Man keeping graceful push-ups

Man keeping graceful push-ups

In addition to the abdominal muscles, the core muscle group also includes all muscles that connect the upper body and lower body, such as the abdominal muscles, lumbar muscles, crotch and gluteal muscles.

A type of exercise called “plank” similar to traditional push-ups can exercise core muscle groups, especially deep core muscle groups.

Let’s take a look at three push-ups that keep men beautiful.

  This posture requires the body to be parallel to the ground, contracting each muscle to ensure balance.

This is the easiest and most effective way to exercise.

Different from traditional push-ups, instead of landing on the palm of your hand, or using a long elbow to support the ground, straighten your whole body, hold your toes on the ground, and insist on stopping your body.

This kind of exercise can often be performed anytime, anywhere.

But experts warn that people with waist problems should not take the risk.

  1. Basic prone position First, with your elbows and knees on the ground, hold your hands together.

Then straighten your legs, raise your body, support your feet with your toes, and keep your feet apart, as wide as your shoulders.

Facing the floor, the back is not arched, and the bottom is not upturned.

The initial exercise can be held for 45 seconds, and can be gradually extended afterwards.

  2, side support type First, the right side lies on the floor, single elbow landing.

Place your left foot on your right foot, and then support your body. The body and the floor form a perfect triangle.

Do not swing your left shoulder back and forth.

Keep your posture as continuously as possible.

Then switch to the other side and repeat.

  3. The skydiving “airborne parachute” pitching requirements are basically the same as the basic prone and side-bracketed.

Face the floor, prone on the floor, and place on your side.

Then slowly raise your knees with your palms off the ground and your thumbs outward.

Note: Do not tighten your chest.

Hold the position for 30 seconds.