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Five Breast Recipes for Healthy Breasts

Five Breast Recipes for Healthy Breasts

Ladies should eat more foods that are good for breast health. Xiaobian recommends five beautiful breast recipes to teach you to create the most beautiful healthy breasts.

  Effect of papaya milk juice: The high protein of milk is a necessity for breast enhancement, and the effect of papaya is needless to say.

  Ingredients: papaya, high-calcium fresh milk, water Practice: 1. Wash the papaya, peel and cut into small pieces after seeding.

  2. Make papaya pieces, fresh milk and some water together into juice, if necessary, put some sugar.

  3. In order to keep fresh, it is recommended to deliver immediately.

  The effect of Jianjian tea: The taste of deer gum and turtle gum in traditional Chinese medicine is not good, but it is a good helper for breast enhancement.

  Ingredients: deer gum, turtle gum, brown sugar, water Practice: 1, boil deer gum, turtle gum and a cup of water together for about 20 minutes.

  2. Finally, add brown sugar and stir evenly.

  Effect of longan red jujube soup: red jujube is very helpful for promoting blood circulation and smoothing the breast, and it has excellent blood and nourishing effect with longan!

  Ingredients: red dates, longan, water method: 1, after the water is boiled, it becomes a small fire.

  2. Put the longan in boiling water and cook for 20 minutes, add red dates, and simmer for 20 minutes.

  Effects of walnut tofu: walnuts, cashews, sesame, etc. all have the effect of breast enhancement, and walnuts can also supplement the brain, try it.

  Ingredients: walnut kernel, tofu, broth. Practice: 1. Fry walnuts and sesame seeds with low heat and crush.

  2. Diced tofu and add broth for 15 minutes.

  3, finally, tofu, sprinkle with walnuts, sesame seeds.

  Peanut braised trotter effect: Peanut has the effect of keeping breasts unobstructed, and trotters contain a lot of gum ingredients, which can make it stronger and more flexible.

  Ingredients: trotters, peanuts, ginseng, salt, monosodium glutamate. Method: 1. Cut the cleaned trotters into pieces, cook them with boiling water for a while, and remove them after they are born.

  2. After the peanuts are washed, put them in a pot with 2 slices of ginseng and trotters, add water or broth, and simmer for 90 minutes.

  3, add a small amount of salt, MSG can be eaten after seasoning.

Ten tips to get you right

Ten tips to get you right


Step by step, within your means.

This is the basic principle to be observed in fitness exercises.

The weight of the test should not exceed its own capacity.

Especially after interrupted training, when you restart training, you cannot rush to increase the exercise load (including weight, intensity, density, time), nor should you use the previous training weight. There must be a recovery phase to gradually adapt your body.


Action specification.

Irregular movements can cause unexpected injuries to joints, muscles, and ligaments.

For example, when doing a supine bird, the volume drops too low, beyond the joint’s tolerance range, and the active muscles control the weight loss, which will cause shoulder or elbow injuries or ligament strains.

For another example, when practicing barbell squats, if the chest and waist are included, it will not only affect the training quality, but also cause lumbar spine injury.

Therefore, exercise norms are an important factor in preventing sports injuries.


Decrease exercise or stop exercising when in poor condition.

There are peak periods and trough periods of the human body’s motor function. When the physical condition is not good, the amount of exercise should be reduced, or rest for a day or two for adjustment.

Do not force it, as injuries are often caused by discomfort when in poor condition.


Change your fitness style or place when you are down.

Changing the fitness mode or the fitness place when the mood is low can have a positive effect on mood regulation.

Taboo training with “whatever you want to do” and thoughtfulness in your heart.


Ask your partner or coach to protect you when you have a heavy load.

When carrying heavy loads or completing difficult and difficult movements, ask your fitness partner or coach to protect and help you to be prepared.


Focus on concentration and strengthen self-protection.

Attention can improve training quality and prevent accidental injuries.

When symptoms of physical discomfort (such as pain) occur during exercise, you should appropriately reduce the amount of exercise or stop exercising to strengthen self-protection.


Guaranteed rest.

After a workout, the body is overdrawn, and muscle cells are injured a lot. You need to rest to promote muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Rest includes adequate sleep and other recreational activities that are beneficial to your physical health.

Rest is not good, but it affects the recovery of the body, and it is easy to cause over training and sports injuries.


The scientific mix of training content is important.

Perhaps, for example, it is best to practice shoulder and back in the same lesson.

The initial benefit is that the shoulder muscles get a positive rest during the back training (the shoulder muscle group can better reduce relaxation).

  If you train your back first and then your shoulders, it will easily lead to contusion of the upper back muscles.

Another example, the thighs are best practiced the day before.

Because the lower back muscles participate in exerting force (supporting) during leg training (such as barbell squats), if the lower back has been trained the day before the leg is trained, the lower back muscles have limited ability to endure fatigue without fully recovering.When practicing legs, not only can not exert the potential of leg muscles, but also easily cause back injury.
If you practice your legs first, you can not only ensure the quality of your thighs, but also not affect your foot training.
  As another example, if aerobic training and anaerobic training are in the same class at the same time, it is best to perform anaerobic training and then aerobic training.

After aerobic training, muscle contraction and contraction ability decrease, and exercise ability declines. At this time, anaerobic strength training will feel inadequate, muscle control ability is poor, and sports injuries are prone to occur.

The priority training principle in fitness exercise is to focus on the advantages of good, first complete the training of difficult and large and thin parts, which can ensure the quality of training and prevent sports injuries.


Reasonable diet.

It is one of the important factors to promote rapid recovery of the body and eliminate muscle soreness.

Food mix should be balanced and diversified. Avoid partial food.

When sweating for a long time in summer, you should replenish a small amount of saline or sports drinks.

Attention should be paid to maintaining the acid-base balance of food, excessively high concentrations of protein and acidic substances increase, reducing alkali reserves, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

A reasonable ratio of plasma to protein is 7: 3.


Check sports equipment and wear different protective gear.

Checking the safety of the equipment is an important measure to prevent accidental injuries due to sports.

Then it is necessary to pay attention to sports clothing, wear protective gear such as waist, wrists, gloves, etc. in a timely manner.

In addition, it is also important to choose safe and effective items based on your physical condition, age, and gender.

Overcoming extreme stress

Overcoming extreme stress

Guan Yu, a hero of the Three Kingdoms era, passed five levels, cut six generals, went to the meeting with one shot, and flooded the Seven Army.

But his Achilles heel is his stubbornness and stubbornness.

When he was entrusted by Liu Beizhong to stay in Jingzhou, Sun Quan sent someone to propose to Guan Yu’s daughter for his son. Guan Yu was furious and hurt. He treated his relationship with his personal likes and dislikes. Regardless of the consequences, the Wushu alliance broke down.

Finally, he lost Maicheng and was captured.

If Guan Yu is a little bit more extreme and unconscious, then Wushu Alliance will probably not be damaged, and Jingzhou’s ownership may not be another situation.

  Extremism refers to people’s opinions, subordinates and so on.

Mostly in young people.

Personality and emotional extremes are an insignificant defect in life.

Personality and emotional extremes are a mental illness.

It arises from the extreme lack of knowledge, the ignorance of knowledge, the self-closing consciousness of society, the subjective idealism of thinking, and so on.

  Extremism is manifested in the following three areas:

Cognitive one-sided extreme people see issues with absolute, one-sided vision.

He always wears colored glasses, with partiality, stubbornness, and stubbornness. He ignores people’s good faith counsel and equal discussion.

The extreme person resents the sky, complains too much, and is always frustrated all day long, and he is not met, only asks what others have provided him, and does not ask what he has contributed to others.

Extreme people crowd friends, people make friends like “corresponding to the same voice, agree with each other”, they all like to make full-bodied and humble people, but the old one is better than the other, the opening will prevent the neck and others from raising bars, even if it is unreasonableStir three points, think, who would like to deal with him?

For example, some students think that they are all good when they take the exam once, and they are proud of themselves, and they are prone to pride.

And sometimes when the test is not ideal, he will be depressed to the bottom, and he thinks that he can do nothing.

  2.The emotional performance of emotional impulsive radicals is based on personal likes and dislikes and a whim, which is based on the discussion of people, lacks a rational attitude and objective standards, and is susceptible to suggestions and temptations.

If you feel good about someone, you think he is all right, knowing that it is wrong, it is a fault, and he is unwilling to admit it.

  3.Behavioral reckless extremes are manifested in reckless military action, regardless of consequences.

Middle school students often think that friendship is about morale.

When their friends are “deceived” by others, they often say nothing, and immediately stand up to help their friends fight, and act recklessly and recklessly as heroes.

There are two reasons for extreme psychology: 1.

Insufficient knowledge and experience, the development of dialectical thinking is not yet mature, and it is not good at seeing the problem in two places. It often catches one point and exaggerates or shrinks infinitely. It thinks that when you see the whole thing, it is easy to appear the distortion of partialityJudgment that leads to false evidence.


Middle school students are in adolescence, the endocrine function develops rapidly, and the excitability of the cerebral cortex and the subcortical center often increases or weakens rapidly, which leads to emotional fluctuations, and extreme cognition and impulsive behavior.