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Jiuguijiu (000799) Coverage Report for the First Time-Jumping to Torture

Jiuguijiu (000799) Coverage 杭州夜网论坛 Report for the First Time-Jumping to Torture
This report reads: The company is the leading brand of yuluo-flavor liquor, and after the takeover of COFCO, the refined management has been continuously improved.The establishment of a high-end wine internal reference sales company promotes the continuous optimization of the company’s product structure and significantly enhances performance flexibility. Key points of investment: Investment advice: The leading brand of Luyu Fragrance Liquor is stable and the brand has a deep accumulation.After the entry of COFCO, the company’s management has improved comprehensively, and the expense rate has been steadily decreased.The establishment of the internal reference wine sales company will accelerate the introduction of internal reference wines to the market, thereby significantly enhancing performance flexibility.The company’s EPS is expected to be 0 in 2018-2020.69/1.05/1.53 yuan, target price of 27 yuan, the first time to give “overweight” rating. COFCO took over, internal control management improved, and the company’s performance improved steadily.Since COFCO Group took control of the company, the company’s equity structure has stabilized, and internal control management has improved comprehensively.The company’s management efficiency has improved significantly, and the management expense rate has continued to decrease. It has replaced 10% in the third quarter of 2018.According to the performance report, the company’s revenue in 2018 increased by 35 per year.13%, net profit attributable to mother increased by 27.94%, good growth momentum is expected to continue. Established the internal reference wine sales company, independent operation to accelerate the sales of large single-item internal reference wine.On December 30, 2018, powerful merchants jointly funded the establishment of an internal reference wine sales company, sounding the clarion call that internal reference wine impacted the first camp of national high-end liquor.Under the favorable conditions of improved market demand structure, repeated price hikes by leading companies, and tight balance between supply and demand in the high-end market, the company’s product structure has continued to optimize. Internal reference wine revenue accounts for nearly 20% and the H1 revenue in 2018 exceeded 41%.7%, the proportion of high-end and high-end product revenues totaled 86.3%.The establishment of the internal reference wine sales company will help the company integrate large business resources, enhance channel capabilities, expand sales markets, and further increase the proportion of high-margin products to achieve rapid growth in revenue and profits. In contrast to the Luquan model, the company takes its essence and is expected to replicate the rapid growth of Luzhou Laojiao.-The Quan model has helped the old warehouse in Luzhou achieve revenue of 38% in 2010-2012 at a sales expense ratio of less than 6%.3% composite strength.The establishment of the internal reference wine sales company has successfully achieved the inheritance of the Quanquan model. By introducing a vendor value integration model, it fully mobilized the resources of dealers and sales teams to help the company accelerate the expansion of the high-end wine market and enhance its performance flexibility. Risk Warning: Sales within the province, expansion outside the province is less than expected, and the industry environment is deteriorating.

Renhe Pharmaceutical (000650): Goodwill impairment drags profits, OTC revenue grows rapidly

Renhe Pharmaceutical (000650): Goodwill impairment drags profits, OTC revenue grows rapidly

Event: The company released its 18-year annual report. The income, net profit attributable to mothers and net profit attributable to mothers were 44.

03 billion, 5.

06 billion and 4.

9.3 billion, double +14 respectively.

56%, +33.

20% and +34.

71%, lower than us 5.

The 3.3 billion forecast is mainly due to the impairment of goodwill on pharmacy websites.

The profit distribution plan is RMB 1 for every 10 shares.

Opinions are as follows: 18Q4 impairment of goodwill affects profits, and OTC income has improved.

In 18Q4, the net profit attributable to mothers and the net profit after deductions to mothers were changed to -5.

46%, -6.

61% and -12.


The 18Q4 asset impairment was 4884 million, of which the impairment of goodwill related to pharmacy network was about 42 million, which was the main factor affecting the current period and 18-year profit.

We estimate that the year-on-year decline in 18Q4 revenue was mainly due to the decline in pharmacy network revenue.

However, at the same time, OTC revenue growth has improved (Jiangxi Renhe Pharmaceutical’s 18H2 revenue increased by about + 3%). We estimate that Jiangxi Renhe Pharmaceutical’s high 17Q4 base and 18H1’s completion are better, and 18H2’s appropriate cargo control.

Over 18 years of over-the-counter trading income?
25%, much higher than the growth in the number of OTC industries.

The three largest commercial subsidiaries of the company, Renhe China, Jiangxi Renhe Pharmaceutical and Renhe Zhongjin have increased their revenues by + 24%, + 15% and + 18%, respectively.

Overall we estimate the company’s OTC revenue to increase + 20%?
25%, of which the total growth rate of 17 gold single products increased by + 40%?
+ 50%, the overall scale is close to 10 billion.

We estimate that the revenue of self-produced products will grow 25% -30%, and the revenue of OEM products will grow 15%?

The revenues of the top 5 manufacturing companies increased by 24% each year and their profits increased by + 56%.

The company’s five production subsidiaries, Jiangxi Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Du Renhe, Kangmei Pharmaceutical and Health Products, Yaodu Camphor and Tonggu Renhe, increased their total revenue by + 24%, and their profits increased by + 56%. We estimate that it is mainly the company’s strategy of giving priority to self-productsLater, from the sales of products, the expansion of production volume, the increase in gross profit margin caused by the maximum increase in industrial capacity.

In terms of financial indicators: 18-year overall gross margin growth rate +4.

The 05 single, mainly high-margin 杭州夜网论坛 OTC product sales increased, and low-margin pharmacy business (pharmacy network) decreased; the sales expense ratio was 17.

67%, ten years +1.

56 single, mainly due to the company’s higher sales expense ratio OTC business revenue accounted for an increase in the proportion; management expense ratio6.

50% every year -0.

80 singles are estimated to be due to scale effects; financial expenses were -3156 million US dollars, compared to -14.87 million in the same period last year, mainly due to the increase in index revenue, but considering the company’s 19 years of investment in new camphor plants and the cannabis industry, 19Annual interest income may decline.

R & D expenditure was 51.17 million yuan, +87 in ten years.

11%. In 18 years, the company carried out research work on 16 classic famous recipes and R & D on the consistency evaluation of 6 key varieties.

The asset impairment loss was 48.84 million yuan, of which the goodwill impairment was about 42 million yuan.

Operating net cash flow 5.

6.9 billion, ten years +14.

Diversified in the industrial cannabis industry.

On April 22, the company and the Qiqihar Municipal Government of Heilongjiang and Fengtai Fuqi signed the “Renheyuan Industrial Cannabis Comprehensive Utilization Industry Demonstration Project Cooperation Framework Agreement”.

The company established a joint venture with Fengtai Fuqi with a total project investment of 10.
800 million yuan, of which the first phase investment 1.

0.8 billion yuan.

According to the framework agreement, the joint venture company will start construction of an industrial cannabis plantation demonstration base in May 2019, and agreed with the municipal government that the 2020 plantable land reserve will exceed 20,000 acres.

Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” rating.

We estimate that the company’s net profit growth attributable to mothers will be 26% / 20% / 17% in 2019-2021, and the corresponding EPS will be 0.



72 yuan.

As a leading OTC company, the company has a rich variety and strong brand power. After the formation of the team, we ushered in the era of OTC terminal control and sales, and our sales efforts maintained rapid growth. After the expansion of the product revenue ratio, the profitability has increased significantly. The current corresponding 19 yearspe is estimated to be around 17x, maintaining the “strongly recommended-A” rating.

Risk warning: M & A progress is not up to expectations, product sales are up to expectations, product quality and regulatory risks.

Carrier segment enters strategic allocation period

Carrier segment enters strategic allocation period
Under the national strategic goal of building a maritime power, the demand for naval equipment will continue to grow rapidly.Market participants generally believe that the initial development of aircraft carrier battle groups will further open up huge market space.In addition, the Chinese Navy’s Army Building Festival is coming soon, and domestic aircraft carriers will pay more attention to it.  As the domestic aircraft carrier industry-related listed companies enter a high-speed growth period, driving the industry’s prosperity, the expectation of a low forecast leader with performance support ushers in the layout opportunity. Yesterday, the domestic aircraft carrier sector has risen strongly.Win the market (the Shanghai index rose 0 on the day.23%), accounting for over 70%.Specifically, yesterday, 4 stocks including Jianglong Boat, Zhenxin Technology, North Navigation, and Big Dipper had strong daily limit. Tianhai Defense, China Satellite, China Shipbuilding Technology, and Hailanxin also rose sharply.5%, reaching 8 respectively.05%, 7.16%, 5.60%, 5.07%.  In terms of capital flow, the Securities Daily Market Research Center found that according to the flush flush statistics, yesterday, a total of 11 concept stocks in the domestic aircraft carrier sector were favored by large single funds, and the total net inflow of large single funds reached 8.2.7 billion.Specifically, the average net inflow of funds from four large stocks, including Big Dipper, China National Heavy Industries, North Navigation, and Zhenxin Technology, was more than a single digit, which were 21,143.120,000 yuan, 18945.490,000 yuan, 15987.260,000 yuan, 13,102.410,000 yuan.Other concept stocks that realized a large net inflow of funds yesterday: Tianhai Defense (4429.09 million yuan), China Satellite (4157.870,000 yuan), Bao titanium shares (1368.240,000 yuan), CSSC Technology (1325.680,000 yuan), AVIC Heavy Machinery (1146.810,000 yuan), AVIC Mechanical and Electrical (930.640,000 yuan) and Optoelectronics (119.710,000 yuan).  In fact, the profitability of domestic listed companies related to the aircraft carrier industry has also improved significantly. Up to now, 18 related listed companies have disclosed their 2017 annual report results, and 13 companies have reported net profit growth, accounting for more than 70%.Among them, Hongdu Aviation, Baosteel Co., Ltd., Tellhow Technology and other three companies’ performance growth growth in 2017 more than doubled.In addition, 9 companies disclosed the results of the 2017 annual report.  It is worth mentioning that as of yesterday, 10 companies have disclosed the results of the first quarter of 2018. 6 companies such as Jiuli Special Materials, Hailanxin, Dongfang Zirconium, AVIC Mechanical, Zhenxin Technology, and Big Dipper are expectedThe average net profit in the first quarter of 2018 achieved growth, demonstrating that the industry’s prosperity continued to rise.  Regarding the market outlook of the sector, CITIC Securities said that the aircraft carrier sector has entered the strategic allocation period, and it is preferred to select the company participating in the military and pay attention to the opportunities for mixed reform.In the selection of the target, the relevant leading companies are the first to be promoted, especially the more market-oriented and 杭州桑拿网 the core assets of listed companies account for a high proportion, benefiting from the release of the performance of the industrial chain of AVIC listed companies.The basic recommendation technology is relatively high in biology, large in market space, and has a core competitiveness and first-mover advantage, and a reasonable estimate for the company.At the same time, you can also pay attention to the staged opportunities brought by the mixed reforms, mainly small ship value companies in China Shipbuilding, Weapons and Aerospace Group.Recommended targets: Zhongzhi, AVIC, AVIC, China Power, Guorui Technology, Tianyin Electromechanical, Hangxin Technology, Hailanxin, etc.

AVIC (600372): Stripping Baocheng Instrument to Improve Asset Quality

AVIC (600372): Stripping Baocheng Instrument to Improve Asset Quality

Recently, the company issued an announcement intending to transfer its holding of Shaanxi Baocheng Aviation Instrument Company to AVIC Airborne System 武汉夜生活网 Co., Ltd. by way of agreement transfer.

  A brief comment on the main business of Baocheng Instrumentation is the aerial attitude system and car navigation. Because the product structure cannot meet the new requirements, Baocheng Instrumentation can be continuously replaced. In the first three quarters of 2019, Baocheng Instrumentation’s military products revenue2.

60,000 yuan, profit maximizing 68.84 million yuan, 2018 revenue4.

10,000 yuan, the cumulative profit budget is 44.05 million yuan.

In order to protect the interests of small and medium investors, further optimize the company’s internal asset structure, and improve the efficiency of the company’s asset operations, the company intends to transfer Baocheng Instruments to AVIC Airborne Systems through an agreement transfer method.

  The divestment of Baocheng Instrument 北京夜网 will increase the company’s profits.

According to simulation calculations in the first three quarters of 2019, the sale of Baocheng Instruments will increase the net profit of AVIC attributable to mothers by 5686 in the first three quarters.

86 million yuan.

  Hosted airborne companies may have some injection expectations.

The company and the airborne company signed the “Custody Agreement” to host its 14 companies and institutions, which is conducive to strengthening the integration of the airborne sector, accelerating the integration of aircraft and industrial aircraft and electricity, and promoting the professional development of the company’s avionics products, and further deepeningThe reform of the system and mechanism has improved the company’s management efficiency. AVIC Electronics has been added as a listed company in the avionics system. In the future, it is expected to inject trusteeship companies and increase company performance.

  The company’s initial stock repurchase plan demonstrates confidence and promotes long-term stable development.

  The company disclosed on January 31, 2019 that it intends to use its own funds and self-raised funds to repurchase the company’s shares in a centralized bidding transaction, and the total amount of repurchased shares is not less than 1.

50,000 yuan and not more than 300 million yuan, the repurchase price does not exceed 18.

50 yuan / share. The repurchased shares will be used for employee equity incentive plans and conversion of convertible bonds.

The company’s stock repurchase plan reflects the company’s confidence in future development, and also reflects that it is believed to gradually surpass the company’s true value, which is conducive to enhancing market confidence and promoting the company’s long-term stable development.

As of the end of 2019, the company has repurchased1.

500 million.

  The military-civilian market has huge potential and stable and high performance. The company is expected to be a leading domestic avionics system company. The military and civil aviation market is broad, and policy support helps the development of airborne system technology. Managed airborne companies and stock repurchasing are expected to enhance the market.Confidence is conducive to the company’s long-term stable development.

We are optimistic about the company’s future development prospects and predict that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 2021 will be 6 respectively.

5.4 billion, 7.

8 million yuan, 7.

79 ppm, an increase of 36 per year.

42%, 8.

22%, 10.

08%, the corresponding 19 to 21 years EPS are 0.

37, 0.

40, 0.

44 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE of 40.

78, 37.

68, 34.

23 times, maintain BUY rating.

Ice and fire two days: 73 stocks doubled during the year and 25 were cut off

Ice and fire two days: 73 stocks doubled during the year and 25 were cut off

Source: A-shares / Shenzhen Commercial Daily This year, the A-shares have risen first and then declined. The Shanghai stock index has increased by about 15% so far, but the performance of individual stocks is quite different.

Data show that as of the close of the 4th, a total of 73 A shares have doubled during the year, while 25 stocks have been cut down, which can be described as a two-day battle.

  According to statistics from the flush flush, as of the close of the 4th, a total of 2838 A shares in the two cities increased during the year, accounting for about 78%.

Among them, 347 stocks rose more than 50%, and 73 stocks doubled during the year.

  Among them, Follett, Zhengbang Technology, New Wufeng, China-Jiangsu Science and Technology, Meijin Energy, Shunyu shares (rights), Jinyun Laser, Fengle Seeds, Kanglong Chemical, Kelan Software ranked among the top ten gainers.Except for Kelan software, the increase was more than 2 times.

  From the perspective of the above-mentioned leading rising stocks, the above-mentioned leading rising stocks are concentrated in restructuring stocks and sub-new stocks, such as Follett, Kanglong Chemical, Zhongjian Technology are new shares listed this year, Zhengbang Technology, New Wufeng, Fengle Seeds are agriculturalStocks, Meijin Energy is a hydrogen energy concept stock, Shun Ye shares are industrial cannabis concept stocks.

  From the performance and estimates, the above stocks are all poor.

For example, Zhengbang Technology, New Wufeng reported 上海夜网论坛 average prices in the first quarter of this year, and last year ‘s performance increased, but due to the large increase in pig prices this year, both stocks have increased significantly; and, based on last year ‘s results, Jinyun Laser ‘s valuation is as high as 500 times.

  The reporter noticed that the shares held by the above-mentioned individual institutions were mostly individual individuals with scattered chips, such as Follett and Jinyun Laser.

From the perspective of the hyped funds, it is mainly hot money.

  For example, the industrial cannabis concept stock Shunyu shares, the stock gradually expanded the amplitude of 4 in the 52 trading days from January 17 to April 8.

Three times, during which a total of 25 stops were recorded.

Data show that Guotai Junan Shanghai Dapu Road Sales Department, Hengtai Securities Shanghai Lanhua Road Sales Department, Oriental Securities Shanghai Xinchuan Road Sales Department and other hot money seats have repeatedly appeared on the stock’s Dragon Tiger list.

  In addition, Fengle Seeds, Meijin Energy, and Flettel are also almost all hot money on the list, such as Huatai Securities Shanghai Wuding Road Sales Department and Tibet Oriental Fortune Lhasa Tuanjie Road Sales Department.

  ”Through the relaxation of regulatory restructuring of transactions, various alternative speculations have prevailed this year,” said a private equity firm who declined to be named. “Compared to institutions, the speculation of hot money on individual stocks is even more fierce.

“From the perspective of falling stocks, a total of 128 stocks fell more than 20% during the year, of which 25 stocks fell more than 50%.

  Among them, * ST Qiulin (Protection of Rights), * ST Kangde (Protection of Rights), * ST Opal (Protection of Rights), * ST Changsheng (Protection of Rights), Derived Technology, * ST Energy Saving, ST Kangmei (Protection of Rights), * ST Suoling(Protection of Rights), * ST Hemei (Protection of Rights), * ST Huaye ranked among the top ten in decline.

  Judging from the top stocks in the above drop list, except for Derived Technology, all of them are ST stocks, problem stocks, etc. Among them, companies that have exposed financial problems this year include * ST Kangde, * ST Huaye, etc.

  * ST Qiulin’s closing price last year is almost the highest price this year.

The stock has fallen steeply since April 10 and has fallen as much as 76% so far this year.

The company suffered a huge loss of 41 last year.

300 million yuan, the net assets at the end of the first quarter was -1.

85 yuan.

Due to suspected information disclosure violations of laws and regulations, the CSRC recently decided to file a case investigation into the company.

  Hemei Group, once famous for its heroic entertainment backdoor Luo Shengmen, has fallen into a quagmire of consecutive daily stops.

After the resumption of trading on May 6th, * ST Hemei stepped out of 19 consecutive limit stops.

In addition to the backdoor incident, the company has not exposed many problems, including lawsuits, non-standard guarantees, and the weight of executives who cannot guarantee the authenticity of the annual report. Recently, it has been investigated by the CSRC for alleged violations of laws and regulations.

  In this regard, economist Song Qinghui told reporters, “Despite the overall market growth this year, there are still some individual stocks falling. From the perspective of the top stocks, most of them are poor performers and problem stocks.

As the supervisory authorities strengthen the implementation of the delisting system, more problematic companies will withdraw from the market in the future, and investors should avoid it as much as possible to avoid encountering large substitutions.

6 Ways to Exercise Outdoor Fitness

6 Ways to Exercise Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness has become an increasingly popular way to lose weight, and it allows our body to perform aerobic fat burning.

So, what exactly is the exercise method for outdoor fitness?

Below, I will take stock of the most fashionable and healthy outdoor fitness methods for you!

  Outdoor fitness methods: 1. Mountain climbing is a good aerobic exercise, not only the cardiopulmonary function is greatly exercised (heart rate can reach 150 times / minute or more), enhance blood circulation, increase cerebral blood flow, very soonQuickly consume feces and strengthen leg muscles.

From the amount of exercise, climbing is equivalent to a long distance run.

  Ascending to the horizon will always make people happy, relieve fatigue, and hone their will.

It is best to wear a lightweight sportswear with timely replenishable attenuation, band-aids, etc.

When climbing, when the altitude rises within a certain range, the hydrogen ions in the atmosphere and the negative oxygen ions of the “air vitamin” inserted are increasing, and the pressure decreases, which can promote a series of changes in human physiological functionsIt can be used as an adjuvant treatment for hypertension and other diseases, and can lower blood sugar and increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count of patients with anemia.

The level of attention is flat.

  2. Cycling Under the call of national fitness, people have stepped outside.

It’s a good idea to invite friends to ride in the countryside on weekends.

Although the recent hot weather is not suitable for this sport, if you look at the starting point, you can see that the team of fitness through cycling is growing, and the folding bicycles in the mall are out of stock.

Taking a long journey once is a test for the overall quality of the body, muscle strength, skeletal complications, and ligament softness have been improved.

The amount of exercise during cycling is not small. If you keep your speed, your heart rate can reach 150 beats per minute?
180 times / minute, enhance people’s cardiopulmonary function.

Increased attention.

  3. Skateboarding Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land.

The skateboarding crowd in Beijing is concentrated in the square in front of Wangfujing Church. If you are interested in enjoying it, you can find skateboarders here.

  About 60 years ago, residents of the beach community in Southern California made the world’s first skateboard. Today, skateboarding has combined the thrills of surfing and the casualness of street culture.
Attention has dropped slightly.

  4. Baseball is both amateur and professional sports. The baseball of the United States is the national ball of the United States. It is played on the ground with 9 players.

The bat is very hard and is a smooth wooden bat, typically 3 feet 6 inches long (1.

668 meters), the surface of the ball is wrapped in horse skin.

Baseball requires speed and strength, balance and coordination, flexibility and flexibility.

Fun gradually emerges in teamwork, so it is not a movement that reflects “individual heroism” and facilitates communication between people.

Increased attention.
  5. Shopping This is one of the most popular leisure methods for women. It is also a good aerobic exercise. With the boring equipment in the gym, you can score points. Shopping not only allows women to exercise physically, but also enjoys it.Mood is the best of both worlds. If you can find good things by the way, it will be even better!

  Women go shopping for at least two or three hours, and at least one day. Non-stop exercise can increase leg strength, consume a lot of transformations in the body, and achieve fitness effects.

  6, outdoor walking fitness scientific walking exercise, can not only fitness, but also make people fit.

Therefore, walking has become recognized as an effective and scientific fitness method. The World Health Organization also said that “the best exercise is walking.”

However, if you want to achieve the ideal exercise effect, the walking skills can not be ignored.

  First of all, you must have the correct posture when walking, such as head straight, eyes flat, trunk straight (shoulders, chest and waist slightly raised, abdomen closed), this posture is conducive to the smooth flow of meridians, smooth blood flow, so thatHuman activity is in a benign state.

  Secondly, when walking, the body’s center of gravity moves forward, arms and legs coordinate with each other, the pace is strong, natural, the stride is moderate, and the feet should have a sense of rhythm.

  Third, you need to breathe naturally during walking. You should pay attention to the technique of abdominal breathing, that is, try to exert a little force when exhaling, be natural when inhaling, and cooperate with the breathing rhythm and the pace rhythm so that you can reduce the distance when walkingFatigue.

  Fourth, pay attention to the techniques of tension and relaxation when you walk, and switch between exertion and borrowing. You can take a few steps and then take a few steps. This conversion can greatly increase the speed of walking., And will feel relaxed and save energy.

  Fifth, when walking, a foot in contact with the ground must have a “grasping” action (toe adduction), which can promote microcirculation on the feet and legs.

  Sixth, the speed of walking depends on individual circumstances.

When walking at a speed of 80 to 85 meters per minute for more than 30 minutes, the disease prevention and fitness function is most obvious.

10 tips to make you relaxed after work

10 tips to make you relaxed after work

1. Keep the work in the office. Whenever possible, do not take the work home (even if it is a last resort, work at home for no more than two nights a week).

  2. Prepare for work in advance Make a list two hours before work to find out what you must do today, and work can be left for tomorrow.

This way you have enough time to complete the task, thereby reducing the worry outside of work.

  3. Put a sundry box at the door of the residence to buy or make a large basket or wooden box, and put it at the door of the residence.

Put the briefcase or tool bag in the door immediately after entering the house, and never touch it before going out the next day.

  4. Sit quietly before eating, going to the gym to exercise, or picking up your child. Close your eyes and take a deep breath for 3-5 minutes.

Imagine drawing fresh air into your abdomen and exhaling the exhaust gas completely.

This will clear your head and relieve the stress of your work.

  5. Write down the difficulties If you encounter great difficulties at work and still cannot relax after returning home, please pick up a pen and paper.

The difficulties or unpleasantness encountered in one breath, the paper was torn off and thrown away after writing.

  6. Create a certain “ritual” for yourself. Use it as a circle to separate daily work and family life.

This kind of “ritual” can be a matter of schooling with children at the dining table, or drinking a large glass of lemon juice . 7, cleaning up the house and tidy a chaotic home will give you a sense of out of control,This magnifies the stress of the day.

Take 5 minutes to clean up your home before going to bed, and you can return to a neat and elegant home the next day.

  8. Use music to put some favorite music when preparing dinner, paying bills or doing laundry.

Cheerful, good music can add a lot of fun to your housework.

  9. Reasonably arrange housework If you want to finish all the housework overnight, you will naturally feel nervous and worried.

On the contrary, if you can arrange reasonably or leave some housework on weekends, you can make housework a relaxing means after work.

  10, enjoy on the way to work If you drive to work, you can put your favorite CD or audio book; if you are on the bus or subway, you can read a chapter of novels . In short, spend a few minutes on the way to do what you likeHelps relieve stress at work.

It’s not eyesight that kids hurt when playing iPad

It’s not eyesight that kids hurt when playing iPad

Listening to nursery rhymes, learning to draw pictures, telling stories, playing the piano . a little “Apple” has changed both the adult world and the way children teach early.

However, experts have reminded that iPad can be used as an early education tool, but it cannot replace the early education itself.

Playing the iPad for a long time does not affect the child’s vision, and may affect the child’s interest in other things. Boots affect the child’s ability to socialize.

  ● Phenomenon IPAD turned into an early education machine. Parents have doubts about the tablet computer represented by iPad, which is easy to operate and rich in application software. It is used by many influential mothers and fathers as an early education tool.

The reporter found that there are “videos for one-year-old children playing iPad” on parent-child websites and parenting forums, as well as downloads of early education applications carefully arranged by parents, and of course there are many doubts about “children falling in love with iPad”.

“Children are more than three years old this year, they will boot to find games to play, pick up the iPad and do not want to give up.

“Ms. Wu, 32, said that since buying an iPad, it has been a lot easier for her child to take the child. His son likes to draw with the iPad and learns some simple English words using the iPad.

However, in addition to the surprise, Miss Wu also had her own anxiety. The most immediate worry was that the screen shining on the iPad would affect the child’s eyesight, and the deeper worry was that she faced the various interesting pictures and games in the iPad all day.Will you lose interest in the real world in the future?

  Doubt 1 Does playing iPad hurt children’s eyes?

  Li Zhenping pointed out that more and more parents have recently consulted doctors about whether playing with the iPad will affect their children’s vision. The expert’s more consistent view is that, like computers and mobile phones, the iPad’s rapidly changing images and relatively small screens, andThe focus of the eyes during the iPad play makes the child’s eyes focus on a certain point for a long time, coupled with the immature development of the visual system of children aged three or four, it is easy to produce visual fatigue, which can cause myopia and amblyopia.

  ◎ Recommendation: Adhere to the “20-20-10” principle and reduce the impact on vision. I want to play the iPad without harming my eyes. What can I do?

Li Zhenping suggested that parents can reduce the impact of iPad on their children’s vision through posture guidance and time control.

  Correct posture: Li Zhenping said that when using the iPad, do not let the child’s head lean forward or back, straight forward, and shoulders relaxed; iPad screen should be placed about 15 degrees below the eye level, and the eyes are away from the screenShould be between 20-26 inches (0.


66 meters).

  Reasonable time: Li Zhenping suggested that you can refer to the eye rules of ordinary computers-“” 20-20-10 “, that is, let the child look at a place 20 feet (about 6 meters) away for more than 10 seconds every 20 minutes.)Relieves visual fatigue that may cause myopia in children.

  Healthy environment: Watching TV without lights will affect vision, and playing iPad without lights will also affect eyesight.

Don’t let children play with the iPad in a dark room.

When playing the iPad, turn down the brightness as much as possible.

  Doubt 2 Can IPAD be an early education machine?

  It can be a picture book or a point-reading machine. To many parents, the iPad is simply a powerful early education machine.

However, experts cautioned that the iPad can be used as an early education tool, but it cannot replace the early education itself.

  ”IPad, as an electronic product, is colorful and easy to operate, which can easily arouse children’s interest.

It can exercise the fineness of children’s finger movements, and can cultivate children’s curiosity and concentration.

“Fei Xiang, an expert in early childhood education and early childhood research, believes that although the iPad’s various software is exquisitely designed, but because it is a flat image, relying on the iPad during the early education process will cause children to recognize the three-dimensional space.

  ◎ Recommendation: You should accompany your children to play with hands-on educational toys such as building blocks and jigsaw. In Fei Xiang’s view, iPad can be used as a supplementary tool for early education, but it cannot replace the early education itself.

As a parent, you should take more time to play with your child’s hands-on educational toys such as building blocks, puzzles, and boards, and do more face-to-face interaction with your children.

Bring your children into contact with nature often to enhance children’s awareness and interest in the real world.

  Doubt 3 How to prevent children from being addicted to iPad?

  Judging from the postings and follow-ups of topics such as major parent-child websites, many parents are worried that children playing iPad for a long time will have the same risk of being addicted to playing online games.

As a doctor of clinical psychology and the mother of a three-year-old child, Li Yan believes that if a child is obsessed with the iPad, it should be the parents.

“Too many parents lose their iPads to their children because they are busy with work or save trouble. The lack of interaction between parent-child relationships and, over time, the children’s lack of interest in objects outside the virtual world will further affect their social skills.

“◎ Recommendation: Play simple and repetitive games to reduce the risk of addiction. Li Yan suggested that as a parent, the iPad should not be regarded as a” pacifier “for the child, and to avoid concern and interaction with the child, we should take its children’s possible consequences seriously.Late effects caused by physiology.

You can accompany and guide children to play iPad, enhance parent-child interaction and control the time of children’s play; also encourage children to play with other children to enhance collaboration and social skills.

In fact, try to choose some simple and repetitive games for your child to prevent the child from becoming addicted to playing iPad.

Also, avoid violent or otherwise inappropriate content in the software.

20-year-old is not as healthy as 50-year-old without exercise

20-year-old is not as healthy as 50-year-old without exercise

Core tip: A 50-year-old can be as healthy as a 20-year-old who lacks exercise. Continuous exercise is important. If you exercise when you are young, but not continuous, it is not very effective.

  It is impossible for a 50-year-old to have a 20-year-old body, but it is possible for a 50-year-old to be as healthy as a 20-year-old who does not exercise.

Researchers at the KG Jebson Sports Medicine Center at the University of Technology in Trondheim, Norway believe that exercise is more important than age when it comes to physical fitness.

  The center announced the discovery at a press conference earlier this month. Dr. Ulrik Wisloff passed the North Trondelag County Health Research (HUNT)The data found that by increasing exercise intensity, people can reduce their metabolic syndrome, thereby reducing the risk of low type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

  Dr Stien Thoresen Aspenes, who studied the relationship between maximal oxygen uptake during physical exercise and the risk of cardiovascular disease, said: “Physical condition is the most important factor in describing an individual’s overall health, almost likeA transcript.

“By analyzing 4,631 data, scientists found that young people do not represent health. Those with little physical activity have the worst cardiovascular health and often have high blood pressure, hypertension and other problems.

Their researchers recalled the well-known Dallas bed rest and training study in 1965, when researchers invited five healthy 20-year-old men to lie in bed for three consecutive weeks, and found that their maximum oxygen uptake decreased by 27%.
Thirty years later, these people gained an average weight of 23 kilograms, doubling their body weight slightly, and their maximum oxygen uptake was only 11% lower than at the age of 20 (in ambulatory experiments).

  Experiments in Norway have further proved that 50-year-olds can be as healthy as 20-year-olds without exercise, so scientists have also found that the amount and intensity of exercise are key.

In terms of maximum oxygen uptake, exercise intensity is the most important.

Short-term exercises such as multiple sprints are more effective than at least the same degree of time. Therefore, the current intermittent exercise (interval training) is a fast way to improve physical fitness.

  People with low maximum oxygen uptake are more likely to have cardiovascular problems than those with high oxygen uptake.

Scientists also point out that continuous exercise is important. If you exercise when you are young, but not continuous, it is not very effective.

Dr. Wislov said: “You must maintain your exercise habits in order to gain health benefits as a result.

“A recent news breakthrough proves the point of view of scientists. At this week’s Canadian Marathon, 100-year-old Fauja Singh scored 8 hours 11 minutes 5.

9 seconds to complete 42.

The entire 2km race was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and became the first centenarian to complete a marathon.

The elderly Xin He revealed that his secret is to eat lightly, drink tea, eat toast and curry.

God spit: life is too mourning, why not punk?

God spit: life is too mourning, why not punk?

Some recent news, it is very strange – women chasing “Yan Wei Raiders” staying up late, applying three masks to hydrate one night.

I will not be able to tell whether this is a TV drama advertisement or a mask advertisement. I will check it later. This is the so-called punk health.

For example, there are news reports that a 22-year-old female college student in Chongqing does not sleep at 3 am, and she applies five masks to save her face during the day.

It’s the deepest night, the most masked. and punk.

The 27-year-old girl had higher blood lipids, so she changed the fried potato chips into fried mountain fried and fried kebabs into fried broccoli.

In order to lose weight, walk for 15 minutes to buy milk tea.

“Punk XX”, this little word is quite fresh, meaning: the pattern of death and sorrow and death.

Wait, isn’t this a trick to die?


The principle of renewal of contemporary young people – the conclusion is that drink the strongest wine and go to the best hospital for rescue.

There is also a bunch of derivative “punk XX”.

Don’t say that you are a Buddhist youth.

Are you getting more and more Buddha?

No, you are getting lost.

Life makes you see, what is difficult to live.

After all, you live in a world of billboards that run through the sky.

After the Yueqing Shun Windmill incident, Didi has already gone offline, and you think that you are sitting on the Didi Express, is the car safe?

You think DDT is dangerous and you can quickly uninstall it.

But what do you think you can use?

I have an accident. Cao Cao’s car is not worrying. The entire car market is in a mess. You think, what car to drive, drive!

When you think about it, what car is driving, ride a bike!

When you bite your teeth, what kind of car do you ride, walk!

Life is difficult.

As a woman, it is especially difficult.

The central media remind us all the year round: women don’t go out alone, women don’t wear short skirts to go out late at night, women don’t get drunk in gatherings outside, and so on.

Both are 8012 years old, still reminding women that this is not, then don’t you?

What we oppose is never to remind women.

It only reminds women, but does not remind those who hurt women!

In this society, they are not willing to let go of you.

Hungry, takeaway, surprises – there are surprises with horses on the trip – there are surprises with the trip – go to the movies to encounter metamorphosis – take a train to metamorphosis – sing a KTV encounter metamorphosis – renting a room with formaldehyde exceeding the standard – open the room is nervous -Let’s do it. Even if you don’t do it, you can’t help some people knock on the online keyboard – this is an era of capitalization.

You don’t stick the mask around the night, work overtime, there is no sadness or disappointment; you can’t meet the dragon brother on the road, the accident is there, don’t come or go; . your death is caused by anxiety about social insecurity.Incapable of controlling your own life.

Are you downgrading your consumption?

The news tells you that there is a lot of fakes.

Do you consume less?

The news tells you that counters routinely counterfeit luxury goods and are married?

Pay taxes, second child tax.

Are you not married?

Pay taxes, single tax.

. Life is not wanting your money, life is wanting your money and life.

Do you want to fall in love?

AIDS and other diseases are no longer prohibited from getting married, find out.

Do you want a divorce?

Divorce for a month of cooling off, find out.

Do you want to apply?

Professor of the Chinese People’s Public Security University said: The state should give women a three-year parenting period.

Do you want to fight for a career?

Professor of South China Normal University said: It is also a job to bring a good child at home. It is recommended that women take maternity leave for one year.

. It’s cool, let the Republic’s leeks turn yellow.

You live this life, the end of the natural Buddha.

You saw such a paragraph – the most devastating life is: Erqing is your wife, Yuan Chunwang is your pursuer, Ziling is your sister, Fan Shengmei her mother is your mother, Anjia and your husband.

This is the most perfect death, and you can’t survive if you die. You can do it except hahahahahahahahahaha?

It’s not safe to wear food, clothing, and food. Relatively, you can’t do anything about it.

Today, I saw the news of Exposure XX. You forwarded it to the circle of friends: Well, you are still alive.

Those of us who are mourning young people have already exhausted their efforts.

We can only continue to play games at night, and continue to watch the sand sculptures in the day, hahaha, eat takeaway, hold a mug, drink sputum, apply a mask, sip, rent a house, tell yourself: today is happy againA full day!