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20-year-old is not as healthy as 50-year-old without exercise

20-year-old is not as healthy as 50-year-old without exercise

Core tip: A 50-year-old can be as healthy as a 20-year-old who lacks exercise. Continuous exercise is important. If you exercise when you are young, but not continuous, it is not very effective.

  It is impossible for a 50-year-old to have a 20-year-old body, but it is possible for a 50-year-old to be as healthy as a 20-year-old who does not exercise.

Researchers at the KG Jebson Sports Medicine Center at the University of Technology in Trondheim, Norway believe that exercise is more important than age when it comes to physical fitness.

  The center announced the discovery at a press conference earlier this month. Dr. Ulrik Wisloff passed the North Trondelag County Health Research (HUNT)The data found that by increasing exercise intensity, people can reduce their metabolic syndrome, thereby reducing the risk of low type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

  Dr Stien Thoresen Aspenes, who studied the relationship between maximal oxygen uptake during physical exercise and the risk of cardiovascular disease, said: “Physical condition is the most important factor in describing an individual’s overall health, almost likeA transcript.

“By analyzing 4,631 data, scientists found that young people do not represent health. Those with little physical activity have the worst cardiovascular health and often have high blood pressure, hypertension and other problems.

Their researchers recalled the well-known Dallas bed rest and training study in 1965, when researchers invited five healthy 20-year-old men to lie in bed for three consecutive weeks, and found that their maximum oxygen uptake decreased by 27%.
Thirty years later, these people gained an average weight of 23 kilograms, doubling their body weight slightly, and their maximum oxygen uptake was only 11% lower than at the age of 20 (in ambulatory experiments).

  Experiments in Norway have further proved that 50-year-olds can be as healthy as 20-year-olds without exercise, so scientists have also found that the amount and intensity of exercise are key.

In terms of maximum oxygen uptake, exercise intensity is the most important.

Short-term exercises such as multiple sprints are more effective than at least the same degree of time. Therefore, the current intermittent exercise (interval training) is a fast way to improve physical fitness.

  People with low maximum oxygen uptake are more likely to have cardiovascular problems than those with high oxygen uptake.

Scientists also point out that continuous exercise is important. If you exercise when you are young, but not continuous, it is not very effective.

Dr. Wislov said: “You must maintain your exercise habits in order to gain health benefits as a result.

“A recent news breakthrough proves the point of view of scientists. At this week’s Canadian Marathon, 100-year-old Fauja Singh scored 8 hours 11 minutes 5.

9 seconds to complete 42.

The entire 2km race was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and became the first centenarian to complete a marathon.

The elderly Xin He revealed that his secret is to eat lightly, drink tea, eat toast and curry.

God spit: life is too mourning, why not punk?

God spit: life is too mourning, why not punk?

Some recent news, it is very strange – women chasing “Yan Wei Raiders” staying up late, applying three masks to hydrate one night.

I will not be able to tell whether this is a TV drama advertisement or a mask advertisement. I will check it later. This is the so-called punk health.

For example, there are news reports that a 22-year-old female college student in Chongqing does not sleep at 3 am, and she applies five masks to save her face during the day.

It’s the deepest night, the most masked. and punk.

The 27-year-old girl had higher blood lipids, so she changed the fried potato chips into fried mountain fried and fried kebabs into fried broccoli.

In order to lose weight, walk for 15 minutes to buy milk tea.

“Punk XX”, this little word is quite fresh, meaning: the pattern of death and sorrow and death.

Wait, isn’t this a trick to die?


The principle of renewal of contemporary young people – the conclusion is that drink the strongest wine and go to the best hospital for rescue.

There is also a bunch of derivative “punk XX”.

Don’t say that you are a Buddhist youth.

Are you getting more and more Buddha?

No, you are getting lost.

Life makes you see, what is difficult to live.

After all, you live in a world of billboards that run through the sky.

After the Yueqing Shun Windmill incident, Didi has already gone offline, and you think that you are sitting on the Didi Express, is the car safe?

You think DDT is dangerous and you can quickly uninstall it.

But what do you think you can use?

I have an accident. Cao Cao’s car is not worrying. The entire car market is in a mess. You think, what car to drive, drive!

When you think about it, what car is driving, ride a bike!

When you bite your teeth, what kind of car do you ride, walk!

Life is difficult.

As a woman, it is especially difficult.

The central media remind us all the year round: women don’t go out alone, women don’t wear short skirts to go out late at night, women don’t get drunk in gatherings outside, and so on.

Both are 8012 years old, still reminding women that this is not, then don’t you?

What we oppose is never to remind women.

It only reminds women, but does not remind those who hurt women!

In this society, they are not willing to let go of you.

Hungry, takeaway, surprises – there are surprises with horses on the trip – there are surprises with the trip – go to the movies to encounter metamorphosis – take a train to metamorphosis – sing a KTV encounter metamorphosis – renting a room with formaldehyde exceeding the standard – open the room is nervous -Let’s do it. Even if you don’t do it, you can’t help some people knock on the online keyboard – this is an era of capitalization.

You don’t stick the mask around the night, work overtime, there is no sadness or disappointment; you can’t meet the dragon brother on the road, the accident is there, don’t come or go; . your death is caused by anxiety about social insecurity.Incapable of controlling your own life.

Are you downgrading your consumption?

The news tells you that there is a lot of fakes.

Do you consume less?

The news tells you that counters routinely counterfeit luxury goods and are married?

Pay taxes, second child tax.

Are you not married?

Pay taxes, single tax.

. Life is not wanting your money, life is wanting your money and life.

Do you want to fall in love?

AIDS and other diseases are no longer prohibited from getting married, find out.

Do you want a divorce?

Divorce for a month of cooling off, find out.

Do you want to apply?

Professor of the Chinese People’s Public Security University said: The state should give women a three-year parenting period.

Do you want to fight for a career?

Professor of South China Normal University said: It is also a job to bring a good child at home. It is recommended that women take maternity leave for one year.

. It’s cool, let the Republic’s leeks turn yellow.

You live this life, the end of the natural Buddha.

You saw such a paragraph – the most devastating life is: Erqing is your wife, Yuan Chunwang is your pursuer, Ziling is your sister, Fan Shengmei her mother is your mother, Anjia and your husband.

This is the most perfect death, and you can’t survive if you die. You can do it except hahahahahahahahahaha?

It’s not safe to wear food, clothing, and food. Relatively, you can’t do anything about it.

Today, I saw the news of Exposure XX. You forwarded it to the circle of friends: Well, you are still alive.

Those of us who are mourning young people have already exhausted their efforts.

We can only continue to play games at night, and continue to watch the sand sculptures in the day, hahaha, eat takeaway, hold a mug, drink sputum, apply a mask, sip, rent a house, tell yourself: today is happy againA full day!

Unlimited treasure Daobao

Unlimited treasure Daobao

The Yellow River News Network Jincheng News is in the depths of the spectacular Taihang Mountains. Surrounded by mountains, there is a health blessing. This is the baby village of Shanhe Town Road in Zezhou County.

The green mountains and green waters are the distinctive features of Daobaohe Village. Starting from the characteristics, the characteristics will be changed, and the advantages will be stronger and bigger. This is a highlight of the village’s development of rural health tourism.

“It’s a rare place to be far from the city and away from the hustle and bustle.

Pan Changqin said that after retirement, he was bored at home, came here to breathe fresh air, and took some pictures of Taihang Mountain discovered by the Central Plains. His heart was really comfortable and full.

Every year in the Daobao River, summer, autumn weekends or holidays, visitors like Pan Changqin, stepping on the terraces of the Daobao River, the path of the Daobao River, the riverside of the Daobao River, the tourists are three or five.Take a group walk or walk alone, and take pictures of the beautiful natural scenery, the beautiful scenery, the leisure and shadow, and enjoy the beauty of nature in the play and entertainment.

Walking at the foot of the Daobao River and looking up at the peaks of the Taihang Mountains, you will sigh the wonders of nature. You may not guess the people living here, the rushing figure in the spring planting hope, summerThe hard work under the scorching sun, the joy of harvesting the harvest during the autumn harvest, and the leisure mood of winter.

When you step on the field road under the Taihang Mountain, measure the twists and turns of the small intestines. At this time, you will never feel the true feelings of these natives and the soil. They fight for one inch of land.

However, the 12-point enthusiasm of the ordinary people of the foreign guests, 12 points, even if they are tired again, they will not owe a person’s feelings.

There is a transitional river in the middle of Daobaohe Village, surrounded by Daobao River dwellings.

Every summer, the river flows along the curved river course and flows through the village. The men jump into the reservoir in the north of the village and enjoy the unique gifts of the Daobao people brought by nature.

The women’s sweat-soaked clothes were easily washed in the south of the reservoir. The children turned the river all the way, and the pockets were filled with crabs, mud, and small fish.

The Daobao River is rich in natural resources.

Spring is here, warm and cold.

The forsythia flower bloom of the goose yellow goose yellow is in the mountains and the wild, the pink peach blossoms are open to the public, the light green grass emerges from the earth, and the Yinchen everywhere, attracts people to scramble and then carefully adjust the housewife.The bowls of delicious and delicious specialties are full of praise.

On a hot summer day, there are mountains and greens. Some people are rushing over the mountains and mountains. There are farmers who pick up forsythia, women who dig leeks, and hawkers who pick papayas. Sometimes they are covered with clouds, thunder and lightning, and heavy rain.People are drenched like rain soup, rain with sweat, fatigue accompanied by happiness, people go back to the village together in groups of three, send fresh mountain goods to the hawkers waiting at the entrance of the village, put the cash into the pocket, and happily go home.
Autumn is coming, the red leaves are flooding, and the sky is high.

Harvest the crops, pick ripe apples, walnuts, and sell them in bags.

In the late autumn season, facing the rising sun of Dongsheng, everyone puts on the forks, picks up the baskets, brushes them to the persimmon tree like a monkey, and first comes a soft persimmon to taste the fresh, one fork and one fork.I took a bunch of bright red persimmons into the house, hanging on the wooden boards outside the hospital, and sharing the gifts to distant relatives and guests from afar.

In the winter, the bare mountains reveal his embarrassment.

Outside the village, the wind is raging, and the coldness is pressing. The Daobao River is a glimpse of the sun, the sun is shining, the warmth is like spring, and the leisure farmers turn into the mountains early, looking for their favorite and harvesting the joy that Dashan gives them.

Maybe it is the raw material of a root carving, maybe it is a Taihang mountain cypress, maybe you or I don’t even know that it is a baby who can’t name it.

Dashan is the treasure house of Daobao River. The people who live here do not need a high culture, but they must work hard. You will not worry about wearing it. If you think about it carefully, I think the reason why Dagu is married here is rich.The mountain.

The scenery of the Daobao River in the Daobao River landscape can not be the best scenery of Taihang Mountain. If the Daobao River people have been staying in the appreciation or pride, there will be no glory today.

Where is the treasure of Daobao River?

Those who arrive at the Daobao River know that the Daobao River is only 3,000 meters away from the National Highway 207, and turns straight to the Daobao River in a place called Chenjiazhuang.

From the 1990s to the beginning of this century, with the transportation advantage of the 207 National Road, the Daobao River people made a fortune in the three-product service. After the country implemented the integration of coal resources, the national economy was shrinking and most of the young people went to work in the city.

The savvy Daobao River left-behind personnel are looking for their own way of survival.

The glory of the Taobao River in the Daobao River landscape originated from the head of the original Baohe River, named Zhang Xiangqian. Zhang Xiangqian passed the propaganda of his friends in the photography industry in Henan. The beautiful scenery of the Daobao River in the Taihang Mountain was a chance to see again.
Although Zhang Qianqian, who has stepped down as the village head, still insists on the persistence of tourism and village development.

At that time, Zhang forwarded to Henan to go to Shanxi, and asked friends to be able to make money, to accompany the smile, and to receive a group of friends from all over the world. Friends were looking for him in the Daobao River.

A propaganda piece full of infinite scenery, Baohe River, appeared in the land of the Central Plains. The article was full of ancient roads and the folk customs of the Taihang Mountains were rooted along the Yellow River. A team of people from Hunan who were curious about the mood entered the Daobao River.

Zhang Qiang’s persistence and hospitality touched people.

The guests came to the Baohe River, the ancient village of Taihang Mountain, surrounded by mountains. The curious eyes flashed through the misty terraces in the centuries-old houses in the small intestines of the world.No, it should be a search.

It can overlook the farm in the mountains, reflecting the feeling of ascending the horizon, and at the same time looking up to the visual enjoyment of the mountains and mountains.

The guests came and brought a new look to the outside world.

Zhang Xiangqian is not a cadre, a dry cadre should do something, and what the villagers dream of.

At this time, Zhang Xiangn’s farmhouse is no longer able to meet the needs of the guests.

Under the guidance of Zhang Xiangqian, the neighbors started to gather the integrated farmhouse.A fixed fee, the guest does not exceed 10 yuan for a meal, and the accommodation does not exceed 15 yuan a night.

Of course, guests add extra food.

The Xiaomi River, the stone-grown noodles, and the grains of the Daobao River were robbed by the Central Plains guests who came from afar. Daobao River became a gathering place for Taihang Mountain native products.

The farmhouse music of Daobao River is notorious. The annual income of farmer farmers is far more than the double labor of working outside the home.

The Daobao River bumblebee farming has tasted the sweetness of the tourism. The Daobao River people have a broader vision and a step-by-step scale.

Investing in the renovation of the scenic river more than 2,000 meters, carrying the Taihang Mountain farming story, the unique river channel brings more cultural charm to people.

In the crystal clear river channel, the little fish are leisurely and leisurely, the goose is playing in the river flowing through the river, the green square table in the river is fascinating, and the famous earth honey is raised on the riverside.The August yellow persimmons, which are matured by the riverside terraces, are ruined, and the green forests are dip, and the mountains are rippling. The mountains hidden in the mists of the mists give people a deep feeling.

At this moment, it is completely fascinating with the modern cultural vision that seems to be indispensable in the paradise.

Stepping in the village of Daobaohe, all the open spaces in the corners and streets are completely covered by green bamboo. The green garbage bins placed next to each other will be cleaned up. The cement road ring village, solar street lights will break the night for you.The Maibu Daobao River will be placed in the sky market where dust is removed from the customs. It should be the sky in the sky to the depths of the Taihang Mountains.

The Daobao River, united and forge ahead, the Daobao River with infinite scenery, the Daobao River in the river, the Daobao River filled with positive energy in the river, the Taoyuan in the eyes of the Central Plains, the Kangyang Holy Land in the eyes of the guests.

I am waiting for you at Daobaohe.


Self-care 10 law

Self-care 10 law

First, lame heart method: After washing your feet with hot water every night, take a sitting position and rub your feet for 5 to 10 minutes each time.

Massage the foot, beneficial to the kidney, can activate the kidney through the internal gas, prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  Second, the intention to defend the Dantian Law: When working, learning to cause fatigue, close your eyes, tongues on the upper jaw, eliminate distracting thoughts, so that the whole idea is concentrated in the Dantian part under the navel, time can be flexibly mastered.

I feel tired after I finish.

  Third, the strong heart method: often stop the palm of the hand, the heart of the palace, has a strong heart.

You can use both hands to block each other, or you can put your hands on the table legs and press the Laogong points.

  Fourth, the strong waist and kidney method: twist the waist, in order to play a role in health care.

At the far end, the two hands are inserted at the waist, the upper body is slightly tilted forward, and the waist is twisted and twisted sideways, and the movement is gradually accelerated, so that the waist feels warm when it is hot.

  Five, warm kidney method: Before going to sleep every night, use two hands to gently massage the massage pills 81 times each time, the action is like holding two balls in the hand to roll back and forth.

  Sixth, massage the small abdomen: Before going to sleep every night, put your hand in the Dantian area, first press the 揉 36 times clockwise, then press the 揉 36 times counterclockwise.

Have the effect of qi, help digestion, and stomach.

  Seven, pressurized Zusanli point: Zusanli point is one of the strong points of the whole body, holding the nails and stepping on the Sanli points to feel the degree of numbness, often preventing health.

  Eight, dental care law: (a) large, when urinating, close your mouth, grit your teeth.

(B) often caries, long-term adherence can protect the teeth strong, not easy to replace.

  Nine, promote sleep method: half an hour before going to bed every night, first rub the hot palms, then put the palms on the cheeks, the two hands pointed at the “Yingxiang points” up to the hairline; through the “eyes.”

“攒竹”, “瞳子胶” and other acupuncture points; then both hands are directed to the double frontal angle and then the index finger returns to the starting point through the “Earmen” point, so repeated massage for 30 to 40 times, can treat neurasthenia and promote sleep.

  Ten, walking method: insisting on walking every day is a very effective way of fitness, walking after a meal helps digestion.

Walking time is flexible.

Deepen fat reduction learning to shorten your leg length

Deepen fat reduction learning to shorten your leg length

There are many things in the squat that we need to understand. The following five simple and effective rules cover almost all actions.

  There is no doubt that squat is one of the best moves to build muscle blocks.

When used to training in other ways, our leg training, especially the squats, seems to be a constant part of the past.

We don’t recommend savvy from the training program, but we can always find a way to solve it.

Here are some lessons I learned from endless leg training.

  Body posture is the key.

At both ends of the standard, the front end should be as vertical as possible so that the left side and the straight bar are in a straight line.

Pay attention to the chest, which will help keep the complications at the back end.

I also recommend adding the former squat to your training program, which will focus on exercising the quads instead of the shoulders.

  Adapt your posture to the desired goal.

It should be a controversial point in the depths that should be separated from each other by a certain distance. I think it depends on which part of the quadriceps you want to focus on.

Separating the wider distance will be more for the thigh, and the narrower distance will be for the outer side of the quadriceps.

  The degree of squatting should be just below the horizontal position.

At the bottom of each movement, the thigh is just below the horizontal position, and it is very important to exercise strength through the full range of motion, especially for beginners who build a training foundation.

However, with some experience, you can occasionally do semi-deep squats in training, which allows you to increase muscle mass with the weight of the interference.

  Reduce the number and number of groups to get more muscle mass.

If the block is your goal, this is usually also a squat, and you must follow the basic power principle: do more sets and times, use the maximum load you can afford, and the time during the break.

This is done in groups of 3-4, 4-8 times each, with a break of approximately 3 minutes between each group.

But don’t forget the changes; including occasionally adding a high number of groups (10-15).

Similarly, the legs will increase as you do higher times.

  Switch to the Smith machine.

If you have difficulty with the lower hips or knees when you are doing a barbell squat, use a Smith machine to make a squat.

This is the action I often do later, which will reduce the pressure on those parts that are easily injured.

The arrow step is another option, it is very effective to focus on the action outside the thigh.

  Do super group and composite group.

In 1971, when I wanted to do more separation and characterization training on the thighs, I got a lot by doing a combination of leg extensions, then doing a deep squat and a deep squat in the front and a bent leg.Great results.

The burning of muscles is almost unbearable, but it is very effective!

Yoga exercises shape the swan’s neck, the secret of never increasing age

Yoga exercises shape the swan’s neck, the secret of never increasing age


Hepburn is known as the most beautiful woman in the world. No matter how the wheel of time rolls forward, her extraordinary beauty is always in the hearts of people.

You know, the reason why she has a noble and elegant temperament, the slender neck gives her many points.

There is also a famous movie star Zhang Ziyi, and even the domestic performing arts community has mixed her praises, but her neck is really beautiful, especially in “Memoirs of a Geisha”, her beautiful and slender neck, the elegance and beauty of GeishaThe sexy interpretation is a three-pointer.

  A woman with a narrow neck is definitely not a good image, and a woman with a short neck is also hard to look at.

Although I always suspect that I do n’t like being a white swan-like woman, because I ca n’t stand the endless endurance, but the nature of a woman ‘s beauty is because of my dream. I want my neck to be as soft as a white swanThe state is as charming as white swan, and yoga really makes my dream come true.

Beauty is a whole, sisters, don’t ignore the nature of the neck.

  In fact, to have a swan neck, the method is very simple, are you ready?

Come and practice with me.

  Three simple steps to make your adaptation longer Step1 sit cross-legged on a cushion with your back straight, gently put your hands on it, take a deep breath, lift your shoulders upwards, reduce the downward shrinkage, and highlight the back of the collarbone, Hold for 5 seconds.

Exhale and slowly sink the retina straight forward.

We often sit in the office, and we rarely exercise our muscles and are always stiff. How can our neck look good?

This action can effectively relax the body and mind muscles, everyone may wish to practice more.

  STEP2 Put your hands together on your chest, take a deep breath, and slowly tilt your head back. When you feel that the muscles in front and front are fully stretched, hold for 5 seconds, then slowly lower your head forward, close your eyes, and relax.

This action can activate the cervical spine. As long as you practice hard, your neck will be flexible.

  STEP3 Bend the right knee, point it straight ahead, then bend the left knee and place it on the right knee. The two are aligned, the fingers are crossed, slowly lift up above the head, and then turn your palms towards the sky.

If you hold it for 5 seconds, you will feel that the hips pull the cervical spine upwards. At this time, slowly lower your head and try to approach with your chin.

This posture can make you more and more upright and slender.

  After doing these three simple movements, let’s take three more fragile yoga poses. The neck effect is better.

  The first supine baby-type STEP1 lies on the cushion on your back, doing several abdominal breathing, shoulders, hips and heels should be close to the cushion surface, and the back of the feet should be straight.

  STEP2 Inhale, bend your right leg, hold it with both hands, exhale, and pull the leg toward the chest and abdomen. After a pause of 5 seconds, gently lift your head, and try to bring your chin as close as possible to the bending angle.Encountered carbon dioxide.

After holding for a while, inhale, slowly return to the supine state, adjust your breathing, and do the same with your left leg.

  Special tips: This asana is enough to stretch the muscles and improve the improved flexibility. Regular practice will make the line soft and smooth.

  The second Cobra-style enhanced version of STEP1 inhales, straightens the arms, lifts the upper body from the waist, the insteps are flat, and the foot is pressed tightly. The strength of the back moves the upper body away from the ground at a distance, and the knee bones are close to the ground.

  STEP2 step on both sides of the clamped body, eyes fixed on the ceiling, stretch the front side of the neck, sink shoulders, and maintain even breathing.

  STEP3 restores the head, and then slowly turns to the left and rear, looking at the heel of the left with both eyes. After holding for a few seconds, turn to the right and do the same.

  Special note: This pose can stretch the muscles inserted into the left and right sides, and the neck will become thinner.

  The third type of semi-Lotus spine twisted STEP1 sits on a cushion, with the upper body straight, legs straight forward, and bending the left knee.

Exhale, extend your right arm forward, and grab the toe of your right foot. If you can’t catch it, replace it with your right foot.

  STEP2 turns the upper body to the left, the left arm is retracted towards the back, and try to grasp the big paw of the left foot with your left hand.

Turn your head and upper body to the left, keep your hips straight, hold for about 20 seconds, and change your legs to do the other side.

  Special Note: This pose can also stretch muscles and beautify tiny lines, and it also has many additional effects, such as improving spine flexibility and alleviating shoulder and back pain.

  A slender neck can quickly improve our temperament, and the tender, silky skin on the neck makes us look younger.

Sisters, do you know where a woman’s body is first?

Tell you, it’s the neck.

If the skin on your neck is not well cared for, it will show your age relentlessly.

Just as you can know the age of the tree in a few annual rings, as long as others count the wrinkles aligned, you know that you have passed away. How terrible.

To be young and unlimited, sisters need to take care of every inch of skin that is initialized, so that it is always soft and smooth without a trace of wrinkles.  It is recommended that the sisters take the dead skin once a week, use olive oil plus granulated white sugar, and rub gently in a circular motion from top to bottom. After 10 minutes, clean the skin.More tender and smooth.

Need to remind, don’t forget the skin after implantation.

  Of course, if you want to kill the weight loss coat of arms in the cradle, just removing dead skin is not enough, you must moisturize and cause skin every day.

You can use a special neck cream or a firming cream, but remember not to apply too much, because the subcutaneous tissue is very thin, and the thick nutrition cream will hinder the absorption of nutrients.

There is a method that works very well, and I simply tell everyone: first wash the neck, apply lotion, and then wrap it with plastic wrap. After 10 minutes, the skin on the neck will become tender and tender.

Can you clean it with a wet wipe after the incident?

Can you clean it with a wet wipe after the incident?

Cleaning the genitals after sex is essential for the reproductive health of both sexes.

But some people just love to be lazy, wipe with a disinfectant wipe instead of cleaning.

  However, it is not good to use disinfectant wipes afterwards.

  Female genital skin, mucous membrane is relatively soft, easy to be hurt, and the acidic secretions in the female vagina have a self-purifying effect, the PH value is between 4-5, if the alkaline washing is easy to destroy when cleaning the vulvaThe vagina’s own protective barrier makes the external pathogens, especially certain viruses, organic.

  The male perineum is the interface between the external genitalia and the anus. Here, the skin has many wrinkles and is stretchable. After sexual life, the exposed excrement must be cleaned.

  Wash the male perineum with a less irritating soap or warm water to scrub the surface of the penis and scrotum, especially pay attention to wash the penile crown groove, do not let the smegma stay here.

  Disinfecting wipes sold on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one that contains skin care ingredients, can not be sterilized, and can only be used for skin emollient maintenance.

This type of wet wipe is obviously not used for the cleaning of the genitals; the other is the only disinfectant wipe that is itself sterilized and can be disinfected for other items. It can be used for disinfection or sterilization, and is usually disinfected or sterilized on the package.Ingredients.

  However, this type of wet wipes does not have a pH mark, but also contains many chemical components, which are strongly irritating and are not suitable for wiping external genitals after sexual intercourse.

  For some people with genital damage or allergies, they should not be wiped with disinfectant wipes after the accident. Once cross-infected, the disease prevention will not add new diseases.

  In sexual life, male semen and female vaginal secretions adhere to the external genitalia, especially in the female perineum and male scrotum, both intimate and non-breathable, which will provide a favorable environment for the survival and reproduction of bacteria.

  It is advisable to wash the lower body with clean water in time. Therefore, after sexual life, clean the lower body with clean water and dry it with a clean towel to prevent external genital infection and reduce the chance of urinary tract infection.

How to do more than snoring

How to do more than snoring

Snoring Chinese medicine is called “hiccup”.

Due to the cold stimulation, eating too fast, fullness, there may be temporary hiccups, this can not be considered sick, so you may also see a doctor.

Snoring is generally a physiologically common phenomenon.

But in some more formal occasions, if you are rebellious, it will be awkward!

Here are some tips for treating temporary hiccups!

  First distracting and eliminating the bad stimuli caused by nervousness.

Then take a deep breath, keep your breath, hold on for a long time, exhale, and repeat it several times.

  Or drink boiled water if you have the conditions, especially drink a little hot water, drink a big mouth, and swallow it in several parts.

But don’t burn yourself.

  Chewing ginger slices, ginger has the effect of warming stomach and vomiting, if you can tolerate the spicy friends who live in ginger can try.

  Finally, Xiao Bian sent a trick to everyone. There is a hole in our eyebrow called 攒竹. When the sudden stagnation is over, you can use your thumb to overcome this acupuncture point. Don’t be afraid of pain, you can stick to it for a minute.Stay in a hiccup situation.

I hope these methods can help everyone.

Pay attention to seven points in healthy autumn crabs

Pay attention to seven points in healthy autumn crabs

Autumn chrysanthemum crab fat, crab crab at this time is delicious, rich in vitamins, and has a certain medicinal value.

However, there are too many people who suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting after eating crabs. This is usually caused by not paying attention to details when eating crabs.

As long as you pay attention to the following seven aspects, you can avoid the “sequel” that occurs after eating crabs on the ground.


Crabs should be cooked and cooked.

Some people do not get sick because they have not cleaned the crabs, cooked them, or drunk crabs or salted crabs, and eat the bacteria or parasites in the crabs.


Crabs should eat fresh, and dead crabs should not be eaten.


Crabs should be eaten now and not stored.

In case you can’t finish it, the rest must be kept in a clean, cool and ventilated place. When you eat it, you must cook it back and cook it.


Don’t chew on eating crabs.

When eating crabs, pay attention to the four clearings after opening the lid.

One is to remove the crab stomach, which is the triangular bone packet in the crab cover. First eat the crab cover part, use a small spoon to pry out the middle part of the crab stomach, and gently suck the crab yellow scorpion wrapped on the outer surface.

Be careful not to inhale the triangular crab-shaped crab stomach in the middle, which should be decomposed by the dirty sand; after eating the crab cover to the crab body, first use the scissors to cut off the excess crab feet and the crab mouth;Pick out a hexagonal piece in the middle of the crab body, which is the part of the crab heart that should be replaced.

There is also a crab intestine, that is, a black line from the crab stomach to the crab umbilical; crab scorpion, that is, two rows of soft things that grow in the crab’s abdomen like eyebrows, should be removed.


Do not eat too much.

Crab meat cold, spleen and stomach debilitation should pay attention to avoid abdominal pain and diarrhea.


Do not eat with tea.

Do not drink tea when you eat crabs and eat crabs for 1 hour.

Because boiled water will dilute the stomach acid, tea points out that some of the crab’s coagulation is not conducive to digestion and absorption.


Do not eat with persimmons.


President’s wisdom

President’s wisdom

Presidential wisdom The 38th president of the United States, Gerald Ford, always likes to use puns when he speaks.

Once, he answered the reporter’s question and said: “I am Ford Ford, not Lincoln.

The president’s answer shows both his wit and his humor. As far as you know, Lincoln is both a great president of the United States and a high-class designer car. Ford isA common, cheap and popular car at the time.

President Ford said this sentence, a pun is: one is to show modesty, the other is to prove that he is the president of the public’s favorite.

  A large part of Xiangyun’s music around the angels Brahms is known for its lyrical melody, so the young lady is always intoxicated.

 On one occasion, Brahms was surrounded by a group of women. They chattered and asked this question, which made him upset and tried to get out of it several times, but he couldn’t make a big break.

The helpless Brahms took back a cigar and pumped it up.

The ladies couldn’t stand the strong smell of smoke and said to him: “The gentleman should not smoke in front of the lady.

Brahms continued to swallow and slumber, and leisurely: “Ladies, where there are angels, there must be a cloud.”

“The only thing that can do. The 35th President of the United States, Kennedy, was appointed Vice President in 1956 and lost to rival Kevver in the election.

After the defeat, Kennedy flew to Europe to recuperate.

One day he sunbathed in front of his father’s rented house, and his sister’s ex-husband, Canfield, happened to pass by him.

Canfield asked him why he wanted to be the president of the United States.

  ”Because I think this is the only thing I can do.

Kennedy said without thinking.