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Hualan Biological (002007) 2019 performance preview comment: blood products slightly lower than expected rapid growth of vaccines

Hualan Biological (002007) 2019 performance preview comment: blood products slightly lower than expected rapid growth of vaccines

Event: On January 6, the company announced the 2019 performance forecast and expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers12.


USD 6.7 billion, an annual increase of 10% -20%.

  Guoyuan’s point of view: Blood products sector: industry supervision tends to be more rigorous, 2019H2 performance is slightly lower than expected blood products demand-side boom, 2019H1 overlapping inventory digestion impacts high plate growth.

Except that Jing Bing has not yet fully opened for sale, the remaining products have entered the low inventory stage.

The growth rate of pulp extraction in the industry is rapid, and the number of replenishment stations is reduced. It is expected that the growth rate of pulp extraction in 2019 will be <10%, and the trend may continue into 2020. At the same time, affected by emerging events in early 2019, the industry's supervision has become stricter, and the actual rate of improvement of the slurry rate has affected the supply level. According to the company's three quarterly report and annual performance forecast expansion, the blood products segment revenue was 27. 6 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years. 52%, slightly lower than market expectations of 15%. The company has been newly approved for Chongqing Liangping Pulp Extraction Station, and at the same time promoted the new process of human fibrinogen. It is expected that next year, it is expected to continue to maintain a performance increase of more than 10% in blood products. Blood products enter the expected job cycle of funding, or it is expected to increase the price of single products.   Vaccine sector: The awareness of influenza has improved, and the high business climate is still there. The preliminary calculation of the convergence of the subsequent pipeline is to estimate the revenue of the vaccine sector at 10. 5 ppm, an increase of 31% in one year, and net profit is expected to be 3. $ 800 million, an increase of 42% per year. According to our collation of the batch approval data, as of December 29, 2019, the company has issued a total of 836 batches of 4-valent influenza vaccine. 08, 000, 3 valent influenza vaccine expired and issued 457. A total of 270,000 ACYW135 meningitis polysaccharide vaccines have been issued. 400,000, is expected to confirm the income of more than 8.1 million four-valent influenza vaccine, three-valent influenza vaccine more than 3 million. Popular flu awareness has increased and demand for tetravalent flu vaccine is high. The company has two 15 million vaccine production lines. It is expected that the production schedule will be further adjusted according to market demand. It is expected that the 4-price production schedule next year is expected to exceed 12 million and the 3-valent flu vaccine is slightly replaced. At the same time, the company's Baibaipo combined vaccine and human rabies vaccine will also be approved for listing, and the vaccine pipeline will continue to increase.   Investment advice and profit forecast The demand for blood products is booming, the growth rate is stable for six months, the awareness of influenza vaccine is increasing, and the high growth of production is accompanied by the realization of production capacity. In view of the slight 厦门夜网 adjustment in the growth rate of the blood products sector, we have slightly lowered the company’s profit forecast. It is estimated that the operating income for 19-21 will be 38.



30 ppm, an increase of 18 years.

75% / 21.

08% / 17.

40%, net profit attributable to mother 13.



34 ppm, an 18-year increase.

64% / 21.

57% / 17.

67%, EPS trim is 0.

97 (-0.

10) / 1.18 (-0.

11) / 1.

39 (-0.

10) Yuan / share, corresponding to PE is 33/27/23, and the target price is reduced to 40.

0 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk warnings: less than expected pulp extraction, product safety risks, policy risks

Lixun Precision (002475) Interim Report Commentary: Multi-domains go hand in hand and performance grows sharply

Lixun Precision (002475) Interim Report Commentary: Multi-domains go hand in hand and performance grows sharply
Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, with revenue (214.410,000 yuan, +78.29%), net profit attributable to mother (15.02 billion, +81.82%). Investment points: Last year, the market acceptance of new products has been continuously improved, and operating cash flow has increased significantly.In terms of products, the company’s consumer electronics accounted for 77 in the first half of the year.71% of revenue (166.6.2 billion, +99.32%), communication interconnection products and precision components accounted for 7.22% of revenue (15.480,000 yuan, +52.21%), computer interconnection products and precision components accounted for 6.69% of revenue (14.340,000 yuan, -12.81%), automotive interconnection products and precision components accounted for 4%.97% of revenue (10.6.6 billion, +46.32%), other connectors and other businesses accounted for 3.42% of revenue (7.3.2 billion, +164.17%).In the total number of reports, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 19.24%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.46%, net cash flow from operating activities (41.880,000 yuan, +95.51%).The average expectation of performance growth lies in the impact of new product production in the first half of last year. The growth rate of performance is relatively small. In the first half of this year, the products have gradually been recognized by the market and the growth gap has been different.1) The motor belongs to the new product series in 2018. Since entering the mass production stage, indicators such as yield have been highly recognized by core customers.2) There is room for improvement in the transfer of acoustic products in the supply chain in the previous year. Phased improvements in this year’s improvement appear.3) The growth of communication products mainly includes interconnection products (high-speed connectors, high-speed cable assemblies, etc.) and base station radio frequency products (base station antennas, filters, etc.). The company’s base station radio frequency products have completed the conversion from incubation period to growth period. The company continues to improve its operating efficiency, reducing costs and increasing efficiency by improving the overall financial management system and controlling operating costs.Its specific measures include continuous strengthening of internal accounting periods and inventory management, and continuous improvement of automation and IT system capabilities.At the end of the reporting period, the balance of accounts receivable of the company was 88.710,000 yuan, a decrease of 20 from the end of the previous year.30%.For fixed assets, the company expanded its strictly controlled capital expenditure and fully utilized the efficiency of the invested equipment.Operating expenses expense 10.69%, a decrease of 1 from the same period last year.52%.In addition, through the rapid growth of the company’s operating income and profits, the continuous optimization of the accounts receivable period and the timely transfer of taxes and fees, the company reported a ROE of 9.24%, an increase of 3 over the same period last year.05%. The company’s layout of automotive, communications business, and intelligent manufacturing 北京桑拿 extends to wearable products.Luxion Precision has gradually penetrated the automotive electronics business in the past few years, and the communications business has also expanded to RF products, optoelectronic products and Internet products in the field of corporate communications.In terms of wearable devices, the penetration of wearable devices will gradually increase, and the volume of products will continue to increase.The company intends to publicly issue convertible bonds to raise funds of no more than 3 billion U.S. dollars. It is mainly used for the technical transformation and expansion projects of intelligent mobile terminal module product production lines, and the technical transformation and expansion projects for smart wearable device accessories.New equipment projects and supplementary liquidity projects.The 天津夜网 company develops its business from a long-term perspective, actively lays out the industrial chain, and attaches great importance to the company’s long-term cultivation of transition materials and innovative production technologies, including materials, equipment and applications.The company’s R & D investment in 2019H1 (15.78 billion, +69.21%), and the gradual development investment in the past three years reached 49.8.9 billion.The company and core customers have established several advanced technology development laboratories, which mainly develop and research cutting-edge technologies such as dispensing, AOI appearance inspection and welding.The company is gradually becoming a global benchmarking enterprise leading the precision manufacturing industry. Investment suggestion: In the future, the hardware of the communications industry will develop toward integration and miniaturization.In the technological progress from 4G to 5G, base stations are moving towards multi-port and multi-wave number trends. The continuous penetration of connected cars and intelligent driving will also increase the requirements for technology and precision manufacturing of parts.The company’s existing components, modules and system solutions have completed the construction of the overall development framework and the layout of core products, which are the basis for subsequent performance growth.We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 39.89 billion, 53.2.4 billion and 68.3.8 billion, EPS is 0.75 yuan, 1.00 yuan and 1.28 yuan, corresponding to PE is 27, 20, 16 times.According to 29 times PE in 2020, the corresponding target price is 29.00 yuan / share, given a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: The company’s export products account for a large proportion and there is exchange rate risk; the company’s customer concentration is high, and the business conditions of the large customers affect the company’s overall order conflict

Dongjiang Environmental Protection (002672): The performance is less affected than expected by expenses and impairment but has strong sustainable development

Dongjiang Environmental Protection (002672): The performance is less affected than expected by expenses and impairment but has strong sustainable development

Event: On March 29, 2019, Dongjiang Environmental Protection released its 2018 annual report, which stated that the company achieved operating income of 32.

84 ‰, an increase of 5 per year.

95%; net profit attributable to mothers4.

08 billion, down 13 a year.

83%; realized basic income of 0.

47 yuan.

Opinion: Net profit attributable to mothers has decreased for two consecutive years, and expenses and impairment have dragged down performance.

The company’s performance is mainly based on three factors: 1) the demand for resource-based products has declined, and the operating income of resource-based products in 2018 was 12.

28 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

96%, the growth rate was less than expected, while increasing the growth of harmless business; 2) the company ‘s cost increased due to the impact of environmental protection regulatory standards and the continuous increase in raw material prices;Factors such as increased depreciation and financial expenses, provision for impairment losses, and provision for impairment losses on some assets other than goodwill have affected the company’s operating performance to a certain extent, leading to the company’s net profit growth.
The project has abundant reserves and production capacity is still climbing.

In 2018, the company has completed three construction projects: 1) 9500 tons / year incineration project disposal and operation of Shaoguan renewable resources, 8 tons / year copper sludge resource utilization project completed construction; 2) the company’s first PPP hazardous waste disposal projectXingye Dongjiang has completed the construction and put into production, and the processing qualification is called incineration 2 / year and landfill 3.

35’s / year, materialized 1.

5 per ton and 3,000 tons of resources per year; 3) The construction of Shandong Weifang Blue Ocean Project is completed. The project design scale is incineration 6 per year / physicalization 12 1 / year and resource utilization1.

59 lowest exchange rate / year, from the beginning of the year to 2019 to contribute to income.

In addition, the company has a large number of project reserves. The company expects to increase the disposal capacity of 25 indicators by 2020, and the 杭州夜网 long-term disposal increase will be more than 50.

Holding Fulong Environmental Protection, entered the hazardous waste market in Foshan.

The company has twice acquired 51% equity of Fulong Environmental Protection since 2017, and paid a total of 1%.

3.7 billion.

Fulong Environmental Protection is currently responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive industrial solid waste utilization and disposal project in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The project received an EIA approval in March 2016, and approved the construction to deal with hazardous wastes annually4.

Every year, among them, the comprehensive treatment project has been completed and obtained the “Hazardous Waste Business Permit”, which approved the total collection, storage and utilization of hazardous waste.

97 lowest exchange rate / year, the project has been put into operation; the incineration 无锡桑拿网 3 indicator / year project is in the construction stage and is expected to be completed and put into operation at the end of 2019.

The acquisition of the company is based on optimistic prospects for the vast hazardous waste treatment market in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and the important layout significance of the Fulong environmental protection incineration project, which further deepens the company’s strategic layout of the main hazardous waste business in the Pearl River Delta region.

The proportion of state-owned assets has further increased, and the company’s uncertain factors have finally come to an end.

With the increase of Guangsheng Company and the transfer of equity of Huihong Group, the company’s state-owned holding ratio exceeded 30%. The company’s board of directors elected Tan Kan as the new chairman.

Mr. Tan Kan has worked in the Shenzhen Municipal Human Settlement and Environment Commission and the Pollution Prevention and Control Department of the Shenzhen Water Affairs Bureau, and has extensive experience in environmental management.

The company completed the coaching change, and the uncertain factors that violated the company fell into place, and it will enter a new stage of development in the future.

Liangxin Electric (002706): Revenue growth picks up as scheduled and future demand is expected to increase

Liangxin Electric (002706): Revenue growth picks up as scheduled and future demand is expected to increase
The revenue growth rate in the single quarter has improved significantly. The non-profit growth has been significantly increased. The company announced the first quarter report for 2019, and the company achieved revenue in the first quarter3.810,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.14%, year-on-year growth rate increased compared to the fourth quarter of last year.69pct, distorted the trend of gradual slowdown in each quarter since last year.In the first quarter, the company achieved zero net profit attributable to its mother.43 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.88%, the net profit of non-returned mothers is zero.390,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.44%. The difference is mainly due to the decrease in government subsidies and investment income received by the company compared with last year. The gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the company with good cost control had a gross profit margin of 39 in the first quarter of 2019.61%, with a ten-year average of 1.21pct, first of all, the company’s first quarter of the new energy power generation product bookings increased, but the gross profit margin of such products decreased. The company’s overall expense ratio was 26 in the first quarter.50%, down 2 each year.04pct, in which the sales expense ratio, management expense ratio and research and development expense ratio decreased by 1.02, 0.49 and 0.43pct, better overall cost control.The company’s R & D expenses in the first quarter were zero.32 ppm, an increase of 11 in ten years.59%, R & D expenses8.47%, R & D has maintained a higher level. Downstream new energy and real estate are progressing better, and future demand is expected to increase. The company’s continued increase in revenue in the first quarter mainly benefited from the improvement of the downstream new energy industry’s prosperity and the continuous increase in large real estate customers.Looking at the future demand, according to the statistics of the Bureau of Statistics, the growth rate of new real estate construction area from January to March 2019 was 11.9%, investment growth rate was 11.8%, leading real estate companies will expand their 北京桑拿洗浴保健 deterministic targets, and the company’s share in key large customers is expected to continue to increase; new energy generation policies are gradually clear, and cost reductions have significantly increased parity projects, and installed capacity is expected to continue to increase;In the start-up year of 5G construction, the company’s communications products are expected to continue to benefit.The company began to build a Haiyan base in 2019, mainly producing components and electronic products, molds, and injection molded parts for low-voltage electrical appliances, which will effectively enhance the company’s overall industrial chain layout and overall profitability. Investment suggestion As a domestic leader in the field of high-end and low-voltage electrical appliances, the gap between the company’s technical level and international brands has gradually narrowed, and the 苏州桑拿网 advantages of prices and services have gradually emerged, and the prospect of domestic substitution is optimistic.We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 2 in 2019-2021.77, 3.37 and 4.160,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.0%, 21.4% and 23.4%, corresponding to 20, 16 and 13 times the current expected PE.Taking into account the company’s industry category in the domestic mid-to-high-end low-voltage electrical field and the company’s estimated situation in the industry, the company’s compound growth rate for the 2019-2021 three-year period22.5%, giving the company a PEG equal to 1 corresponding to a 23x 2019 valuation, and a reasonable value of 8 was determined.05 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks prompt macroeconomic growth rate; real estate industry policy adjustments; new energy investment is less than expected.

Jiechang Drive (603583) Company Research Report: Xiao He Only Revealed The Sharp Blue Ocean Brewing New Growth

Jiechang Drive (603583) Company Research Report: Xiao He Only Revealed The Sharp Blue Ocean Brewing New Growth

Key points of investment: Leading companies in the domestic linear drive industry: The company’s main products are composed of linear drive system actuators, lifting columns, supporting controllers and other components. They are widely used in medical, smart office, smart home and other equipment intelligent control fieldsThe company’s products are mainly direct sales and export sales. The first three quarters of 18 achieved revenue7.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 55 in ten years.

34%, net profit attributable to mother is 1.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.


Global market size 16.

6 billion US dollars: According to the GLOBALACTUATOR MARKET data released by the world-renowned research company TECHNAVIO, the global linear drive market size in 2016 was 16.

6 billion US dollars, is expected to grow to 23 by 2020.

200 million US dollars, annual compound strength is 6.

9%, the market prospect is good; North America’s linear drive market share accounts for the entire global 21.

8%, the Asia-Pacific region represented by China and India has growing demand for smart products.

The industry’s competitive environment is good, with multinational companies as the main participants: the linear drive industry is an emerging industry in the rising period. At present, the main competitors in the market can be divided into international suppliers and local suppliers. The domestic market is still in the market development period.The competition is fierce. The main competition is for Danish and German companies. International suppliers form industry barriers through patent layout, brand effects and distribution channels. Domestic suppliers continue to increase efficiency and respond quickly to increase market share.

The core competitiveness of R & D technical capabilities: Linear drive products are customized non-standard products. The product’s operating stability, performance, and quality are also closely related to the company’s technology research and development capabilities. The company is committed to independent innovation and expanding research and development investment, among which technology has a leading edge.; The company entered the linear drive 四川耍耍网 product manufacturing industry earlier, and obtained a superior level of patent layout. The patent advantage was obvious, and it formed a technical research and development barrier for new entrants.

The international customer customization business is a breakthrough point: the company’s ability to respond quickly is enhanced. The delivery period of large foreign companies after receiving orders usually takes 6-8 weeks. The company’s delivery period is generally within one month or even a few weeks.Production; The company can compete with foreign companies in sensor technology, synchronous control technology and network technology. The company seizes the opportunity of customer customization to rapidly expand the international market.

Earnings forecast and rating: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 18-19 years will be 2.

5, 3.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 61 in ten years.

4%, 28.

3%; corresponding to the PE of 18-19 years is 30 times, 23 times, we give the company 25-30 times PE estimates for 19 years, the reasonable value range is 67.


3 yuan, given “Excellent” rating.

Risk warning: customer development in overseas markets is less than expected, and raw material prices fluctuate.

What to do about my girlfriend vanity and love money-

What should I do if my girlfriend is vanity and loves money?

Although most men can accept their girlfriends to spend their own money, men with such a generous view of “my money should be spent” are really rare. Only about 15% of men think that spending money is a woman’s nature.It is normal for a girlfriend to spend her boyfriend’s money.

But if you really make a girlfriend who “burns money” and you don’t want money to “destroy” your relationship, what should you do?

  1. Make more money to make her happy and hard work. Making hard money is the most direct way. Whoever makes you feel good about your relationship, you should try to satisfy her.

Make her happy?

From another perspective, this can be regarded as a driving force to promote their efforts to develop their careers.

  2, step by step temptation, good words persuade 35% of men to predict beloved girlfriends spend money in a gradual manner.

There are always shortcomings in people, and it is actually the same when it comes to economics. As long as you think that you are based on true feelings, then you can know her reasoning and persuade her to improve.

Of course, it may not be able to achieve immediate results, the main effort is still slowly infiltrating in private.

  3. About 10% of men who dare to say NO in person said that if there is too much repetition or too much expenditure, it is better to refuse on the spot.

In fact, as a girlfriend, you should know the financial situation of your boyfriend.

If you make an unreasonable request even when your boyfriend’s economic conditions are not good, then as a man, you can clearly express your position and do not worry about conflict.

If the other person is emotionally focused, you should quickly understand your principles in this regard.

  4. Set an amount for the wallet. This is a way to manage the table.

If you are in the mood and don’t want your girlfriend to notice this sensitive topic positively, you can control the cost of each date. The amount should be based on your actual affordability.

It is recommended to leave a little margin at the beginning, if you bring too little, you will be accused of being stingy, and the consumption level of your girlfriend over time will naturally be controlled within a certain range.

    5, roundabout tactics, delay time This method is only applicable to when a girlfriend buys those products that are not needed, because no matter who it is, they will instantly buy things that are not actually needed, especially women.

At this point you can use some gentle resignation to divert her attention. Generally, she will not insist afterwards, but you must be careful not to give her any obvious promises, because then it will become a disappointment for you.Keep your word.

  6, bitter plan for the soft-hearted girl, you can choose this way.

When your girlfriend spends money, don’t move first. After she is satisfied, you can use some bitterness to suggest how the other party has reduced your food and clothing. Compare your generosity to her, such as eating instant noodles and taking her to the most.Cheap stalls to buy clothes for themselves.

In this way, she will condense her consumption soon, and gradually you will be more concerned about it.

  7, humor implies that this matter may not be so serious, you can easily express your opinions with some jokes, presumably the other party will not be so awkward to accept it.

For example: “Dear, I will satisfy you for everything you want!

It ‘s just that this year ‘s budget has been used up, and I am now applying to the bank to adopt a wife loan!

Or “Dear, tell you a secret, I spent the money on diamond rings in the future. You see, we can use‘ cans ‘instead at the wedding?

8. Only a small part of men broke up because they were impatient with his girlfriend’s habit of spending money.

Most of them are people who have limited income and live a more frugal life, so they think that their girlfriend’s spending money is vanity, and they have no ability or interest to support them.

If you belong to this kind of man, it is recommended to go in two steps: first deal with your relationship indifferently, because some girls are just confused, they are still aware of love in their bones, and will not end a relationship casually, but if your yellow cardWarning no mission, then it’s time to decide to break up.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Butterfly Effect

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and “Butterfly Effect”

There is such a great man in the modern history of China. He used to be a western doctor. When he was suffering from liver cancer and the medicine was ineffective, he was advised to try Chinese medicine.
It was not surprising that he did not want to.
His willingness to abandon treatment is also his right. Strangely for his reasons, he said: “Of course, Chinese medicines are effective, but diagnostic knowledge is lacking.
Can’t diagnose, how to take medicine?
No need to serve.
“He is Sun Yat-sen.
  In contrast, another cultural celebrity in modern Chinese history has become more sensible in this regard.
He is Hu Shi, the character of the May 4th New Culture period.
  Hu Shi was a heavyweight who opposed Chinese medicine in the early 20th century.
In his youth, he studied in the United States for many years. He was deeply influenced by western ideology and culture and advocated a total westernization in politics.
He advocated the new culture passionately, and strongly believed that Chinese medicine was unscientific.
However, what happened later caused Hu Shi to change some of his prejudices towards Chinese medicine.
In November 1920, Hu Shi suffered from nephritis. He was treated with western medicine at Peking Union Medical College Hospital for a long time and was sentenced to death.
A friend suggested that he use Chinese medicine for treatment. Hu Shi reluctantly agreed, but instead he recovered.
As a result, Hu Shi lived for more than 40 years, which pushed Hu Shi into an awkward position.
On the one hand, he opposed Chinese medicine, but on the other hand, Chinese medicine cured his serious illness.
The language of any explanation before the facts appears pale.
Later, Hu Shi had to retreat and thought that “Chinese medicine is unscientific and very confused, but he can cure the disease.” In his eulogy, he hoped that “many medical practitioners are wearing varnished aprons and holding glass tubes in the laboratory.For chemical analysis, the Chinese medicine cooked in the pot is turned on the table with ancient medical books such as “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Thousand Gold Recipes”, and “Outside Taiwan Essentials”.What exactly is it?
Why is there such a big effect?
“Tan Hu Shi’s disease was cured by TCM, but he did not think that TCM was scientific. He still hoped to use the Western medicine test method to prove the truth of TCM treatment. Of course, he would be disappointed.
What is the reason?
Because these are two completely different treatments, different tests must be used.
In fact, if the Western reanalysis and empirical thinking mode is simply regarded as the only scientific way of thinking, and it is used to test the eastern systemic thinking and the theory of yin and yang balance, the conclusion is of course that Chinese medicine is unscientific.
It can be said that the scale used to test Chinese medicine is wrong, not that it is wrong.
There is nothing in Chinese medicine that has to be said by mice and rabbits.
Of course, no one can be omniscient and have a blind spot of knowledge.
The purpose of science is to seek truth.
Since “practice is the sole criterion for testing truth,” then medicine that cures disease should be scientific medicine.
The truth of objective existence is not based on whether people admit it, but on practice.
  I have a real case here.
A 40-year-old patient named Zhang had a tumor behind his orbit.
At that time, the attending doctor proposed local surgical treatment and chemoradiotherapy.
Although chemoradiation has reduced the mass, the condition has been repeated.
Later she considered surgery.
However, due to the special location of the tumor, it must be removed by craniotomy, and the risk is greater.
How to do?
She hurried to find us with the idea of trying.
We gave her dialectical treatment, but the direction of the treatment was not for the eyes, but for the liver.Because “the liver opens its eyes to the eye”, the liver meridian is connected to the eye system, so the physiology and pathology of the eye are closely related to the liver.

After half a year’s Chinese medicine conditioning, the patient’s mass began to gradually become smaller. Finally, it was not necessary to enhance the CT, which was difficult to find, and so far there were no symptoms of discomfort.

After experiencing this disease, he has since believed in Chinese medicine.

Many cases like this can be found in our practice.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treats people as an organic whole. In this organic whole, the prosperity, decline, and alignment of the internal organs are expressed on the surface of the body through media such as essence and blood fluid. Smart Chinese medicine can often learn from pulses, tongue coating, eyebrows, hair, skin, Minor changes in body surface such as palm lines, nail color, etc., diagnose diseases in the body. This is the magic of TCM.

This theory of traditional Chinese medicine does not arise out of thin air, it originates from the laws of nature.

American meteorologist Edward Lorenz has proposed a famous “butterfly effect” theory. Simply put, a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, a month later.

The way in which the world of Vientiane is connected is magical and subtle, they affect each other and form each other.

The same is true of the human body, hair, nails, ears . everything outside the body reflects the condition of the body.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. After years of practice, the conclusion, the theory sublimated, and formed its own unique theoretical system.

She has played a very important role in the thousands of years of medical care, prosperity, and prosperity for the Chinese nation, and has established indelible historical feats.

Only by truly understanding TCM can we know the greatness of TCM.

  It is hoped that the modern “Hu Shi” are those who will not only stick to prejudices, but also tolerate the traditional Chinese medicine when they have health problems.

What a bad stomach is for you

What a bad stomach is for you

People with weak constitutions often suffer from stomachaches due to exogenous wind chills and internal trauma and cold eating, especially in late autumn and early winter.

Here are a few effective prescriptions for patients to replace.

  1.Cumin, dried ginger, woody scent of 5 grams, licorice 6 grams.

Decoction, one dose daily.

  2.3 grams of male cloves, 5 grams of persimmon, 9 grams of tangerine peel.

Decoction, one dose daily.
This side deals with hiccups.

  3.50 ml of high-grade liquor is placed in a small bowl, and an egg is beaten. The liquor is ignited, the wine is dried, and the eggs are cooked. Eat once on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lighter 1?
2 times, heavy 4?
Can be cured 5 times.

  4.Fennel and orange kernels are aliquoted. After frying, grind into fine powder, take 5 grams of warm boiling water to brew.

For stomach pain or once before breakfast and dinner.

This prescription uses yellow wine to infuse and treat oliguria and kidney ache.

  5.Dogwood, Amomum villosum, Ginger, Pinellia ternata, Codonopsis, Divine Comedy, 3 grams each, 3 jujubes.

Decoction, one dose daily.
  6.Wash one piece of raw pork belly, slice 15g of old ginger, put it in the belly, stew or steam, and add 2 soup?
Finished 4 times.

This prescription can cure stomach ulcers.

Three major solutions to large pores


Three major solutions to large pores

According to a survey, among the five signs of aging: rough, dull, fine lines, sagging, and pigmentation, sagging is the skin problem that is most easily overlooked and has the least reversibility.

Enlarged pores are usually the first sign of skin sagging.

Don’t assume that all large pores are caused by oil secretion.

First, you need to determine the cause of your pore problem.


hzh {display: none; }  测试  你的毛孔衰老了吗?  □ Carefully observe the cheeks on both sides of the nose, and the pores are clearly visible.

  □ Mixed skin, but even in winter, there are still obvious blackheads.

  □ Have problems with adult acne.

  □ If you do not apply toner immediately after washing your face, your skin will become extremely tight.

  □ The pores are narrow and long, and they are straight or drop-shaped.

  □ I feel the skin is not very elastic, especially when I wake up in the morning, the wrinkles on the side near the pillow are particularly noticeable.

  □ Compared to the skin on the back of the hand, the cheek skin is not very delicate to the touch.

  □ The cheeks tend to have small red spots or some unfortunate small blackheads.

  □ Always bathe in hot water above 38 ° C.

  □ Make cleansing mask more than twice a week.

  If more than two of your answers are “yes”, be careful, your pores may be aging.

The more positive answers, the more serious the problem of pore aging.

  Pore type: Horny pores are large. Features: T-shaped parts are often oily, and pores are black.

  Explanation: This situation is caused by the stratum corneum inserting into the pores, the poor metabolism of the old keratin on the skin surface, opening the pores apart, and even the old keratin around the pores falling into the pores, mixing with the sebum accumulated in the pores to form a hornThe solids of the plugs slowly accumulate and become larger, eventually expanding the pores.

When the corner plug develops on the skin surface and comes into contact with the air, it will oxidize and blacken, and the black particles that cause people’s attention will appear, which is called blackheads.

Sebum secretion is strong, excess oil is produced, and cleaning work can not keep up, will produce pores appear thick and shiny.

  Anti-aging methods for pores: pay attention to adjusting oil-water balance, and exfoliate if necessary.

Use a lotion and lotion that balances oil secretion and cleans pores every day.

Deep cleansing with exfoliating products every week, massage with massage cream.

Pay attention to massage and exfoliation so as not to burden the skin.

After exfoliating, the skin is completely unguarded, so be sure to repair it with a lotion in time.

  Pore type: Dehydration type with enlarged pores Features: reduced skin moisture and sebum, easy to dry and long wrinkles; enlarged pores on the nose opening.

  Interpretation: If the pores are sometimes okay, sometimes they are very large, and it is more obvious when no lotion is used, then your pore problem must be related to dryness and lack of water.

In the absence of water, the stratum corneum at the opening of the pores becomes thinner, making the pores dilated and noticeable.

In addition, as the skin ages, the loss of collagen near the openings of the pores, damages the support system around the hair follicles, and expands the pores.

Anti-aging method of pores: moisturize and tighten pores.

  When the skin becomes dry, the moisture in the stratum corneum decreases, making the skin around the pores look as if they are sunken, and shadows appear, which makes the pores that were originally inconspicuous become noticeable and enlarged.

To prevent sebum pores, we should give skin extra moisture.

In addition to using a lotion, lotion and serum with high water retention capacity, apply a moisturizing mask.

  Features: Pores are narrow and long, straight or drop-shaped.

  Interpretation: With age, collagen and elastin inside the body become slim and fragile, unable to effectively support the skin, causing the skin around the pores to shrink and sag, and the pores gradually expand to appear water droplets.

  Anti-aging methods for pores: 1. Do basic cleaning, full moisturizing and sun protection.


Choose skin care products that can increase collagen, elastic fibers and shrink pores in order to improve the large pores that have formed.


For nasty blackheads, you can choose products containing silicon or some added light-modifying ingredients, and the brakes make the skin look smooth and supple.