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New diet law six major truths

New diet law six major truths

The “low density density diet” is actually very simple to operate.

For example, adding some fruits and vegetables to the meal can effectively reduce the overall average density of the meal.

What to add, depending on your personal taste.

Such as carrots, lettuce, etc. can be.

Add some mushrooms to the pastry; put some strawberries, apples or bananas in the porridge; put some watercress in the salad dressing, then simmer with carrots or celery sticks.

In this way, both the food and the transition density are reduced.


Eat fruit without drinking or drinking less juice because eating whole fruit feels fuller than drinking juice.


Drink skim milk instead of whole milk because their protein content is the same, and drinking skim milk makes you feel full of protein rather than cockroaches.


Drinking clear soup without drinking thick soup before the formal addition to drink some soup is good for you to eat less, but do not drink miscellaneous soup containing meat.


Eating fresh fruit without eating dried fruit When any food is removed, the conversion will rise.

In the case of taking the same calories, the amount of fresh fruit is increased, which is more conducive to weight loss.


Eating fruit without biscuits or even biscuits without exceptions is also higher than French fries!

And because it has no moisture, no fiber, can not make people feel full, or eat a plate of water and high fiber content of strawberries is better.


Eat fruit without eating a small amount of salad fruit, but if you mix it with salad dressing and sugar, the advantage is lost.

Ordinary salad dressings contain trace amounts of impurities. Even a few spoonfuls of fruit in a plate will make the straight line rise straight. It is better to eat fruit directly.

  The disadvantage of low-density recipes is that they are not hungry. They feel hungry after two or three hours after a meal. It doesn’t matter. Add a meal between meals and eat low-priced snack foods. This will satisfy your snacks.The desire, and not to fattening, is not very good!

Honeysuckle processing methods vary in their efficacies

Honeysuckle processing methods vary in their efficacies

Honeysuckle is the flower bud of the evergreen winter entwined vine of Lonicera.

Because of its flowers, the flowers are white when they are first opened. After two or three days, the colors become golden and yellow and white, so they call honeysuckle.

“Honeysuckle is elegant and elegant, and it is a favorite ornamental plant. It is also a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine.

  Honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle, silver flower, double flower, etc., has been praised as a good medicine for detoxification since ancient times.

It is sweet and fragrant, sweet and cold, without hurting the stomach, and it is fragrant and fragrant.

Honeysuckle can not only dispel the wind and heat, but also clear the blood poison, used for a variety of heat and sexual diseases, such as body heat, rash, hair spots, heat sores, sore throat and other evidence, the effect is significant.

Pharmacological studies have shown that the active ingredients in honeysuckle have three main functions: first, antibacterial and antiviral.

That is, it has obvious inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, dysentery bacillus, typhoid bacillus, meningococcus, diplococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and influenza virus.

Second, it has the function of enhancing immunity.

Honeysuckle can promote lymphocyte transformation and enhance the phagocytic function of white blood cells.

The third is anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.

Honeysuckle can promote the release of adrenocortical hormone and has a significant inhibitory effect on antibiotics.

  Honeysuckle pieces can be roughly divided into three types: raw medicine, fried medicine and charcoal.

These three products have different tastes and effects, and they are also good in application.

  Raw medicine is a dry product obtained by drying fresh honeysuckle through sun drying, dry drying or baking, and also refers to fresh honeysuckle.

The raw medicine is sweet and bitter, cold, and good to solve the poisonous evil on the coke and muscle surface.

It can be used in the early stage of warm disease, often used with forsythia, mint, light soybean meal, and schizonepeta to enhance the power of evacuation.

It is mainly used for fever at the beginning of a warm disease, mild to cold, and slightly thirsty, representing a party like “Yinqiao San”.

Or because of scorpion venom, honeysuckle has been known as the “medical medicine of blood sugar” since ancient times.

Often combined with dandelion, purple diced, wild chrysanthemum, etc., can enhance detoxification and swelling.

For sputum and kidney scorpion venom, redness and pain, whether it is ruptured or not, the use of honeysuckle (the amount should be heavy) can penetrate excellent results.

The representative party has “five flavors of disinfection drink” and so on.

  Stir-fry medicine is to put the honeysuckle in the pot, stir the flowers to dark yellow with a simmer.

The fried medicine is sweet and bitter, and the cold is flat. Its detoxification and detoxification are good for the coke and gas, and are mostly used in the mid-term of warm disease.

Often used with Astragalus, Gypsum, Reed Root, Zhuru, and Scorpion, it has the effect of clearing out internal poisoning, excreting evil spirits, and relieving vomiting.

It can cause fever and irritability, chest tightness, thirst, retching, red tongue and dryness, and pulse number.

  Charcoal is fried with Wuhuo (but the firepower should not be too large), stir the silver flower to brown or black, and store it for later use.

The charcoal is sweet and bitter, slightly cold, and focuses on clearing the heat of the lower coke and blood.

Mainly ulcer disease.

Such as Gibberella, abdominal pain caused by gastrointestinal injury caused by dampness and heat, stomach does not eliminate, etc., sputum pus and blood, anus burning, urgency and heavy, yellow tongue greasy and so on.

Silver flower charcoal is often used in combination with berberine, woody, red peony, purslane, dandelion, etc., and can be used to detoxify the intestines and activating blood circulation.

Another example is the plague of poisonous phlegm, which is caused by excessive poisonous phlegm and deep stagnation of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is characterized by acute onset and serious illness.

Such as sudden high fever, chills, troubles, severe abdominal pain, wrinkled pus and blood thick, frequent times, nausea and vomiting, and even dizzy and other critical syndrome.

It is called “toxic dysentery”.

Silver flower charcoal can be combined with rehmannia, red peony, paeonol, berberine, cork, and pulsatilla.

It has the function of clearing the yin and protecting the yin, cooling the blood and stopping diarrhea

  Regular dosage of honeysuckle: raw medicine 10?30 grams, 10 drugs?
20 grams, charcoal 10?
15 grams.
  Note: For the treatment of ulcerative ulcer abscesses, it is advisable to reuse honeysuckle at a dose of 60?
90 grams.

What are the seven foods to help you with your liver?

What are the seven foods to help you with your liver?

The most important thing to protect your liver is not to “get a big fire”. Happy mood is better than ten medicines.

There are abundant sympathetic nerves in the liver, and anger and sorrow will directly lead to liver cell degradation and affect the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

Change the pattern of bad behaviors that are too harsh and self-satisfied with yourself and others, and cultivate healthy behavior patterns and qualities that are optimistic, cheerful, tolerant, and relaxed.

First of all, we must pay attention to diet, eat more leeks and other foods that supplement the yang.

Eat amaranth, can enhance the body’s spleen, stomach gas.

In addition, onions, garlic is also a good product of Yigan Yangyang.

It is said that garlic has the effect of protecting the liver. If the liver function is not normal, it can be used for adjuvant treatment, but it is not allowed to eat more and eat more liver.

Jujube is flat and sweet, nourishing liver and spleen, at least some buckwheat, leeks, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum, lettuce, eggplant, horseshoe, cucumber, mushroom, etc. These foods are cool and sweet, and can be runHead.

Take timely tonics such as white fungus, can moisten the lungs and produce fluid, benefit Yin and nourish the liver.

At the same time, eat less sour, eat more sweet food, to nourish the liver and spleen, and have a great benefit to disease prevention and health care.

You can eat more lychee, lychee can protect the liver, it is good for the liver.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the effect of lychee has strong liver and health, which has excellent effects on enhancing human energy and increasing blood, but the more you eat, the more easily nosebleed, or toothache, get angry.

Therefore, it can be seen that liver patients who eat a small amount of lychee are good for the liver.

Lychee can have a strong nourishing power on the liver.

Pig blood can detoxify, can protect the liver, has a very big disadvantage to the liver.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, pig blood has a detoxifying effect, which can be used for stroke, headache, full abdominal distension, etc. Do not underestimate the ebony, people who drink alcohol often can keep ebony.

Ume can hangover and protect the liver, which is very helpful for the liver.

In addition, lemon is also very helpful in the treatment of liver disease. Lemon has been listed as a food that can cure liver disease and is widely recognized abroad.

What are the three precautions for cerebral thrombosis in the elderly?

What are the three precautions for cerebral thrombosis in the elderly?

Eat a small amount of high-quality foods, whether it is vegetables or ingredients for cooking, pay attention to it, it is best to use vegetable oil when cooking, do not put meat when cooking.

Also limit the intake of cholesterol, you can eat three egg yolks per week, this is not to say that you can eat three egg yolks a week, the amount of cholesterol in the food is equivalent to three egg yolks.

In fact, I recommend eating cholesterol-containing things, it is best to eat egg yolk, because the plasma in the egg yolk is a better one.

Reducing the trace amount of intake This transient is the total change of the food that is eaten every day. In fact, as long as you eat less high food, the conversion can be controlled. You can eat more fruits and vegetables, and the raw food is the best. If it is too monotonous, you can mix it.Eat a salad.

Eat more blood vessels, food cerebral thrombosis is because the cerebral artery is blocked, so you should eat more food through the blood vessels, such as fungus celery is better.

You can eat some earthworm extract nutrients, such as earthworms, which can reduce drug damage and improve microcirculation.

The fungus can be mixed with vegetables or sandwiched in the cooking. The celery root and red dates can be used to reduce cholesterol.

There is, after eating, a little bit of vinegar can soften the blood vessels.

Elderly people often travel to benefit their health and wellness_1

Old people often travel to benefit their health

Many elderly people have worked for a lifetime. Once they retire, they are not suitable. They feel uncomfortable and have long-term effects on emotional and psychological changes.

Here, Xiao Bian especially recommends that elderly people with good health are going out to travel together to see the nature, adjust their mentality, and have many benefits.

  Relaxation: Tourism can cultivate sentiment and relax.

Because the tourist attractions are beautiful and beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the birds and flowers are fragrant, you can not only see the magnificent scenery of the rivers and mountains, but also to stretch the feelings, it is refreshing and open-minded, so that people can cultivate their sentiments in the appreciation of beauty.

The relaxation of mentality, the relaxation of the spirit, the subtle changes in blood pressure and blood sugar, and the certain chronic complications have a certain relief, which is beneficial to physiological nursed back to health.

  Exercise: Travel can exercise and improve health.

Whether traveling in long-term or short-term, it is a combination of various modes of travel such as car, walking, climbing, and sightseeing. Consumption consumes more energy than normal fitness.

During the tour, the spirit is uplifting, troubles, depression, and disappearance. When resting, the muscles turn from tension to relaxation, sleep well, eat aroma, and have a good promotion effect on health.

  Alleviate loneliness and loneliness: Usually, children have to work. Older people are more lonely at home. Through travel, they can go with family and friends in the same place, have more understanding of each other, and meet many new friends during the tour.
Old friends and new friends have spent a wonderful time together, and the old people feel more comfortable. They are exposed to the outside world, and their minds and eyes are more open. They have reduced their monotonous life, increased their interest, and naturally benefited the health of the human body.Can stimulate the exuberant energy of the elderly.

  Contact with the society: Old people after retirement are afraid of being separated from society, afraid of being forgotten by the times, they are eager to integrate into society, contact with society, travel and travel, and they become channels for them to communicate with the society.

Older people usually live in cities, especially after retirement, and the reduction in interpersonal relationships often feels lonely and lonely.

Traveling with friends and family, like-minded friends and family, can not only take care of each other, but also exchange opportunities and enhance friendship.

  In addition, on the road or in the hotel, you can meet many new friends at the sightseeing spots.

In this way, the elderly tourists can feel more comfortable and happy.

It is good for eliminating the autistic character of the elderly and is conducive to improving the mental health of the elderly.