New diet law six major truths

New diet law six major truths

The “low density density diet” is actually very simple to operate.

For example, adding some fruits and vegetables to the meal can effectively reduce the overall average density of the meal.

What to add, depending on your personal taste.

Such as carrots, lettuce, etc. can be.

Add some mushrooms to the pastry; put some strawberries, apples or bananas in the porridge; put some watercress in the salad dressing, then simmer with carrots or celery sticks.

In this way, both the food and the transition density are reduced.


Eat fruit without drinking or drinking less juice because eating whole fruit feels fuller than drinking juice.


Drink skim milk instead of whole milk because their protein content is the same, and drinking skim milk makes you feel full of protein rather than cockroaches.


Drinking clear soup without drinking thick soup before the formal addition to drink some soup is good for you to eat less, but do not drink miscellaneous soup containing meat.


Eating fresh fruit without eating dried fruit When any food is removed, the conversion will rise.

In the case of taking the same calories, the amount of fresh fruit is increased, which is more conducive to weight loss.


Eating fruit without biscuits or even biscuits without exceptions is also higher than French fries!

And because it has no moisture, no fiber, can not make people feel full, or eat a plate of water and high fiber content of strawberries is better.


Eat fruit without eating a small amount of salad fruit, but if you mix it with salad dressing and sugar, the advantage is lost.

Ordinary salad dressings contain trace amounts of impurities. Even a few spoonfuls of fruit in a plate will make the straight line rise straight. It is better to eat fruit directly.

  The disadvantage of low-density recipes is that they are not hungry. They feel hungry after two or three hours after a meal. It doesn’t matter. Add a meal between meals and eat low-priced snack foods. This will satisfy your snacks.The desire, and not to fattening, is not very good!