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Wangfujing (600859): 2Q19 revenue rises month-on-month, speeds up new stores, and pressure on profits

Wangfujing (600859): 2Q19 revenue rises month-on-month, speeds up new stores, and pressure on profits

The company released its 2019 Interim Report on August 31.

In the first half of 2019, the company realized revenue of 134.

22 ppm, an increase of ten years.

69%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

99 ppm, a decrease of 7 per year.

48%; gross margin decreased by 0 in ten years.

2pct to 21.


Diluted grain income is 0.

9 yuan, return on net assets 6.

27%, net inflow of operating cash1.

4.9 billion.

Brief comments and investment recommendations.


1H19 revenue increased 杭州夜网论坛 by 1.

At 69%, the growth of Olay’s business has been significant, and its overall gross profit margin has declined slightly.

1H19 company revenue 134.

22 ppm, an increase of ten years.

69%, 1Q / 2Q each increased by 0.

21% / 3.

44%; Ole’s rapid business development led to the company’s revenue increase, the second quarter revenue increased by more than 30% in ten years;

8%, the passenger orders increased slightly, the growth rate, the passenger flow decreased slightly, the decline decreased quarter by quarter; the gross profit margin fell by 0.

2pct to 21.

04%, of which 1Q increased by 0.

02pct, 2Q drops to 0.

47 points.

Specifically, (A) division, the department store / shopping mall is still the company’s main format, 1H19 revenue fell 1.

67% to 104.

55ppm, gross profit margin rose by 0.

34 武汉夜网论坛 points to 17.

59%, revenue share decreased by 2.

66 points to 77.

9%; the Ole format has become an important driving force for the company’s growth, with revenue growth of 22.

8% to 21.

48 ppm, gross margin decreased by 0.

38pct to 10.

58%, revenue share increased 10 years.
75pct to 16%.
(B) By region, North China still generates the highest income, with an income of 42.

31 ppm, a decrease of 0 per year.

55%; Northeast China has the fastest income growth due to the impact of the new growth Spring Ole, with an annual increase of 74.

2% to 6.

55 ppm; Northwest revenue growth4.

79%, southwest, central, and southern China exceeded the decline by 2.



24%, little change in East China.

The gross profit margin in the southwest region was 18%, which was basically flat. The gross profit margin in the northeast and east China regions decreased significantly, increasing by 5 respectively.


51pct; the gross profit margin of Northwest China and Central China increased slightly; the gross profit margin of North China and South China declined slightly, but remained above 15%.

(C) In terms of categories, the growth of sports and cosmetics is higher. The growth of Olle Sports has increased by nearly 31%, and that of department store cosmetics has increased by more than 18.


In terms of different types of business, women’s clothing, makeup, jewelry, men’s clothing and sports products are the top five categories of goods sold in department stores, accounting for 66% of the total sales.


Among them, makeup, jewelry, and sports categories maintained rapid growth; sports, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and luggage categories were the top 4 types of products sold by the Olay format, accounting for 85% of total sales. Except for the slight decline in luggage categories, other categories continued to grow.

The store expansion continued to advance, and the national network layout was actively operated.

① Opening: Nanchang Wangfujing Shopping Center opened on June 28, with a total construction area of 230,000 square meters and a leased area of 18.

40,000 square meters with a lease term of 20 years.

② Contract signing: The company is actively planning the northwestern region and plans to establish Xining Wangfujing Xinqian Shopping Center in Xining, Qinghai, with a total leased area of 8.

90,000 square meters with a lease term of 20 years. The company is expected to open in the second half of this year.

③ Preparation: Foshan Wangfujing Shopping Center project is still in the construction stage, and the company expects to complete and deliver in 2020.


1H19 expense ratio increased by 1.

25pct, effective tax rate increased by 3.

54 points.

1H19 expense ratio increased by 1.

25pct to 14%, mainly from the increase in the financial expense ratio; due to the decrease in interest income, the increase in index expenditure caused the financial expense ratio to increase by 1H

2pc, of which interest rate income as a percentage of income decreased by 0.

95pct, interest rate expenditure as a percentage of income increased by 0.

22pct; sales expense ratio decreased by 0.

11 points to 10.

46%, of which the utility rate and rental fee rate have each decreased by 0.


16pct; management expense rate increased by 0.

17 points to 3.

65%, of which wages and surcharge rates rose by 0.
35 points.
The effective income rate increases by 3 every year.

54 points to 27.

73%, 1Q / 2Q each increased by 3.


51 points.


Profits are falling year by year.

At 6%, net profit attributable to mothers decreased by 7.

5%, excluding recurring effects, and the estimated profit dropped by 8%.

1H19 profit fell 4 year-on-year.

6% to 9.

7.2 billion, of which 1Q / 2Q each fell 7.


05%, a significant improvement in the second quarter; net profit attributable to mothers decreased by 7 year-on-year.

5% to 70,000 yuan, of which 1Q / 2Q each decreased by 11.


76%; Excluding interest income from large certificates of deposit in 1Q18, the profit and loss of fair value changes in 1H19 Beichen Industrial, we calculated that profit in 1H19 decreased by 8%, and 1Q / 2Q each decreased by 5% / 10%.

Maintain judgment of the company.

The company has a total of 52 stores, covering seven national economic regions, 22 provinces, 32 cities, with a total construction area of 2.83 million square meters. It is a nationally distributed department store with a small number of shares. The governance structure is optimized.Innovate with the direction of Outlets, and develop in-depth joint ventures in commodity operations, self-operated and private brand development.

We believe that the company’s main business platform has solid performance, reasonable store order distribution, and healthy and stable financial conditions.

Update profit forecast.

Net profit is expected to be 11 in 2019-2021.

800 million, 12.

8 ppm, 14 ppm, -2 year to year.

2%, 9%, 9%, EPS 1 each.

51 yuan, 1.

65 yuan, 1.

8 yuan.

Considering that the company, as a national department store, has made progress and effects in the transformation of commodities, customer capacity building and industry innovation, as well as the ability and opportunity to promote industry integration, referring to the scale of peer companies, we give 2019 net profit.12-15 times PE, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 18.


7 yuan, given the “preliminary market” rating.

Risk reminders: the incubation period of new stores is prolonged; the risk of competition pressure; the progress and effect of transformation are lower than expected.

Zhejiang Dingli (603338) Quarterly Review: Product structure is expected to optimize profitability and continue to improve

Zhejiang Dingli (603338) Quarterly Review: Product structure is expected to optimize profitability and continue to improve

Core point of view: Quarterly changes in demand and significant improvement in gross profit margin. The company released a quarterly report and achieved operating income in 19Q1.

84 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

44%, showing a certain fluctuation; net profit attributable to mothers1.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.

13%; net profit after deduction of 10,000 yuan, an annual increase of 48.


The operating net cash flow in the first quarter improved by at least 16.24 million yuan, mainly due 青岛夜网 to the increase in cash received from sales of commodities; the comprehensive gross profit margin was 42.

89%, an increase of 5 a year.


In the first quarter, due to the exchange loss caused by changes in exchange rates, the company’s financial expense ratio was 1.

61%, an increase of 0 every year in the same period last year.


At present, the Sino-US trade contradiction has continued to ease, and the subsequent overseas sales growth has returned to the foundation. Considering the procyclical nature of the company’s products and downstream investment, it is expected that domestic sales will remain relatively strong in 19 years, driven by the strong domestic infrastructure and start-up.High growth.

In the future, the product structure is expected to be optimized. The product structure of the company that is worth looking forward to for investment projects is still based on the scissor type. As the industry develops and the construction scene changes, the demand for high-value-added arm products is gradually increasing.

According to the annual report, the company’s sales of arm-type products in 20182.

07 million yuan, an increase of 98 in ten years.

55% will become the company’s main force in the future.

According to the annual report, the company ‘s fund-raising project “Large Intelligent Aerial Work Platform Construction Project” has completed the main plant construction work, and is currently in the middle and late stages of construction and equipment procurement. After completion, the company will greatly enhance its high-end intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We forecast the company’s EPS to be 2 in 19-21.



03 yuan / share, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 27/20/15 times.

Driven by the recovery of domestic industrial and infrastructure investment in 19 years, the company’s performance has continued to increase under the background of an improving overseas export environment. The company’s products are internationally competitive, and new product mass production and overseas expansion will continue to exert momentum.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother will increase at a compound growth rate of 37% in the next three years. Based on this, we give the company a 33-year reasonable PE valuation of 33 times, and the corresponding reasonable value is 92.

73 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: the risk of fluctuating demand in the downstream market; the environmental risk of international trade; the risk of fluctuating raw material prices; the risk of increased market competition.

Desai Battery (000049) Company Research: 5G Enables New Growth in the Battery Industry

Desai Battery (000049) Company Research: 5G Enables New Growth in the Battery Industry

Specific events.

Desay Battery announced the 19Q3 quarterly report and achieved revenue of 52.

110,000 yuan, an increase of -3 in ten years.

12%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

69 ppm, an increase of 19 in ten years.


  From the beginning to the present, Desai has achieved a total revenue of 125.

400,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.

25%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

390,000 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.


  Actively improve the expense ratio, and exchange gains and losses optimization gives the company higher growth.

According to the company’s 19Q3 quarterly report, the company’s 2019?
Total financial expenses for September were 1.

750,000 yuan, compared with 8.

28 trillion, the fluctuation range is as high as -78.

82%, which was mainly due to exchange gains and losses caused by changes in exchange rates and changes in the structure of foreign currency assets.

We calculated that the exchange loss profit and loss for the company in the single quarter of 2019Q3 is 武汉夜网论坛 contributing 20 million to 30 million yuan.

  The demand for battery capacity continues to rise. As the subsequent driving force for 5G, the battery industry is growing again.

With the iteration of mobile phone updates and gradual function, the demand for mobile phones has gradually increased.

This time we can see that the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 (and Pro series) has increased compared to the previous generation. The iPhone 11 ProMax has an increase of about 25% over the iPhone Xs Max battery capacity.

If Apple releases a 5G mobile phone next year, 5G’s battery capacity requirements may further increase, and for the corresponding Pack business, the increase in battery capacity is positively related to ASP, so we believe that the battery pack industry in the smartphone sector will continue to grow in the future.
  The share of the Android camp may continue to grow, while benefiting from the hot selling trend of Android phones, and the expectation that next year may be a consumer electronics year, we believe that the growth of the battery industry and Desai may be visible.

Part of the company’s high growth in 19H1 was due to changes in the customer’s share. At the same time, the downstream Desai, which is the upstream customer, has seen its sales rise.

This time the company’s revenue and profit growth we believe that the expansion of its customer market share also contributed to this.

At the same time, next year will be the first wave of replacements after the 5G attack, and it is not only a simple capacity increase, but also a small increase brought by the replacement wave (compared to 2017 and 2018)).

  In summary, we believe that from the industry perspective, the increasing demand for battery capacity is an inevitable trend. At the same time, the renewed investment in the replacement wave driven by 5G will give the battery industry a greater growth momentum;From the perspective of the company, it constantly controls the expense side, while focusing more on the power battery business.

We believe that the development of Desai in the later stages will continue to be beautiful.

  Risk Warning: Downstream demand is less than expected.

Jin Xinnong (002548): New controlling shareholder joins the company to help the company’s pig development

Jin Xinnong (002548): New controlling shareholder joins the company to help the company’s pig development
1. A large number of industries brought by African swine fever have developed, and this round of pig cycle is expected to exceed historical cycles. This round of African swine fever has exceeded market expectations for capacity reduction.According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in March 2019 the number of fertile sows in the market fell by 1 month-on-month.2%, down 21% in the previous period, the current cycle of de-capacity production is much larger than in the past, and the capacity is still being de-chemicalized, and the production efficiency caused by the expansion of the epidemic is reduced (MSY declines due to intensification, and the weight of the release is reduced in advance)The highest pork gap in the current cycle is expected to reach 1,000 pounds. The rise in pig prices is expected to continue for 2-3 years. The peak price of pigs is expected to exceed 25 yuan / kg, and some regions will reach 30 yuan / kg. 2. The division of labor between new and old shareholders is clear, and the company has gradually entered a new stage of development. In January 2019, Dacheng Xinnong, the former largest shareholder of the company, signed a contract for the transfer of the company’s equity with Bay Area Liankong, and the company’s control changed. The new controlling shareholder Bay Area Liankong is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bay Area Industry Finance, with financial strengthAnd abundant industrial resources.The new shareholders are responsible for capital and fund support, the old shareholders do a good job of R & D and management, and the new and old shareholders will join hands to guide the company’s development into a new stage. 3, the company’s pig development era is coming! 1) Sufficient breeding pig reserves: The company entered the breeding pig breeding field through mergers and acquisitions of high-quality breeding pig enterprises Wuhan Tianzong and Fujian Yichun, and then continued to increase investment to further improve the breeding layout.After the environmental retirement in the second half of 17 years, the company’s ability to breed sows has reduced to about 20,000 heads, of which the GGP core group has remained at about 2,200 heads. In addition, with the stable epidemic situation in the Northeast region, the Northeast Tieli Project has gradually entered pigs.According to the plan, the Northeast Tieli project will increase 2000 GP sows in the future, 1.440,000 PS sows. 2) Self-supporting and self-supporting are the main, supplemented by the custody business: The company’s fattening is mainly self-supporting and self-supporting, including Northeast Tieli, Nanping, Fujian; In addition, the company’s subsidiaries have newly expanded (the company directly holds 75% of the shares) to launch pigsThere are four fully managed pig farms in 西安耍耍网 2018 (a total of 6,113 sows in stock), and the total number of pigs sold under the fully managed model was 9.580,000 heads. 3) Expected period for new shareholders to support the company’s funds: At the end of 2018, the company’s asset-liability ratio rose to 63%. Although it is classified as a high level with listed companies in the same industry, considering the possibility of successive conversion of convertible bonds and the support of new controlling shareholders,The company is still expected to have potential for expansion. Taking into account the company’s original breeding pigs, the binary sow inventory is relatively excessive, combined with the development of Northeast Tieli and other projects, we estimate that the company’s slaughter volume (including trusteeship) will be about 55/100/2 million in 2019-2021. 杭州桑拿网 4. Investment suggestion: We expect the company to achieve revenue of 32 in 2019-2021.75/44.63/69.690,000 yuan, achieving net profit attributable to mothers1.08/4.92/9.880,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.26/1.17/2.34 yuan / share.Considering the company’s future growth and pig boom cycle, 10-15 times PE is given in 2021, with a target range of 23.4-35.1 yuan, “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: Epidemic risk; Expansion of production capacity is less than expected; Pig price does not meet expectations; Raw material price risk; Goodwill impairment risk; Fund chain break

Estun (002747): Downward performance of companies under pressure from automation industry pressure

Estun (002747): Downward performance of companies under pressure from automation industry pressure

In 2018, the margin of the prosperity of the automation industry became weak, and the company’s performance growth was under pressure, in line with expectations. The current improvement of the industry is still not obvious, and the manual increase level is maintained.

Investment Highlights: Analyst: The company’s 18 revenue and net profit increased by 35 respectively.

72%, 8.

79%, in line with expectations.

As the improvement of the current automation industry is still not obvious, the company’s performance growth will continue to be under pressure, reducing the EPS for 2019-2020 to 0.

15 yuan (the original value is 0.

18 yuan), 0.

19 yuan (originally worth 0.

20 yuan), plus 2021 EPS is 0.

24 yuan, maintaining the target price of 10.

80 yuan, maintaining a prudent overweight rating.

The results of the company’s 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report were in line with expectations.

①The company’s 18-year income and net profit are 14.

6.1 billion / 1.

1 billion, an increase of 35.

72%, 8.

79%, the company’s revenue and net profit in the first quarter of 19 were 3.

2.1 billion / 0.

1.9 billion, an increase of 6.

21%, 4.

78%, performance growth continued to be under pressure, in line with expectations; ② In terms of business, in 2018, the growth of automation core components and motion control system products business increased.

60%, of which motion control and AC servo system products grow 50% each year; industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing systems business maintained rapid growth, an increase of 50 compared to the same period last year.

28%; ③ The growth rate of net profit in 2018 is lower than the growth rate of income mainly from two points. One is the increase in labor costs caused by the transfer of middle and high-end management talents such as research and development, sales, and production. The second is due to the impact of the macroeconomic environment in 2018.The tightness of funds brings the interest rate uplink caused by the increase of indexing costs, and the total financial expenses for 18 years are zero.

3.9 billion, an increase of 0 from 17 years.

24 billion.

The profit growth rate of the downstream manufacturing industry improved rapidly and significantly, and the automation industry continued to be under pressure.

The prosperity of the industrial automation industry is highly related to the growth rate of downstream manufacturing profits. Since the second half of 2018, there has been no change in the growth rate of profits in downstream manufacturing. At present, there has been no significant marginal improvement. The company’s main 深圳spa会所 robot is automation.The industry’s important carrier, revenue and profits will continue to be under pressure.

Catalyst: The profit growth rate of downstream manufacturing industry continued to improve.

Risk warning: Industrial robots enter a price war.

5 minutes of sleep beauty every day

5 minutes of sleep beauty every day

Work pressure is high, sometimes even feel tired, but what can’t I do if I can’t sleep or sleep properly?

So, let’s share the beauty formula of “Sleeping Beauty” now.

  Now a very popular phrase: “I’m going to sleep my beauty sleep.

“It doesn’t seem to be popular for no reason, full sleep is the most effective and cost-effective maintenance method.

Modern women seem to suffer from sleep. In fact, sleep is essential for a person’s body and beauty. It can be said that no cosmetics or diet can have a greater effect on skin health than sleep.

  Achieving the perfect “beauty sense” with contoured skin rest can promote the division of skin cells.

During the day, the most vigorous time for skin metabolism is in the evening, especially around 10pm to 2am.

If you get better sleep at this time, you can speed up the skin’s metabolism and delay the skin’s aging.

  1. Don’t miss sleep at night, especially from 10pm to 2am.

If you miss it, you are missing a good time for skin metabolism.

  2. Clean the skin before going to bed, otherwise the dirt will block the pores, the blood cannot reach the surface of the skin sufficiently, and the skin cannot be fully rested.

  3, can not sleep with makeup too much, cosmetics will bring a burden and tension on the skin, will dry the skin, is not conducive to the skin to rest fully.

  4. Give the skin sufficient nutrition.

The skin that has been cleaned and maintained before bedtime has a particularly strong absorbency. Therefore, before bedtime is a good time to provide skin nutrition, you can apply some nutrition cream such as night cream.

  5. Get enough sleep.

When you sleep, relax and fall asleep, do not stay up late, because staying up late will most easily lead to skin fatigue and aging.

  6. Keep comfortable humidity in the room before going to bed.

Moderate moisture in the air can ensure that the skin is not too dry. You can use a humidifier to add water vapor to the air.

  7. Massage your face gently before going to bed.

Gradually massage from the center of the face to the surrounding area to accelerate blood circulation in the face and promote metabolism.

  ”Detox-free” women are the most beautiful.

Because the body has regular detoxification, lack of sleep can disrupt the entire detoxification process.

From the body detox schedule, 21:00?
23:00 is the detoxification of the immune system; 23:00?
1:00 in the morning is detoxification of the liver, which needs to be performed in deep sleep; 1:00 in the morning?
3:00 is detoxification of the large intestine; 7:00 in the morning?
9:00 is the time when the small intestine absorbs a lot of nutrients.

Arranging sleep for different detox steps can make you beauty during sleep.

  Cosmetology is not just a simple sleep. It can often be a cosmetology. Without expensive cosmetics, the skin can be beautiful.

Master good sleep techniques to make rosy complexion fall asleep easily.

  1. Wash a comfortable hot tub before going to bed and deep clean the facial skin.

  2, the posture of sleep must be correct, the quality is high.

  3. Listening to sleep music can bring a good mood of peace and comfort.

  4, add some soothing spices in the water or use aromatherapy.

  The new beauty point of sleep beauty is from 11 pm to 5 am, which is the peak period of skin cell growth and repair. The skin care product absorption rate will be double that of daytime.

Therefore, there are day and night skin creams. Night skin care products focus on nourishing and accelerating metabolism. Moisturizing and ingredient concentration are higher than day creams.

You can also use a “supplementary” sleep mask during sleep. If you are afraid of a semi-dry gel-like mask that affects your mood before falling asleep, you can apply it an hour before bedtime and allow enough timeIt’s dry.

However, if it is a paper film type mask, do not apply “level one”, because the moisture at both ends will be drained together!
  Unlike normal masks for 15 to 20 minutes, sleeping masks focus on moisturizing. They are not as effective as softening cuticles, but their nutrients and moisture can be matched with night creams. Therefore, they can be used as fragile lips and eyes before sleep.Skin.

Sleeping masks often use Vitamin E, honey, rose hip extracts to repair the skin and enhance moisture. Therefore, many white-collar workers like to apply a sleeping mask for ten minutes after washing their face at night to supplement the skin’s water loss during the day. The effect is excellent.

  Tips: Full sleep is the first condition to keep the skin moist, delicate, and youthful.

Through life practice, many people have felt that good sleep can be described as a beauty master.
But when people stay up all night, the night will be dark, and the skin wrinkles will increase.

This is due to lack of sleep, various regulatory activities of skin cells are hindered, poor blood circulation, too little water and a small amount of secretion, and the skin is prone to dryness and wrinkles.

On the contrary, a person has sufficient sleep, which not only allows the mind and body to rest adequately, but also allows the skin cells to spend various adjustment activities, so that the nutrients needed by the skin can be replenished during sleep, so that talents can have healthy skin and have a refreshed spirit.feel.

The fast-paced life in modern society has a lot of work pressure, and some people do not have the normal schedule.

For beautiful women, if you want to have beautiful and healthy skin, please enjoy your “beauty”.

Beautiful legends about the Chongyang Festival

Beautiful legends about the Chongyang Festival

Like most traditional festivals, Chung Yeung Festival has ancient legends.

  According to legend, during the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a Plague Demon in Ruhe. As soon as it appeared, people would fall ill and people would die every day. The people in this area suffered from the Plague Demon.

  A plague killed the young Hengjing’s parents, and he almost missed a hit because of his illness.

After recovering from illness, he said goodbye to his beloved wife and folks, and decided to go to visit Xianxueyi to get rid of the plague for the people.

Hengjing visited the teachers to find out, visited famous mountains and scholars from all over the place, and finally found out that there is an oldest mountain in the east, and there is a mana with immense power. Hengjing is not afraid of the danger and the long distance. Under the guidance of XianheFinally, he found the high mountain and found the immortal man with a magical power. Immortal was moved by his spirit. He finally accepted Heng Jing and taught him the sword of demon demon sword.

Heng Jing spent a lot of sleep and forgetting hard work, and finally practiced an extraordinary martial art.

  On this day, Xianchang called Hengjing and said, “Tomorrow is the ninth day of September. The plague will come out again to do evil. You have learned your skills and you should go back and kill the people.”

Xianchang gave Hengjing a packet of dogwood leaves, a cup of chrysanthemum wine, and secret teaching to avoid evil, and let Hengjing ride home to ride the fairy crane.

  Hengjing returned to his hometown. On the morning of the ninth day of September, according to the instructions of Xianchang, the folks were led to a nearby mountain, and each person was given a piece of dogwood leaves and a cup of chrysanthemum wine to prepare for demons.

At noon, after a few strange calls, the plague rushed out of the Ru River, but the plague just rushed down the mountain and suddenly smelled the scent of dogwood and chrysanthemum wine. Then the mole stopped and his face suddenly changed.The monster sword chased down the mountain, and in a few rounds, the sword of Wen Moshen was killed, and the custom of ascending to avoid disease from the beginning of September in September was passed down year after year.

Liang Jun Wu Jun has recorded this in his book “Xi Qi Xie Ji”.

  Later, people called the custom of climbing the Chongyang Festival as a disaster-avoidance activity.

In addition, in the traditional concept of the Central Plains, Shuangjiu still has a long life and a healthy longevity, so the Chung Yeung Festival was later established as the Talented Elderly Day.

Easy to throw off the small belly with bare hands

Easy to throw off the small belly with bare hands

Many men who sit in the office for a long time will be injured for their small belly. In fact, there are many small tricks for meat dumplings. The most healthy one is exercise.

  Today, what the editor recommends to you is a set of effective simple freehand exercises arranged for white-collar men by sports medicine experts. As long as you practice 2-3 times a week, the flesh of the lower abdomen will be polished, and there will be beautiful muscle lines.Appear, hurry up and learn.

  The specific methods are as follows: 1.

Lie on your back with your feet tightly together, and lift up 10 cm, keep this action for about 10 seconds, then put your feet down, repeat this set of exercises 50 times, the effect is more ideal if done 100 times.


Lie flat with your feet together, bend your knees, place your hands behind your head, rotate and align, face up, raise your head slightly, look at your knees, and move your head 50-50 times.


Sit forward on the chair with your upper body straight, twist the chair with both hands tightly, point your feet together, lift up behind your face, enter the support for 10-20 seconds, then lower it. Repeat this set of exercises 100 times.

4 medicated meals for patients with hypertension

4 medicated meals for patients with hypertension

Hypertension is more common in primary hypertension, and belongs to the “dizziness” and “headache” areas of Chinese medicine.

If you adopt a healthy diet, depending on your physical condition, supplemented with medications can help you cure the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine is usually divided into four types of disease: liver-yang hyperactivity type, yin deficiency-yang hyperactivity type, yin-yang deficiency type, and spleen deficiency and liver-growth type.

  Liver-yang hyperactivity type: manifested as dizziness, headache, redness of the face, palpitations, irritability, dry mouth, dry mouth, constipation, yellow urine, yellow fur and shaojin, and strong pulse strings.

This is because the liver qi is upside down, the principle of diet should be “pingganxifeng”.

药膳举例如下:   菊楂钩藤决明饮   [原料] 杭白菊6克,钩藤6克,生山楂10克,决明子10克,冰糖适量。   [制法] 将钩藤、山楂煎汁,约500毫升,冲泡菊花,调入冰糖,代茶饮。   [特点] 本品中菊花、决明子清肝明目而降血压,山楂活血化瘀可降血脂,钩藤清热平肝,可治头目眩晕,对于肝阳上亢、头目眩晕者,最为适宜。   Hyperactivity of yin deficiency and yang: manifested as dizziness, tinnitus, malaise, insomnia and more dreams, five upsets and fever, weak waist and knees, red tongue and less moss, pulse strings, thin

This is due to the lack of liver blood and kidney essence to prevent yang.

因此食疗原则应“育阴潜阳”,药膳举例如下:   夏枯草煲猪肉   [原料] 夏枯草20克,桑椹20克,牡蛎20克,猪瘦肉250克,酱油、盐等适量。   [制法] 将夏枯草及牡蛎煎汁,猪肉切块,将煎汁与猪肉同入锅中,用文火煲汤,至七成熟时,加入桑椹、酱油、盐、糖等调料,继续煮至肉Overcooked, the juice is concentrated to serve, eat meat and mulberry.

  [特点] 本品中夏枯草苦、辛,性寒,有清肝热、散郁结、降血压作用。Oysters are beneficial for Yin and Yang.

Mulberry is sweet and cold, has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, while pork is sweet and salty, rich in animal protein, has liver and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and nourishing deficiency.

The various flavors are combined to have the effects of nourishing yin and yang, nourishing blood and nourishing essence.

For elderly hypertensive liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness and tinnitus are good food therapy.

  Yin and Yang Deficiency: Appearing as loss of appetite, pale complexion, soft waist and legs, polyuria at night, headache and tinnitus, cold and weak limbs, pale tongue, thin pulse strings, and weakness.

This is due to the disease caused by kidney essence, it is appropriate to nourish kidney essence, nourish qi and nourish blood.

药膳举例:   海参淡菜瘦肉汤   [原料] 淡菜(贻贝肉,又称海红)40克,海参(鲜)100克,瘦猪肉200克,海带(干品)10克。   [制法] 将淡菜洗净,海参切段,猪肉切小方块,海带泡发洗净切丝备用。Put mussels and pork into the pot, add water, use wuhuo first, then change to simmering fire. When stewed, add sea cucumber, kelp, and salt to the full amount.

  [特点] 本汤中的淡菜性味咸温,入肝肾经,具有补肝肾,益精血作用。The sea cucumber has a salty and warm taste, enters the heart, and has a kidney meridian.

Kelp tastes salty and cold, enters the liver, spleen meridian, has the functions of clearing away heat and water, and softening and dispersing, and its alginic acid has a hypotensive effect, which has been confirmed by research.

Pork lean meat is a product of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, so the various substances cooperate with each other to help Yang Runzao, nourish the kidney, and have a tonic effect for those who have headache, tinnitus, and limb weakness.

  Spleen Deficiency and Liver Prosperity: Dizziness, heavy head, weak body, slightly swollen limbs, chest tightness or spitting, when walking, such as stepping on cotton, swollen legs, fat tongue, slippery pulse strings.

This is because the spleen is weak and the phlegm is hot and hot, and the phlegm is turned upside down.

Therefore, it is advisable to enter the diet of spleen, liver and phlegm, dryness and expectoration.

药膳举例:   加味海蜇拌香芹   [原料] 海蜇皮100克,芹菜50克,陈皮3克,半夏6克,盐、糖、麻油、醋适量。   [制法] 将海蜇皮切丝,芹菜洗净,水焯后切丝,陈皮、半夏煎汁浓缩成30毫升。Put jellyfish skin and celery in a plate, add decoction and sesame oil, vinegar, a small amount of salt and sugar, mix well and serve immediately.

  [特点] 海蜇皮性平味甘咸,归肝、肾经,治阴虚痰热,可化痰消积除湿。Celery has a sweet and cold taste, can calm the liver, clear away heat, and relieve dampness.

Chenpi, Pinellia ternata is the main component of “Erchen Soup”.

The above flavors match each other to achieve spleen, liver and phlegm elimination.

Regular consumption is beneficial to lower blood pressure.

  In short, patients with hypertension should be “picky”, control staple foods, eat less high-calorie foods, reduce salt for frying, eat less animal feces, high cholesterol foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, increase seafood intake, and develop healthEating habits.