What a bad stomach is for you

What a bad stomach is for you

People with weak constitutions often suffer from stomachaches due to exogenous wind chills and internal trauma and cold eating, especially in late autumn and early winter.

Here are a few effective prescriptions for patients to replace.

  1.Cumin, dried ginger, woody scent of 5 grams, licorice 6 grams.

Decoction, one dose daily.

  2.3 grams of male cloves, 5 grams of persimmon, 9 grams of tangerine peel.

Decoction, one dose daily.
This side deals with hiccups.

  3.50 ml of high-grade liquor is placed in a small bowl, and an egg is beaten. The liquor is ignited, the wine is dried, and the eggs are cooked. Eat once on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lighter 1?
2 times, heavy 4?
Can be cured 5 times.

  4.Fennel and orange kernels are aliquoted. After frying, grind into fine powder, take 5 grams of warm boiling water to brew.

For stomach pain or once before breakfast and dinner.

This prescription uses yellow wine to infuse and treat oliguria and kidney ache.

  5.Dogwood, Amomum villosum, Ginger, Pinellia ternata, Codonopsis, Divine Comedy, 3 grams each, 3 jujubes.

Decoction, one dose daily.
  6.Wash one piece of raw pork belly, slice 15g of old ginger, put it in the belly, stew or steam, and add 2 soup?
Finished 4 times.

This prescription can cure stomach ulcers.