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Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Butterfly Effect

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and “Butterfly Effect”

There is such a great man in the modern history of China. He used to be a western doctor. When he was suffering from liver cancer and the medicine was ineffective, he was advised to try Chinese medicine.
It was not surprising that he did not want to.
His willingness to abandon treatment is also his right. Strangely for his reasons, he said: “Of course, Chinese medicines are effective, but diagnostic knowledge is lacking.
Can’t diagnose, how to take medicine?
No need to serve.
“He is Sun Yat-sen.
  In contrast, another cultural celebrity in modern Chinese history has become more sensible in this regard.
He is Hu Shi, the character of the May 4th New Culture period.
  Hu Shi was a heavyweight who opposed Chinese medicine in the early 20th century.
In his youth, he studied in the United States for many years. He was deeply influenced by western ideology and culture and advocated a total westernization in politics.
He advocated the new culture passionately, and strongly believed that Chinese medicine was unscientific.
However, what happened later caused Hu Shi to change some of his prejudices towards Chinese medicine.
In November 1920, Hu Shi suffered from nephritis. He was treated with western medicine at Peking Union Medical College Hospital for a long time and was sentenced to death.
A friend suggested that he use Chinese medicine for treatment. Hu Shi reluctantly agreed, but instead he recovered.
As a result, Hu Shi lived for more than 40 years, which pushed Hu Shi into an awkward position.
On the one hand, he opposed Chinese medicine, but on the other hand, Chinese medicine cured his serious illness.
The language of any explanation before the facts appears pale.
Later, Hu Shi had to retreat and thought that “Chinese medicine is unscientific and very confused, but he can cure the disease.” In his eulogy, he hoped that “many medical practitioners are wearing varnished aprons and holding glass tubes in the laboratory.For chemical analysis, the Chinese medicine cooked in the pot is turned on the table with ancient medical books such as “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Thousand Gold Recipes”, and “Outside Taiwan Essentials”.What exactly is it?
Why is there such a big effect?
“Tan Hu Shi’s disease was cured by TCM, but he did not think that TCM was scientific. He still hoped to use the Western medicine test method to prove the truth of TCM treatment. Of course, he would be disappointed.
What is the reason?
Because these are two completely different treatments, different tests must be used.
In fact, if the Western reanalysis and empirical thinking mode is simply regarded as the only scientific way of thinking, and it is used to test the eastern systemic thinking and the theory of yin and yang balance, the conclusion is of course that Chinese medicine is unscientific.
It can be said that the scale used to test Chinese medicine is wrong, not that it is wrong.
There is nothing in Chinese medicine that has to be said by mice and rabbits.
Of course, no one can be omniscient and have a blind spot of knowledge.
The purpose of science is to seek truth.
Since “practice is the sole criterion for testing truth,” then medicine that cures disease should be scientific medicine.
The truth of objective existence is not based on whether people admit it, but on practice.
  I have a real case here.
A 40-year-old patient named Zhang had a tumor behind his orbit.
At that time, the attending doctor proposed local surgical treatment and chemoradiotherapy.
Although chemoradiation has reduced the mass, the condition has been repeated.
Later she considered surgery.
However, due to the special location of the tumor, it must be removed by craniotomy, and the risk is greater.
How to do?
She hurried to find us with the idea of trying.
We gave her dialectical treatment, but the direction of the treatment was not for the eyes, but for the liver.Because “the liver opens its eyes to the eye”, the liver meridian is connected to the eye system, so the physiology and pathology of the eye are closely related to the liver.

After half a year’s Chinese medicine conditioning, the patient’s mass began to gradually become smaller. Finally, it was not necessary to enhance the CT, which was difficult to find, and so far there were no symptoms of discomfort.

After experiencing this disease, he has since believed in Chinese medicine.

Many cases like this can be found in our practice.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treats people as an organic whole. In this organic whole, the prosperity, decline, and alignment of the internal organs are expressed on the surface of the body through media such as essence and blood fluid. Smart Chinese medicine can often learn from pulses, tongue coating, eyebrows, hair, skin, Minor changes in body surface such as palm lines, nail color, etc., diagnose diseases in the body. This is the magic of TCM.

This theory of traditional Chinese medicine does not arise out of thin air, it originates from the laws of nature.

American meteorologist Edward Lorenz has proposed a famous “butterfly effect” theory. Simply put, a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, a month later.

The way in which the world of Vientiane is connected is magical and subtle, they affect each other and form each other.

The same is true of the human body, hair, nails, ears . everything outside the body reflects the condition of the body.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. After years of practice, the conclusion, the theory sublimated, and formed its own unique theoretical system.

She has played a very important role in the thousands of years of medical care, prosperity, and prosperity for the Chinese nation, and has established indelible historical feats.

Only by truly understanding TCM can we know the greatness of TCM.

  It is hoped that the modern “Hu Shi” are those who will not only stick to prejudices, but also tolerate the traditional Chinese medicine when they have health problems.

What a bad stomach is for you

What a bad stomach is for you

People with weak constitutions often suffer from stomachaches due to exogenous wind chills and internal trauma and cold eating, especially in late autumn and early winter.

Here are a few effective prescriptions for patients to replace.

  1.Cumin, dried ginger, woody scent of 5 grams, licorice 6 grams.

Decoction, one dose daily.

  2.3 grams of male cloves, 5 grams of persimmon, 9 grams of tangerine peel.

Decoction, one dose daily.
This side deals with hiccups.

  3.50 ml of high-grade liquor is placed in a small bowl, and an egg is beaten. The liquor is ignited, the wine is dried, and the eggs are cooked. Eat once on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lighter 1?
2 times, heavy 4?
Can be cured 5 times.

  4.Fennel and orange kernels are aliquoted. After frying, grind into fine powder, take 5 grams of warm boiling water to brew.

For stomach pain or once before breakfast and dinner.

This prescription uses yellow wine to infuse and treat oliguria and kidney ache.

  5.Dogwood, Amomum villosum, Ginger, Pinellia ternata, Codonopsis, Divine Comedy, 3 grams each, 3 jujubes.

Decoction, one dose daily.
  6.Wash one piece of raw pork belly, slice 15g of old ginger, put it in the belly, stew or steam, and add 2 soup?
Finished 4 times.

This prescription can cure stomach ulcers.

Three major solutions to large pores


Three major solutions to large pores

According to a survey, among the five signs of aging: rough, dull, fine lines, sagging, and pigmentation, sagging is the skin problem that is most easily overlooked and has the least reversibility.

Enlarged pores are usually the first sign of skin sagging.

Don’t assume that all large pores are caused by oil secretion.

First, you need to determine the cause of your pore problem.


hzh {display: none; }  测试  你的毛孔衰老了吗?  □ Carefully observe the cheeks on both sides of the nose, and the pores are clearly visible.

  □ Mixed skin, but even in winter, there are still obvious blackheads.

  □ Have problems with adult acne.

  □ If you do not apply toner immediately after washing your face, your skin will become extremely tight.

  □ The pores are narrow and long, and they are straight or drop-shaped.

  □ I feel the skin is not very elastic, especially when I wake up in the morning, the wrinkles on the side near the pillow are particularly noticeable.

  □ Compared to the skin on the back of the hand, the cheek skin is not very delicate to the touch.

  □ The cheeks tend to have small red spots or some unfortunate small blackheads.

  □ Always bathe in hot water above 38 ° C.

  □ Make cleansing mask more than twice a week.

  If more than two of your answers are “yes”, be careful, your pores may be aging.

The more positive answers, the more serious the problem of pore aging.

  Pore type: Horny pores are large. Features: T-shaped parts are often oily, and pores are black.

  Explanation: This situation is caused by the stratum corneum inserting into the pores, the poor metabolism of the old keratin on the skin surface, opening the pores apart, and even the old keratin around the pores falling into the pores, mixing with the sebum accumulated in the pores to form a hornThe solids of the plugs slowly accumulate and become larger, eventually expanding the pores.

When the corner plug develops on the skin surface and comes into contact with the air, it will oxidize and blacken, and the black particles that cause people’s attention will appear, which is called blackheads.

Sebum secretion is strong, excess oil is produced, and cleaning work can not keep up, will produce pores appear thick and shiny.

  Anti-aging methods for pores: pay attention to adjusting oil-water balance, and exfoliate if necessary.

Use a lotion and lotion that balances oil secretion and cleans pores every day.

Deep cleansing with exfoliating products every week, massage with massage cream.

Pay attention to massage and exfoliation so as not to burden the skin.

After exfoliating, the skin is completely unguarded, so be sure to repair it with a lotion in time.

  Pore type: Dehydration type with enlarged pores Features: reduced skin moisture and sebum, easy to dry and long wrinkles; enlarged pores on the nose opening.

  Interpretation: If the pores are sometimes okay, sometimes they are very large, and it is more obvious when no lotion is used, then your pore problem must be related to dryness and lack of water.

In the absence of water, the stratum corneum at the opening of the pores becomes thinner, making the pores dilated and noticeable.

In addition, as the skin ages, the loss of collagen near the openings of the pores, damages the support system around the hair follicles, and expands the pores.

Anti-aging method of pores: moisturize and tighten pores.

  When the skin becomes dry, the moisture in the stratum corneum decreases, making the skin around the pores look as if they are sunken, and shadows appear, which makes the pores that were originally inconspicuous become noticeable and enlarged.

To prevent sebum pores, we should give skin extra moisture.

In addition to using a lotion, lotion and serum with high water retention capacity, apply a moisturizing mask.

  Features: Pores are narrow and long, straight or drop-shaped.

  Interpretation: With age, collagen and elastin inside the body become slim and fragile, unable to effectively support the skin, causing the skin around the pores to shrink and sag, and the pores gradually expand to appear water droplets.

  Anti-aging methods for pores: 1. Do basic cleaning, full moisturizing and sun protection.


Choose skin care products that can increase collagen, elastic fibers and shrink pores in order to improve the large pores that have formed.


For nasty blackheads, you can choose products containing silicon or some added light-modifying ingredients, and the brakes make the skin look smooth and supple.