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Wuliangye (000858): Steady progress in the post-100 billion era. Marketing reforms are steadily and deeply conducive to the return of brand value.

Wuliangye (000858): Steady progress in the post-100 billion era. Marketing reforms are steadily and deeply conducive to the return of brand value.

The event company participated in the 1218 dealer conference, summarized the key work in 2019 and disclosed the 2020 plan.

  In 2019, the group achieved 100 billion goals, and the company’s revenue scale exceeded 50 billion. The company’s marketing reform and digital reform have steadily advanced. In 2019, it will complete organizational structure reform and digital system launch. Digital marketing will be fully implemented in 2020. Data empowerment will promote the marketing process.Management level to support the company’s favorable and sustainable development.

  Brief comment on the successful conclusion of 2019.

Marketing organization, digital reform, and reform of the brand system have achieved good results, and successfully completed the goal of revenue. The group exceeded 100 billion, and the joint-stock company is expected to exceed 50 billion.

  The key reforms of the company in operation are three aspects: 1) In the marketing organization, the main brand has completed organizational changes. The original 7 major theaters have been transformed into 21 marketing theaters, 60 bases, and a brand department has been established for series wines to complete a series of wines and fruit winesThe integration of health wines; 2) The digital initial test, the full-line code scanning system; 3) In the brand system, the eight major generations of Wuliangye have successfully replaced, and the series of wines continue to clean up the product brands.

  These reforms effectively improved the control of the company’s marketing channels, helped the price of core products to increase from the initial 800 to the current 910-930; at the same time, the digital system was implemented, and the company grasped the actual sales and operating capabilities of the channels and distributors from the data scale., The current inventory level is the highest (below 10%), exceeding the industry average of 20?
30% level.

  Deepen reform in 2020.

Digital marketing has gradually come to an end and the brand strategy has continued.

  On the basis of organizational advancement (preliminary) and digital landing (online scanning system) in 2019, the company will promote in-depth operation of data. Through in-depth analysis of channels and terminal data, the company will: 1) strengthen the detailed management capabilities of the theater, and promote marketing and marketing.Reorganize the organizational process, reduce the size of the headquarters and balance, and control the sales data of the merchants in the theater size; 2) Optimize the merchant structure, increase the number of traditional dealers, strengthen the support for group purchase customers, focus on supporting service-oriented dealers, and realize the matching of business quotas and capabilities; 3) The data is linked to the KPIs of employees and channel assessment. In 2019, the company’s rewards to dealers have reflected the trend of digitalization and quantification. The company notified the rewards of 2006 dealers, and disclosed the self-operated for major brands and wine brands in 2020.The corresponding reward clauses for brands and general distribution brands increase quantitative assessment and weaken qualitative assessment.

  In addition, in terms of product brands, the company will further improve the brand system. In 2020, it is expected to launch the ultra-high-end products 501 Mingchi Qingchi, the new 80 version of the classic Wuliang and 39 degrees Wuliangye.

  After the digital marketing is gradually and comprehensively implemented, it will 杭州夜网 help the company to improve the management level of the marketing process, meet the main points of the current approval price management, and support the steady and healthy improvement of product approval prices.

  The growth target of 2020 is rational, and the focus of work is on the quality of growth, which is conducive to the return of brand value and the company’s long-term development.

  The company disclosed that it plans to increase sales of core products in 2020 5?
More than 8%, revenue growth is more than double digits.

It can be seen that the company’s focus in the coming year is to maintain a stable rise in the approval price, relatively rational targets for volume and scale, and the continuous development of a gradual development strategy, which is conducive to the return of medium and long-term brand value 厦门夜网 and the company’s long-term development.

  The structural prosperity of the industry has continued. The company has made steady progress in the post-billion-year era, and the reform dividends are expected to release growth space.

  Driven by consumption upgrades and increased concentration of leading enterprises, the structural prosperity of the liquor industry is expected to continue, the improvement and weakening of high-end liquor leaders, the advantages of high-end liquor leaders continue to expand, and they still face structural development opportunities.

  The company is expected to achieve a group company size of 100 billion in 2019 and a joint-stock company size of more than 50 billion. In the post-100 billion era, the company will continue to deepen reforms, strengthen management and control, and reform dividends to promote sustained release: (1) productsIn terms of the main brand and series of liquor brands, the strategic direction has been established and steadily advanced. In terms of the main brand, the backbone of the eighth generation Wuliangye has been successfully replaced. Next year, it will launch the ultra-high-end products 501 Mingchi and Qingchi. At the same time, it will launch 80 classic Wuliangye and 39 degrees Wuliangye(2) In terms of channels, the price of core products for the fifth batch has risen steadily, and channel confidence has increased significantly. Through digital empowerment, the company’s channel management level is expected to continue to improve. The brand value is expected to stimulate channel vitality, and the reform dividends can be expected.

  Profit forecast and investment recommendations
The revenue in 2021 will be 505.


3, 686.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

3%, 18.

9%, 14.

2%; net profit is 179.

1, 2116.

3, 247.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.

8%, 20.

8%, 14.

6%; corresponding EPS is 4.

61, 5.


39 yuan.

The company’s latest consensus 129.

10 yuan, corresponding to 2019?2021 dynamic PE is 28.

0, 23.

2, 20.

2 times.
  Maintain target price of 166 yuan, corresponding to a dynamic PE of about 29 in 2020.

8 times.

  Risk reminder: The price of high-end wine gradually fluctuates, and the reform progress is less than expected.

China Metallurgical (601618) 2019 Semi-annual Report Review: Speeding Up Revenue and Orders Prompts Future Profit Elasticity of Nickel and Cobalt Resources

China Metallurgical (601618) 2019 Semi-annual Report Review: Speeding Up Revenue and Orders Prompts Future Profit Elasticity of Nickel and Cobalt Resources

Event: China Metallurgical Corporation released the 19th half-year report.

1H19 company revenue was 1,590.

2 billion, a year-on-year increase of +26.

1%, net profit to mother 31.

6 billion, a year-on-year increase of +8.

6%; 2Q19 company revenue was 959.

1 billion, a year-on-year increase of +35.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 13.

9 billion, a year-on-year increase of +11.


Opinion: Project contracting income, single-speed growth in the new decade: 1H19 company revenue +26 year-on-year.

1%, growth rate +2 for ten years.

7pcts; single 2Q19 revenue +35.

2%, ten years growth rate +10.

6pcts, the margin of revenue growth is upward, and the speed is obvious.

In terms of business, YoY for project contracting / real estate development / assembly manufacturing / resource development business in 1H19 was 30.

4% /-1.

0% / 14.

3% / 29.

4%, the growth rate is +2 per second.

3 / -4.

4 / -14.

7 / -57.

6pcts, the main business contracting business maintained strong growth.

Metallurgical / house building / infrastructure / other projects achieved an average double-digit growth in 1H19, of which house construction income increased by 55 year-on-year.


On January 7, 19, the company’s unit amount for the new millennium was 4,228.

9 billion, +18.

9%, ten years growth rate +10.

1pcts, strong growth.

In the past 12 months, the company’s new unit amount in the new decade totaled 7,329.

100 million, 2 of the company’s 18 years of revenue.

Five times, there are abundant orders on hand, which provides sufficient support 杭州桑拿 for maintaining rapid growth in revenue.

From the perspective of order structure, the newly-signed contract value of 1H19 project contract increased by 22.

3% to 366.5 billion, an increase of 4% of the total contract amount.

0% to 96.

1%, the newly signed project contract in 2Q19 +41.

9%, speeding up significantly.Among the new high-temperature orders for projects with a value of more than 50 million, the YoY of the new through-units for 1H19 metallurgy / house construction / infrastructure / other projects were 52 respectively.

9% / 49.

4% /-31.

0% / 22.

9%, accounting for 16.

1% / 53.

7% / 17.

9% / 12.

3%, metallurgical engineering, housing construction projects, the single-year growth rate in the new years is eye-catching, infrastructure construction affected by the macro environment caused the order growth rate to be weak, 2H19 helps to improve.

Profitability declines, 2H19 is expected to improve: 1H19 company’s comprehensive gross profit margin11.

0%, down by 1 every year.

3 items, including 2Q19 gross margin of 9.

9pcts, down 2 every year.


The decrease in gross profit margin in 1H19 was mainly due to: 1) the percentage of project contracting business revenue with a reduced gross profit margin increased significantly3.

0% to 91.

2%; 2) The percentage of housing construction business revenue with the lowest gross margin in the engineering contract business increased significantly7.

6 pieces to 46.

5%, driving the gross profit growth of engineering contracting business down by 0%.

2 points to 9.

4%; 3) The gross profit margin of real estate development and resource development business decreased by 1.


8 pieces to 27.

6%, 19.


Taking into account that the percentage of project contracting revenue exceeds historical highs, and there is little room for further improvement, the improvement of the contracting structure of the project promotes the reduction of its gross profit margin, and has led to the continuous increase in nickel prices since the beginning of this year.Judging that the 2H19 company’s comprehensive gross profit margin has a high probability margin.

In 1H19 and 2Q19, the net profit attributable to the parent companies decreased by 0 year-on-year respectively.

3, 0.

1pct to 2.

0%, 1.

9%, mainly due to: 1) Expansion during the R & D expansion period led to an increase of 0 to 1H19 and 2Q19 respectively.

7pct, 1.

4 pieces to 6.

7%, 6.

7%; 2) Changes in the provision for bad debts of accounts receivable caused changes in impairment losses as a percentage of revenue, respectively.


4 pieces to 0.

5%, 0.

2%; 3) Changes in comprehensive gross profit margin.

Considering that the R & D investment is at a historically high level, the R & D expense rate has little room for upwards, and the impairment loss affects the marginal attenuation, and the net interest rate is expected to gradually improve with the margin of the gross profit margin. Resistivity continued to decline and cash flow was good: at the end of 1H19, the company’s debt ratio and interest-bearing debt ratio were 76.

8%, 13.

9%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.

2pct, 1.

At 4pcts, the resistivity continued to decline, and it continued to move towards the SASAC’s assessment target. The interest resistance level was at a low level.

The 1H19 company’s cash-to-cash ratio was 97.

3%, 96.

3%, a year-on-year decrease of 2%.

9, 5.

4pcts, good cash flow.

Revenue from 2H19 resource development business, profit is expected to increase significantly: The core asset of the company ‘s resource development business is the Pamunea Guinea Nickel Cobalt Project, which is a world-class laterite nickel ore benchmarking project. 1H19 produced nickel hydroxide containing 16,429 tons of nickel and 1,497 tons of cobalt.Other major projects include the Pakistan Lead-Zinc Project and the Sundak Copper-Gold Project.

The average price of 1H19 copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, and zinc all decreased significantly compared with the same period in 18 years, resulting in a significant decline in the gross profit margin of this sector.

After July 19, LME nickel prices started to increase rapidly, cobalt prices initially reached a bottom and stabilized, and revenue from resource development business in 2H19 increased significantly.

Maintain the company’s A-level and H-level “Buy” ratings: As a world-class metallurgical engineering leader, the company has obvious industry advantages and significant expansion of project contracting business. At the same time, it has vigorously deployed emerging industries such as underground pipe corridors, and its performance stability has improved significantly compared with the past.The 2H19 resource development sector helps to contribute to marginal elasticity.

Maintain the company’s 19-21 year return to net profit forecast 72.



500 million, the current price of the company’s A shares / H shares 19 years of PB were 0.

6x / 0.

4x, underestimation is obvious, A shares, H shares maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: Engineering project progress is less than expected, infrastructure investment is less than expected, exchange rate risk

How long can A-share catering listed companies sustain after 500 billion losses?

How long can A-share catering listed companies sustain after 500 billion losses?

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  Original title: How long can A-share catering listed companies sustain after a 500 billion loss?

  The catering industry was affected under the epidemic.

A-share catering listed company Xi’an Catering (000721.

SZ), Guangzhou Restaurant (603043.

(SH) and others successively issued announcements on the company’s active response to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

  The China Cooking Association released a report on February 12 that the impact of the epidemic on the catering industry may be several times greater than that during the SARS period.

  Suspension of business On the evening of February 18, Xi’an Food announced that the company’s catering (hotel) stores have been suspended from January 27, 2020.

The epidemic forecast will affect the company’s operating performance in the first quarter of 2020.

  A person in charge of Guangzhou Restaurant Securities Department told reporters on the interface on February 19: “The impact of the epidemic will depend on the specific data disclosed by the following companies. The main business of Guangzhou Restaurant is divided into the catering and food sectors, and the proportion of takeaway is not large.
“At present, all restaurants of Guangzhou Restaurant have stopped serving meals, and have reserved food sales and take-out to provide catering services.

The company said that the company’s first quarter 2020 results are expected to be affected to some extent.

  Quanjude (002186.

(SZ) said on the company’s official website that there are currently 28 stores in 15 provinces, including 4 stores in Beijing and Hebei, Zhejiang, Anhui, Ningxia and other places.

  According to the data of the Evergrande Research Institute, in the 7 years of the Spring Festival, the epidemic has caused a loss of about 500 billion yuan to the retail sales of the catering industry.

  ”From the perspective of the three A-share catering listed companies, Xi’an Food is not working under normal circumstances, and it may be even worse this time the outbreak is coming; Quanjude is not working, and the dishes are not suitable for take-out; Guangzhou Restaurant may be better.

The time span this time is too long. I personally estimate that the dine-in business can return to normal after May 1st, and consumers will choose to minimize the risk.

“A food industry expert told interface journalists.

  ”I estimate that these listed companies have been affected. The influence transmission of Quanjude and Guangzhou 南京夜网论坛 Restaurant is almost a cliff-type shift. It cannot be supported by take-out. I estimate that 20% of the business volume is not bad.

“Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told reporters at the interface.

  On February 12, the China Cooking Association released the “Report on the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic on China’s Catering Industry in 2020″. The report stated that during the Chinese New Year this year, the catering industry suffered severe losses, exceeding last year’s Chinese New Year. During the epidemic, 78% of catering companies’ operating incomeThe loss reached more than 100%; 9% of the company’s revenue loss reached more than 90%, 7% of the company’s revenue loss was between 70% and 90%; the revenue loss below 70% was only 5%.

  The China Culinary Association’s research indicators are: The impact of the recent epidemic on the catering industry may be several times greater than that during the SARS period.

  Performance According to specific operating data, before the outbreak, the performance of the three A-share catering listed companies was not outstanding.

  On January 9, 2019, Xi’an Foods realized revenue3.

US $ 9.4 billion, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 2368 million; Quanjude also achieved revenue11.

$ 900 million, a ten-year average of 12.

62%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 52.6 million yuan, with an annual extension of 59.

09%; Guangzhou Restaurant’s performance is slightly better, with revenue of 24 from January to September last year.

10,000 yuan, an annual increase of 19.

60%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 3.

2.5 billion, an annual increase of 9.


  In the first quarter of the Spring Festival, from the data point of view, the proportion of the company’s ten-year net profit was 10% -50.

Between 90%.

  Guangzhou Restaurant achieved revenue in the first quarter of 20184.

4.5 billion, accounting for 17 of the total revenue.

52%, attributable net profit was 38.59 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the original attributable net profit; Quanjude achieved revenue in the first quarter of 20184.

43 trillion, accounting for 24 of the expected revenue.89%, attributable net profit was 37.18 million yuan, accounting for 50% of attributable net profit.

90%; Xi’an Food’s revenue in the first quarter of 20181.

2 trillion, accounting for 24 of the expected revenue.

19%, attributable net profit is -803 million yuan. In 2018, Xi’an Food’s statutory attributable net profit was 9.47 million yuan.

  ”Spring’s share of profits of listed companies is still relatively obvious. If the catering performance is damaged in 2020, it depends on whether there are other channels to make up for it.

I estimate that even if it can be recovered by the end of February, it will take time for consumers to recover.

“Pan Helin told interface reporters.

  Based on the data for the first half of 2019, Xi’an’s catering revenue accounted for 66% of the company’s revenue.

41%, commodity revenue accounts for 4.

96%, room income is 2.

88%; Quanjude’s catering revenue accounted for 71.

92%, merchandise sales accounted for 25.

88%; Guangzhou Restaurant Food Processing Manufacturing Company’s revenue accounted for 64.

04%, catering company revenue accounted for 38.


  Guangzhou Restaurant announced in the announcement on February 15 in response to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic: Since the outbreak, in order to meet market consumer demand, the companyThe channel meets consumer demand for the company’s quick-frozen foods, pastries, wax products and other products.

At present, the main production bases of the aforementioned foods in Guangzhou Restaurant have been fully resumed.

  From a regional perspective, the sources of income of the three catering companies are widely concentrated in regions.

Guangzhou Restaurant’s income accounted for 87 in Guangdong Province.

31%, Quanjude North China’s revenue accounted for 99%.

31%, of which Beijing is concentrated; Xi’an Food’s income accounted for 89% in Northwest China.


  Financial pressure “Unlisted companies’ missiles have signaled financial pressure to stop them. I don’t think public companies will get better.

Pan He Lin said.

  As of the third quarter of 2019, the net cash flow from Xi’an’s catering operations was -1684.

20,000 yuan.

The figure for the same period last year was 1062.

870,000 yuan.

The company’s second largest, third largest, and fourth largest shareholders’ equity are all pledged and frozen.

Finally, by the end of the third quarter of last year, Xi’an Food held 2 monetary funds.

2.5 billion.

  Quanjude’s net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters of 2019 was 8,466.

20,000 yuan, an overlap of 33 over the same period last year.


The shareholders of the company have no pledge of equity. As of September 30, 2019, the currency of Quanjude’s account was 6.

48 trillion, compared with 34 at the end of 2018.

62%, the company said that this is mainly due to idle funds to buy structured deposits.

  From January to September 2019, Guangzhou Restaurant has a net cash flow from operating activities of 7.

2.8 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year5.86%, the company’s shareholders did not pledge equity, the company held monetary funds at the end of the third quarter of the last year15.

6.2 billion.

  As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the western case dietary assets and liabilities were restructured42.

76%, Quanjude assets and debt restructuring21.

87%, Guangzhou Restaurant’s assets and debt restructuring34.

twenty one%.

  Analysis by the Air Force tourism industry indicates that the epidemic may result in a rebound in consumption.

So for the catering industry, after the epidemic, will consumers have “rebound” dinners?

  ”Consumption will usher in a certain rebound and there will be a certain amount of compensatory consumption, but the catering sector may not be.

The epidemic is still a big psychological shock to everyone. Consumer habits will change. Group gatherings will decrease. If people change their eating patterns, large chain companies may be affected.

“Pan Helin told interface reporters.

Leading Puzzle Manufacturing (002600): Consumer Electronics Platform with Borderless Expansion

Leading Puzzle Manufacturing (002600): Consumer Electronics Platform with Borderless Expansion
The momentum of expansion is rapid and the strength is constantly improved.Since its establishment in 2012, Lingzhizuo has successively acquired manufacturing enterprises such as Dongguan Lingyi, Dongtai Lingying, Suzhou Leading Technology, Shenzhen Leading, Dongtai Fuxinxin and Sanda Precision, in accordance with its main business before restructuringMerger and acquisition of the corresponding business sector of Leading Puzzle Products, expanding the production capacity of Leading Puzzle die-cutting, CNC, and stamping products; TLG (BVI) acquired by Leading Puzzle Manufacturing still assumes its original overseas trading platform function after reorganization, The acquisition of LY (BVI) has been replaced; Dongguan Xinyu acquired by Lingzhizuo continues to provide Lingzhizuo and its subsidiaries with the tools needed for production; Shijiazhuang sold by Lingzhizuo has no actual business before and after restructuring. Strong business development potential and rapid revenue growth.In 2017, the company’s operating income reached 16 billion, an increase of 32 compared with 2016.1%, the company’s operating income in 2018 was 225 ppm, an increase of 41.3%.Before 2016, the company continuously acquired other companies and continuously increased its registered capital, which led to the company entering a period of rapid development and strong growth. After the distribution in 2017, the company entered a new normal of stable development and its operating income showed a steady growth trend. Demand for smart terminals is strong and business prospects are good.From smart home appliances, tablet computers, smart phones, to smart homes, car navigation, etc., various smart 重庆耍耍网 terminal products are gradually infiltrating all aspects of people’s lives.At present, wearable devices are experiencing explosive growth; 5G development will once again trigger a rapid rise in global smartphone segmentation and bring broad market demand for the precision functional device industry. The consumer electronics market has huge space and unlimited potential.Consumer electronics products mainly include smart phones, tablet computers and wearable devices such as smart watches and smart bracelets. These products contain a large number of precision functional devices.Affected by 5G entry, the rapid development of emerging technologies such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing, the global consumer electronics market will continue to be active in the future.The continuous improvement of product 杭州夜网 performance and the rapid replacement of product appearance have further promoted the growth of consumer demand. The smart phone and smart wear market will maintain rapid growth and huge market space. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.32 yuan, 0.38 yuan, 0.44 yuan.In view of the booming downstream market, the company is in a period of continuous expansion, giving the company a 30-fold estimate for 2019, corresponding to a target price of 9.60 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating. Risk reminders: risks of industry and macroeconomic fluctuations; risks of high customer concentration; risks of changes in downstream industry demand; and operational management risks.

Why is it getting upset?

Teach you 8 tips to get rid of getting upset

Why is it getting upset?
Teach you 8 tips to get rid of getting upset

Wake up qi is usually used to describe a bad temper after getting up. It is a symptom of hypotension.

Among them, babies get upset is the most common, so why do we get upset?

What should I do if my child is upset?

Today, I will introduce some common knowledge about life of getting up.

  Why is there an upset qi1, irritability caused by physical discomfort caused by insufficient sleep.

  2, excessive excitement nightlife, such as excessive games, K song, jumping and so on.

  3. If you have something to be done the next day, then because you did not take a good rest the night before, and you have to do some planned things the next day, it will cause too much stress.

The result is impetuous psychology, which makes people’s mentality bad.

  Two situations will increase the degree of qi to get up1. Behaviors that disturb the circadian rhythm before going to bed are drinking coffee, hangover, continuous upside down exercise, staying up late, etc. These behaviors will alternately aggravate qi and even affect the mood of the next day.And work efficiency.

  2. The sleeping environment is not too bright, too dark, too cold, too hard, too soft, and too soft, which may affect the sudden change of the sleeping environment.

  8 tricks to get rid of bed qi 1, wash a warm water bath and spend 10 minutes in the warm water bath at night, can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, can naturally drowsiness, and help you sleep well.

However, it should be noted that the temperature of the bath water should not exceed 40 ° C, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

  2. Smell aromatic essential oils such as lavender, rose, camomile and other essential oils have sleep aid effect.

However, if the amount is large and the aroma is strong, it will have an adverse effect. It is recommended to put a few drops on the pillow before going to bed.

After waking up, you can smell citrus essential oils, which will help you to clear your head. Smell citrus fruits have similar effects.

  3, put a cup of water on the bed, put a glass of hot water on the bed with a thermos cup before going to bed, and drink it after waking up in the morning, which can stimulate the body to rest for a night to start working, and send a signal to eat, the human body will also be awake.

Be careful not to drink cold water.

  4. Set up a music alarm. In addition to the usual music that you like to hear, I recommend those music with cheerful rhythms, which can stimulate the brain to speed up awake.

  5, turn off the phone before going to bed Many people also use their mobile phones to send text messages and brush WeChat after going to bed, which will make the brain not relax and affect fast falling asleep.

Electronic equipment should be switched off half an hour before bedtime.

  6. Wake up and sit for two minutes. Don’t rush to get up. Sit up and lean your body first. Sit for two minutes to let the cold air outside the quilt stimulate your mind and then get up.

Put on your coat in autumn and winter seasons to avoid cold.

  7. After getting up and playing, the mobile phone will wake up and play with it for a while. Check the text message, mail or schedule by the way. The LCD screen has a striking effect, killing two birds with one stone.

  8. Eating vinegar and acetic acid can neutralize lactic acid that causes fatigue and nervousness. Eating vinegar at dinner or drinking fruit vinegar after bathing can help relax and help sleep.

But remember to gargle and brush your teeth before bedtime.

Say goodbye to thunder face and restore ruddy skin_1

Say goodbye to thunder face and restore ruddy skin

Skin is rosy and beautiful, but sometimes because of work stress or living habits, the skin looks dull and dull, so many people want to get rid of their face, how to remove it?

Now I will teach you how to get rid of the face, and help you to restore ruddy skin and make you look good.


hzh {display: none; }  苍天啊!Earth!

The house girl screamed, why did my face turn like this!

My face was pale and scarlet, with a little yellow, so how can I go out to meet people!

Mom will worry, and he will be distressed!

Although makeup can recover a little bit, but fake things are fake in the end.

  What we need is natural exposure, and what we need is a quick and easy way to retry pale faces.

At the request of the majority of netizens, Xiaobian is here to help you, solve the problem of pale complexion, and become a rosy MM.

  The first step of ruddy complexion is to directly affect the skin color when facing the computer all day.

Radiation from the computer will cause the skin to quickly lose moisture, making the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust on the phosphor screen will be adsorbed to the skin, replacing the pores, and the skin tone will more easily cause dullness.

  The moment of washing your face is especially important!

If you wash your face frequently, you must not be lazy. If you do not wash your face, the consequences will be serious.

  Wash your face with cold water every morning, the lower the temperature, the better. This method can promote the elasticity of facial capillaries, strengthen facial blood flow, and gradually increase facial blood color.

Wash your face with warm water at night, and try to wash off the skin care products, makeup products and dust used during the day.

  The editor recommends Herborist Herborist Whitening Cleansing Gel, a cleansing product that restores ruddy complexion. Reference price: 80.

00 products are added with seven kinds of effective extracts of Chinese herbal medicines such as white peony, white peony and atractylodes, which can gently cleanse the facial skin, soft and rich foam, and after gentle massage, it can effectively reduce the facial pigmentation and improveThe skin’s blood microcirculation enhances the skin’s metabolism and effectively inhibits the production of melanin in the skin’s base layer. The skin increases the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and its own resistance, effectively resisting damage caused by the use of harmful substances.

Long-term use will whiten and soften the skin.

  VICHY Brightening Vitality Cleansing Foam Reference Price: ¥ 158.

00 Contains manganese gluconate, honey and Vichy hot spring water. The formula is gentle and saponin is excluded.

Deeply cleans the skin and promotes the natural replacement of keratinized dead skin, making the skin silky and delicate and the skin ruddy and even.

  Ruddy complexion The rosy pale and dull complexion from the second stroke, of course, is not to say that simple washing can solve the problem.

Be sure to use some “magic” to make your face rosy.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin, letting the skin absorb nutrients and restore charming redness is the key.

Of course, don’t make the skin “eutrophic”, otherwise there will be aunt grains!

  The editor recommends VICHY Brightening Vitality Cream, which restores ruddy complexion. Reference price: ¥ 198.

00 is suitable for normal to oily skin. It contains manganese (blood-stimulating factor), polyfructose and horse chestnut extract. It directly acts on the skin and the root of the skin to activate skin microcirculation. It eliminates skin toxins and displays healthy and ruddy skin.

Fully activates the skin’s circulatory system and significantly improves skin radiance.

Makes skin healthier, clearer and more radiant.

  Uniquely: Manganese: prevents capillary contraction to reactivate microcirculation.

Fructose: Promotes natural replacement of the epidermis to even out skin tone and improve skin texture and appearance.

  The first to demonstrate the latest technological innovations in healthy ruddy diabetes by activating the microcirculation to decompress the skin.

Oligo25 Brightening Vibrance Series is a moisturizing penetration for dull skin.

The radiant and healthy ruddy crowd depends on the microcirculation of the skin.

  DHC Cherry Fruit Brightening Cream Reference Price: ¥ 138.

00 guides the skin to a moisturizing, transparent cream full of avocado extract.Concentrated with the fresh energy of natural avocado extract, it is a whitening cream that locks skin moisture.

Almost double added the apricot cherry pulp and the plant extracts in the seeds. It also combines a variety of beauty ingredients such as vitamin C inducer, collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, etc., to give the skin fresh and hydrated skin.

  The acerola cherry pulp extract of Vitamin C previously improved skin transparency.

And the polyphenolic beauty ingredients such as flavonoids contained in the seed essence can keep the skin healthy.

In addition, it is supplemented with vitamin C inducer, vitamin E, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other beautiful skin ingredients to condition the skin to the ideal state of moisture and permeability.

  Excellent extensibility, it can cover skin smoothly and enhance transparency.

At the same time, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance to guide the skin’s health.

It is moisturizing to the touch, but not sticky, and can spread smoothly on the skin surface.

Especially suitable for young oily skin.

  The ruddy mask from the third method of ruddy complexion is a good moisturizer. The skin-dry condition of house girls who have been using the computer for a long time is relatively obvious. Regular use of the mask can play a good moisturizing effect.

And at the same time choosing the right mask can also play a repair role, remove yellow and dull, restore ruddy skin.

  Xiaobian recommended to restore the ruddy complexion mask product FANCL lock moisture moisturizing essence mask reference price: 140.

00/3 tablets contain “moisturizing and moisturizing compound essence”, which is composed of 4 moisturizing ingredients and 1 moisturizing ingredient. After contacting the skin, the moisturizing ingredients are 100% permeable skin, and the moisturizing ingredients form a film on the skin surface to preventThe moisture is lost, the layers of water are locked, and the skin is moisturized and moisturized for a long time.

  It has a unique “water-retaining moisturizing essence”. Its unique structure that locks in moisture can tightly align with 5 times its own weight of moisture. It effectively locks the moisturizing essence injected into the skin, making the moisturizing effect longer.

  The texture is silky smooth and the skin feels plump and plump after use.

The “hydrating and moisturizing essence mask” can be used as “one film and two functions”, and the mask can also be used as an eye mask-cover the eyelids to care for the particularly dry and fragile eye skin.

The eye position also becomes a double-layered eye mask, which doubles and nourishes the skin of the lower eye area, effectively reducing the fine lines and dry lines around the eyes.

  Tibet safflower pearl whitening mask reference price: 15.

00 / piece of pearl natural essence, VC, VE and other high-efficiency whitening ingredients, can quickly penetrate and whiten the skin, sweeping the skin’s dullness and dullness, making the skin as white and flawless.

Softens skin and prevents oxidation; long-lasting moisturizing, recharges facial skin.

  Contains multiple times of complex plant whitening essence, which penetrates deeply into the skin during sleep, greatly improving the whitening effect, and at the same time replenishes the lost water. On the second day, the skin returns to a fair, smooth and clear state; at the same time, fine lines are reduced and elasticity is full;Use to even out the complexion and make the skin white and fresh.

  Xiao Bian ‘s daily skin care schedule customized for the house girl is simple and convenient1. Washing your face after getting up is the first step. This must not be omitted. After one night, the skin and skin undergo metabolism, and all the oil and fat will come out.Only the cleansing of the skin can be applied to the skin care products. Applying skin care products without cleaning the face will cause the pores to be blocked, and the problem may be more serious!

  2. Apply skin care products after cleansing. The skin care procedure every morning should not be sloppy. Use a toner or toner that has both moisturizing and whitening effects, and then apply the same lotion or cream. This can prevent you from facing computer radiation.The skin is dehydrated and inhibits melanin production.

  3. Thoroughly clean the facial skin before going to bed. The radiation from the day and the dust in front of the computer screen have more or less crippled your skin. Be sure to completely remove the “junk”.

  4. Tap the toner or toner to use the toner or toner for a second cleansing to completely remove the residues of cleaning products and promote the skin’s ability to absorb the next product.

  5. Apply a night cream that is suitable for you. Apply a night cream that is the same as toner or toner to make the skin absorb well at night.

  6. Applying the mask regularly The mask has a good effect on facial complexion, especially after the physiological period, the mask is the most effective. After the physiological period, the hormone secretion is relatively strong, and the skin absorbs nutrients relatively quickly.

Essential elements of yoga meditation

Essential elements of yoga meditation

With the increasing popularity of ancient yoga, meditation in yoga has also attracted people’s curiosity and attention.

Two extreme cognitions emerged among the practitioners. One is that many friends see it as a fearful way, thinking that meditation is mysterious and difficult to master.

Or think that meditation is a single meditation meditation.

Some people even think that meditation is “heart as death” and a “spiritual suicide”.

The other extreme is that meditation is easy, eager to focus on meditation methods, and lack of understanding of the nature and operation of the heart, often only in the form of meditation and lose the reality of meditation, the direction of deviation.

In yoga classes, I saw scholars sitting cross-legged, but not lethargic.

Some coaches lack the advancement and think that yoga stops here. The blind guide the blind, so that teaching materials generally do not have a comprehensive understanding of yoga.

Actually, meditation is not mysterious.

The ultimate goal of all true yoga meditation is to bring people to the state of sanmadism.

  Yoga practitioners control their physiology through meditation and transcend the physical three states.

Communicate with the truth in a deep stillness and achieve supreme joy.

Routine meditation exercises have many benefits, the most obvious of which are the following: First, make you recognize yourself, your reactions and thoughts, and you can see your thinking patterns.

You can change the way you do things.

If you can grasp the context of your thinking, you can grasp yourself.

  Second, reducing stress, reducing stress can relax our body and mind.

Reflect on the mistakes in our lives and see what is bothering us.

Think about what we are thinking in our heads. Increase the intensity and concentration, let us do things to spend more.

  Fourth, meditation allows us to better understand ourselves, I wonder if you can understand, most of us are actually very difficult to really get along with ourselves.

When meditation we can really learn to enjoy the joy of being alone.

So that you can enjoy the current moment, rejuvenate the body and spirit, reduce, reduce, delay aging, increase vitality and vitality, make sense feel sharp and clear, make thinking clear, calm, and increase cerebral blood flowMore than 11%, make blood pressure more normal, 12 improve the immune system, 13th, effective mental and nerve tonics, 14th, balance hormone secretion, 15th, increase creativity, 16th, get inner peace and happiness, 10th.Seventh, before acknowledging your universe, before we begin the study of meditation, let’s take a look at such a concept.

What is samadhi.

Among the eight branches of yoga, Samadhi is the highest stage of yoga.

According to the famous yoga classic “Bhagavad-gita”, when a person completely separates his mind from material mental activities as a result of practicing yoga, such a state of perfection is called meditation or samadhi.

  In this concept, the term “disengagement from physical mental activity” appears.

How do you understand this name?

We have to look at it in two ways.

  The first is not to regard the purpose of the work as a dependency on the results of the work.

Many people are eager for the results of their work before the work begins.

This caused the roots of his unhappiness, and some feared that they would not get the results they wanted after starting work.

After the work was completed, I did not achieve my expected desire.

Fear of losing what you have achieved.

The work results are really lost.

I even did my job successfully, but I didn’t think I did enough, etc.

These excessive focus on results create overlapping processes and can be stressful.

When we break away from this state of dependence on results, we should do what we should do, pay close attention to the process of every moment, and let every minute be fulfilled.

Happiness and joy will come to us.

We can think of it as detached from material activities to some extent.

  The second is beyond the three states of matter.Yoga believes that material nature has three forms: kindness, passion, and ignorance.

“When eternal creatures come into contact with nature, they are interfered with by these forms” (Bhagavad-gita, chapter 14 fifth ode).

These patterns always have a footprint at any time.

Everyone may be surprised that ignorance and passion will cause someone to lose their rationality and of course to surpass them, but why go beyond kindness?

In the sixth chant of Chapter 14 of the Bhagavad-gita, there is such an explanation, “The state of goodness is purer than other states, and it frees man from all evil retribution.

People in this state cultivate and develop wisdom, but they are distorted by the concept of happiness.

In other words, people who are in a good state still only care about themselves.

This can still be a source of unhappiness for the practitioner.

For example, motherly love, which is generally recognized as selfless love in the world, but most of this love is still in a good state. As a result, when the child gets married, the mother puts some kind of resentment on her daughter-in-law or son-in-law because of the sense of loss.This has created a delicate family relationship that has not been reconcilable since ancient times.

Another example is that you gave a seat for an old man on the bus, but the old man did not thank you when he was seated. At this time, many friends may feel a little unhappy.

These are the reasons for being kind.

Because you still care more about yourself than about the thing itself.

This situation will continue to improve through continuous yoga practice.

Only those who are not interested in their happiness can be truly happy.

This seemingly incomprehensible truth is logical and easy to understand for real yogis.

What kind of state can explain a person’s detachment from the three states of material nature?

  According to the Bhagavad-gita, when a person faces various thoughts and emotions, he always maintains the attitude of the onlooker, knowing that only various forms are active.

When he treats the so-called joy and pain, treats the earth and gold equally, treats the so-called private enemies and close friends equally, is not stigmatized, and gives up his attachment to self-interest, such a person goes beyond the three states of material nature.

The various exercises of the yoga system in all of them are to make people into this material nature.

Departure from these two states also departs from material psychological activity.

A small exercise method for teachers


A small exercise method for teachers

Teaching and educating people is a very hard and meticulous job.

Teachers are also the most frequently-occupied population.

How can you move without losing your work?

Several exercise methods are recommended to keep educators busy and keep their bodies active.

  Sitting on the chair with the bounced end of the brain, press the palms of both hands with your two ears, and use your forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger to bounce the brain gently.

Play 10 daily?
Under 20, it can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strengthen hearing, and cure tinnitus.

  Eye training When working with eyes, every half an hour, look out of the window for 1 minute, and then rest for a few times by blinking your eyes several times. You can also use eye movements.

This will help relax the eye muscles and promote blood circulation in the eyes.

  Stretching the waist When the body is temporarily in a certain position, the veins and blood vessels of the muscle tissue will accumulate a lot of blood. At this time, stretching the waist will relax or contract most of the muscles in the body.

In a few seconds of stretching, a lot of stagnant blood is driven back to the heart, which can greatly increase the volume of circulating blood and improve blood circulation.

  Comb the hair with a wooden comb from the forehead to the top of the head and brush back, gradually speeding up.

Do not apply too much force when combing to prevent scratching the skin.

This can stimulate the scalp nerve endings and acupoints on the head, promote local blood circulation, achieve the effects of eliminating fatigue, strengthening and promoting hair growth, which is particularly important for mental workers.

  Facial movement work gap, the mouth is replaced one by one, driving all the muscles of the arms and even the scalp for rhythmic exercise.

It can speed up blood circulation, delay the “aging” of various tissues and organs, and keep the head awake.

  Gritting incisors “Gritting incisors” can pull the head muscles, promote blood circulation in the head, slender and awake brain, and enhance the effectiveness of memory.

  Shake your head and shake your brain to align it with cervical joints, blood vessels, muscle ligaments, etc., shake your head and shake your brain to make these tissues move.

In this way, not only can increase the blood supply to the brain, but also reduce the possibility of cholesterol accumulation in the carotid arteries, which is conducive to the prevention of stroke, hypertension and cervical spondylosis.

  Resting with closed eyes and slightly closed eyes, all parts of the body are relaxed, and deep breathing exercises are performed, from head to toe, such as warm water vapor infiltrating the body, so do 3?
Nine times the feeling of ease and comfort, fatigue fatigue, the purpose is to strengthen the internal organs.

  Those who scratch the ears and scratch the cheeks and ears, the organs of the human body merge with nerve endings and gather on the ears.

Pulling and massaging the ear can stimulate various organs through nerve endings, promote blood, lymphatic circulation, and metabolism between tissues, regulate the mechanism of the human organs, improve the body, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

Tea tree mushrooms have high nutritional value and many benefits

Tea tree mushrooms have high nutritional value and many benefits

The nutritional value of Agrocybe aegerita, as a kind of fungal food, is very popular with people.

In particular, its beauty and aphrodisiac effects make it attractive to both men and women.

Whether it is soup or stir-fried with tea tree mushrooms, it is a good choice.

Agrocybe is a high-protein, low-fat, nutrient-rich edible fungus. It has delicious taste, crispy handles, rich aroma, crisp and refreshing, and is a delicious dish.

The stem of the tea tree mushroom is long and crisp, and the taste of fresh food is excellent. After drying, its fragrance is more than the mushroom.

The mushroom body contains reducing sugar 29.

96%, total sugar 54.

36%, crude protein 27.

51%, rich in amino acid content, the body has eight essential amino acids, including lysine content of up to 1.

75%, Chinese medicine believes that tea tree mushrooms are flat, sweet and warm, non-toxic, often using diuretic and dampness, spleen and diarrhea medicine, with clearing heat, calming the liver, asthma has a unique effect.

And has a good anti-cancer function, the title of “Chinese God Mushroom”.

   Tea tree mushrooms, also known as tea mushrooms, tea mushrooms, poplar mushrooms, are delicious edible mushrooms with a crispy cover and a sweet smell.


hzh {display: none; }  [营养价值]:   茶树菇是一种高蛋白、低脂肪,营养丰富的食用菌,食之味美、柄脆,香气浓郁、清脆爽口、堪称美味佳肴.

The stem of the tea tree mushroom is long and crisp, and the taste of fresh food is excellent. After drying, its fragrance is more than the mushroom.
The mushroom body contains reducing sugar 29.

96%, total sugar 54.

36%, crude protein 27.

51%, rich in amino acid content, the body has eight essential amino acids, including lysine content of up to 1.

75%, Chinese medicine believes that tea tree mushrooms are flat, sweet and warm, non-toxic, often using diuretic and dampness, spleen and diarrhea medicine, with clearing heat, calming the liver, asthma has a unique effect.

And has a good anti-cancer function, the title of “Chinese God Mushroom”.

  [Appropriate environment]: Humidity. The Agrocybe is a hygrophilic strain. The suitable volume of the culture material is 60% -65%. The relative humidity of the air in the fruiting body should reach 85-95%, and the relative humidity of the air should be appropriately reduced in the late growth period.Conducive to improving the shelf life of the product.

Temperature, Agrocybe aegerita is a medium temperature type fungus, the optimum temperature for mycelium growth is 23-28 ℃, and the optimum temperature for fruit body differentiation and development is 18-24 ℃.

Light, no light is needed during the growth of mycelium. Excessive light can inhibit the growth of mycelium. Fruiting body formation and growth and development require a certain amount of scattered light. The appropriate light intensity for the formation of the primordia is 150-250 lux.The solid growth and development is 250-500 lux.

Fruiting bodies have obvious phototaxis.

Temperature difference. The day and night temperature difference of the fruiting body is appropriately enlarged, that is, the appropriate temperature difference stimulus is more conducive to the occurrence of its fruiting body primordia.

  [Medicinal value]: Agrocybe aegerita, also known as Agrocybe aegerita, Pleurotus ostreatus, Poplar mushroom, Willow pine mushroom, European name Yang Yang ear, Japanese name willow mushroom.

It is a high-grade rare edible fungus with high protein, low feces, no pollution and no harm to medicine.

  Tea tree mushrooms favor the unique flavor of tea tree mushrooms. The fresh food is crisp and tender, and the cover is tender and tender, and the taste is delicious.

The dry product has the aroma of butter cookies.

The fragrance is strong, and the stir-fried wonton soup has endless aftertaste.

It is the best for family and hotel banquets.

Suffering from consumers.

  Tea tree mushrooms have three major functions.

hzh {display: none; }  第一,营养功能,能提供蛋白质,脂肪,碳水化合物,维生素,矿质元素及其他生理活性物质。According to the National Food Quality Inspection Center, there are 14 proteins in every 100 grams of dry product.

2 grams, much higher than meat, vegetables, and fruits.

It contains 18 amino acids required by the human body, especially the 8 amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize.Among them, lysine and arginine, which promote children’s growth and intelligence, occupy land.


It also contains anti-cancer polysaccharides, more than 10 kinds of minerals, trace elements and rich vitamins.

  Second, hobby function, tea tree color, fragrance.

The taste is quite unique. The fresh food is crisp and tender, and the cover is tender and tender, and the taste is delicious.

The dry product has the aroma of butter cookies.

The fragrance is strong, and the stir-fried wonton soup has endless aftertaste.

It is the best for family and hotel banquets.
Favored by consumers.

  Third, physiological functions, with the function of health care drugs, can participate in human metabolism after eating, maintain, regulate or improve the balance of the internal environment.

Tea tree mushrooms are flat, sweet and warm, non-toxic, have heat-clearing, liver-clearing, clear-cut effects, can be kidney, diuretic, wet, spleen, diarrhea, folk commonly used to treat back pain, cold stomach, nephritis, edema, dizziness,Abdominal pain, vomiting, etc.

It also has special functions to lower blood pressure, anti-aging and anti-cancer.

Therefore, it is called “sacred mushroom” by the people.

  Salted egg yolk tea tree mushroom Salted egg yolk tea tree mushroom Ingredients: tea tree mushroom auxiliary material: salted egg yolk, egg seasoning: salt, sugar, starch Features: bulky and tender, salty and crispy waxy.

  Operation: 1. Wash the tea tree mushrooms, add boiling water and salt and cook for 3-5 minutes, remove the drained water, put it in a container, add eggs and stir well, then sprinkle the starch and mix well;After the oil is hot, add the stir-fried agrocybe mushrooms and fry until golden brown. Remove the oil, place the base oil in the pot, add salted egg yolk and salt, stir-fry the white sugar, and pour the fried tea-grocery mushrooms into the pot.。
  Nutritional value: Agrocybe aegerita-Agrocybe aegerita belongs to the door, also known as columnar mushroom, poplar mushroom, tea mushroom, columnar ring rust umbrella, willow matsutake, etc., originally salted duck eggs in Baichuan, Lichuan, Jiangxi.The temperature and humidity are pleasant, and there are many aquatic organisms. It is an excellent natural breeding ground for Dianya.

Ducks live in Asaka.

  Dry pot tea tree mushroom main ingredients: tea tree mushroom, small row, black fungus (tea tree mushroom and fungus need to be soaked) ingredients 1: pepper, garlic, ginger, peppercorn, star anise, vanilla leaf, onion and onion ingredients 2: cooking wine, salt, chicken essenceSoy sauce, sugar practices: 1.

Put the oil in the pan, add the ingredients 1, and stir fry the small steaks.


Spray wine, put salt, chicken essence, soy sauce.


Add some water and simmer for a while, and add the mushrooms and fungus.


The water was almost dry, and it was transferred to a new pot I bought and lightened with alcohol.

  Spicy Tea Tree Mushroom Ingredients Spicy Tea Tree Mushroom Ingredients: Tea tree mushroom half a catty, shredded pork 2 ingredients: dried chili, bell pepper according to their own taste, 5 garlic, one chive, one ginger, one method: 1,Wash the tea tree mushrooms, cut into sections, control the moisture, bell peppers, slices, scallions, and dry peppers.

  2. The shredded pork is sautéed in the wok and is ready for use.

  3. Add oil, stir-fry the dried chili, ginger, stir-fry, add garlic slices, stir-fry, add tea mushrooms, stir-fry until drained, add bell pepper and shredded pork, add seasoning soy sauce, chicken essence, salt, and cook out.When adding chives.

  Tea tree mushrooms also have a cholesterol-lowering effect, so friends with high plasma levels do not prevent them from adding more tea tree mushrooms to their daily diet.