Pumpkin is soft and easy to absorb.

Many people like to eat pumpkin very much, especially the elderly and children especially like this pumpkin which looks like Huang Chengcheng and eats soft and waxy.

Pumpkin has a good stomach nourishing effect. Its supplementary supplement, pectin can protect the gastric lesions and irritation. The expected fiber contained in it is very soft and easy to absorb.

Pumpkin porridge, stir-fried pumpkin, and steamed pumpkin are common stomach foods on many family tables.

People with high blood sugar can choose to eat steamed pumpkin, and one piece per meal is just right.

  Cabbage protects the gastric mucosa.

Cabbage is known as a natural “stomach dish”. Shengjinzhike helps digestion, can promote gastric secretion, and protect the gastric mucosa.

People with a bad stomach, especially those who inject gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, can put cabbage juice in one cup a day, and add a small amount of honey to eat, which is very helpful to promote ulcer healing.

  In addition, experts said that the stomach is the most afraid of cold, and you can usually do some soothing exercises such as tai chi, walking, jogging, etc. These exercises can promote blood circulation and keep the whole body in a warm state, which is good for nourishing the stomach.