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Beauty encyclopedia pearl powder to remove acne marks

The annoying acne marks stay in the bladder, which greatly affects our beauty.

How to remove acne marks, how to remove acne marks, the most effective way to remove acne marks, etc. are all issues that Aimeida people are very concerned about.

There are many products for removing acne marks. Using pearl powder mask to remove acne marks is one of the most natural and effective methods.

  Pearl Powder Acne Principle Function Pearl powder can clear heat and detoxify, clean the skin, control oil content, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues.

Oral and topical methods are very effective against acne.

The specific method is: Oral administration: Oral pearl powder capsules, 1-2 capsules each time, three times a day, can remove internal heat, eliminate internal poisons, and alleviate the internal causes of acne.

  Topical use: Excessive secretion of facial oil is related to the occurrence of acne, so it is necessary to control the oil first: take an appropriate amount of pearl powder, add a certain amount of water, gently massage after applying the face, and then rinse it, which can effectively remove deep dirt and suck awayEliminate the poor oil, keep the skin clean and fresh, and then choose the following follow-up care methods according to your feelings: If your skin feels oily, take about 0 before going to bed at night.

15g pearl powder is evenly spread on the face, and gently massage with fingers dipped in water until the pearl powder disappears, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and make acne disappear.

For oily skin, nano pearl powder oil control can be done once a day and night.

If the skin feels dry, you can infiltrate the pearl powder into the moisturizing milk and apply it on the face to moisturize the skin.

To deal with bacterial infections and stubborn acne, you can apply a small amount of pearl powder on it and remove it at a fixed point.

  Pearl powder history Pearl medicine has a history of more than 2000 years in China.

The medical books of the Three Kingdoms, “Special Records of Famous Doctors”, “Book of Compendium of Materia Medica” in the Liang Dynasty, “Medical Herbs of the Chinese Herbal Medicine” in the Tang Dynasty, “Kai Bao Materia Medica” in the Song Dynasty, “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the Ming Dynasty, and “Lei Gong’s Herbal Fu”》 And other 19 ancient medical books have clear records on the efficacy of pearls.

  The principle of Oral Pearl Powder for Acne Removal uses genuine high-quality pearl powder to prevent stones.

This should correct a long-held misconception.

Pearl powder contains a lot of calcium.

Injecting pearl powder, the calcium ions released by it can be combined with oxalic acid in the body to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which is transferred outside the body, thereby preventing oxalic acid from being absorbed into the body, thereby reducing kidney stones (by reducing the combination of oxalic acid and calcium ions in the body).Probability of occurrence.

  Tips for taking pearl powder internally: Pearl powder is a natural, mild skin care product. As long as you take it, you need to adhere to the principle of timing, quantitative, and continuous. Generally, you need to take it before or after meals without regular regulations.

  However, since pearl powder is cold, it is recommended to take it after meals for those with cold symptoms.

  Pearl nutrition massage cream to remove acne marks: clean the face with warm water, then pour a little pearl powder and daily skin care products to fully reconcile, apply evenly on the face, and gently massage.

The role is to form a protective moisturizing layer on the face, nourish the skin, isolate external stimuli, remove acne and remove marks, and even naturally whiten pearl powder toned toner: thoroughly clean the skin before going to bed, turn 0.

3 grams of pearl powder are blended with the lotion until completely dissolved.

Pat on the surface.

The role is to provide excess nutrients to the skin, so that the skin is completely relaxed and rested.

Regulates acne scars, soothes and calms the skin’s dermis.

  Anti-allergic acne removal method: about 4 grams of pearl powder, egg white.


Apply as thick as possible, wash it off after 15-20 minutes, and then the skin becomes very slippery and slippery, without irritating sensation.

However, pearl powder has a calming and soothing effect, because allergic bags are much better, MM with shells can be tried.

At the same time, it can slow down acne marks and lighten acne marks.

  Pearl powder honey mask 100 grams of pearl powder can be used as a mask about 10 times. Honey and egg yolk are suitable for normal and dry skin. Oily skin can use protein. The method of using pearl powder as a mask is: one egg yolk plus one smallSpoon honey with 10 grams of pearl powder and mix thoroughly on the face for 20 minutes, then clean with water.

  Tapioca powder method: Every morning, after cleansing the face, use skin toner, firming water, etc. to condition the skin and apply daily skin cream.

Use a powder puff to dip an appropriate amount of pearl powder on the face, and use a makeup brush to gently remove the pearl powder floating on the face and keep it.

Conducive to long-lasting makeup, reduce skin irritation by makeup, soothe skin, and replenish skin nutrients.

  Simple pearl powder applied on the face to remove acne marks: the cleaning steps are the same as above, then take 0.

15g pearl powder and daily skincare products (acid-free skincare products) are fully reconciled, apply evenly on the face, and gently massage.

  Role: Form a protective moisturizing layer on the face, nourish the skin, isolate external stimuli, and naturally whiten and dilute acne scars.

  Pearl powder banana mask: smash a peeled banana, then add 2 spoons of cream and 2 spoons of strong tea, disassemble the nano pearl powder capsules, mix thoroughly and apply on the surface, and wash with water after 10-20 minutes.Anti-wrinkle and firm skin, lighten acne scars, whiten and moisturize.

  Remove eye bags: Take nano pearl powder 0.

Apply 15g evenly around the eyes. Use two ice packs to apply cold compresses on the eyes. After about 30 minutes, the bags can be eliminated.

  Pure pearl powder massage method: 1) Take an appropriate amount of nano pearl powder into a small dish, add an appropriate amount of water, and adjust the pearl powder into a paste.

  2) Apply the adjusted pearl.

  3) Use face massage to massage the whole body until the pearl powder on both ends becomes dry, and then wash the face with water.

  The pearl powder skin-skinning principle scrutiny test shows that the thicker the pearl powder, the more taxable its surface, and the mechanical damage to the skin surface.

The skin is a complex organ. Its topmost layer is the stratum corneum. The protective effects on the skin are mainly mechanical protection, thermal insulation, prevention of water loss, and resistance to bacterial invasion. It is extremely important. Of course, the stratum corneum is too thick., Skin will suffer from aging (not a defect of the stratum corneum), so exfoliation is an important method for beauty.

However, it is too severe to exfoliate and damage it, thereby losing these important functions, making the skin dry, fragile, and too sensitive, with red bloodshot, pain, inflammation and other symptoms.