Three tricks for you to build bodybuilding chest muscles

Three tricks for you to build bodybuilding chest muscles

Basically, everyone who sweats in the gym knows that upslope training is aimed at strengthening the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle. At the same time, compared with flat equipment, fewer people start training with upslope equipment.

  The training program we are going to introduce today starts with Smith ‘s oblique press on the aircraft, using a method of large weights, multiple sets, and low counts; then, we use some dumbbell training to stimulate muscle fiber strength, and at the same time, it can makeMuscle fibers participate in exercise to cultivate coordination between muscle groups. At this time, we must use light and medium weight for more times to build muscle.

  In the end, use a flying bird to end. At this time, use a small weight and more times to repeatedly congest the muscles. It is best to achieve a soreness every time the pectoralis major muscle is contracted within this week.

According to our plan, when you finish your day training, those guys waiting silly in front of the flat bench press may not even touch the barbell bar.


Number and number of oblique presses on Smith: 2 warm-ups + 4 sets of training, the number of 4 sets is 6, 6, 8, 8
The 45-degree upward-sloping stool was placed in the center of the Smith machine.

Lie on your back with your feet on both feet. Remember, do n’t lift your toes or use your toes to borrow force. It ‘s easy to get hurt.

Holding the barbell with equal shoulder width, the grip around the thumb can expand the safety factor and prevent the barbell from shifting. Remember, when we train, safety comes first.

When you start exerting force, it is bent at some point. The barbell should be located on the upper part of your pectoralis major muscle.

  Action essentials: Slowly lower the barbell to a dark place and make a short stop. However, we do not mean to stop the barbell from touching your body. You must control the barbell rod by yourself and then push the barbell rod.When it reaches the point of straightening, that is, when the elbow joint is almost locked, if you really lock it, it means that the weight in it is acting on your triceps, not yours.Pectoralis major.

Remember the essentials, and iterate.


Number and number of upward oblique dumbbell presses: 3 groups of 10?
12 training preparations: lying on an inclined up about 20?
With a 30-degree sloping plate, the soles of your feet should be completely close to the ground, holding a pair of dumbbells at a level with your shoulders.

  Action essentials: push up the dumbbells to the positions where they almost touch each other, make a short stop, perform peak contraction, and then gradually shift to the initial position. Pay attention to control the dumbbells throughout the movement, do not covet excessive weight and affect the training effect.


Number and number of up-slanting birds: 3 sets of 12?
15 training preparations: Hold the D-shaped handle, use the two low-level pullers of the big bird machine, and place it upwards for about 30?
On a 45-degree sloping plate, the soles of both feet should be completely close to the ground, and the head and back should be completely resting on the sloping plate.

  Essentials of movement: elbow slightly bent, do not stretch straight, hands draw the D-shaped handle against the chest with a rope to bring weight to draw the weight, for a short stay, the peak shrinks, slowly decreases, exerts force throughout the movement, and controls the movementThe trajectory stays at the lowest point when it is at the same horizontal line with respect to the rest, and then exerts its force to the peak, and so on.